Why Are Motherboards So Expensive?

Motherboards are among the most critical and expensive computer components. They have many functions; the most important is to link all of your features and provide communication for your project. It is crucial to understand what motherboard you want before acquiring computers since they might differ in price from low to high, depending on your […]

How To Remove Graphics Card From Motherboard?

Introduction Computers have proved to be usefull in our lives since their invention. There have been technological advancements in computers since the late 18th century, leading to computers reducing in size from large ones to small ones. For example, now we have a portable PC. Their speeds have also increased over time, their work quality […]

Top 6 Best RGB Motherboards in 2022 (Reviewed)

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best RGB Motherboards available in the market. The motherboard is the most integral component of a computer. The processor, memory, graphics card, and other parts are also vital for a PC to function, but it’s the motherboard that acts as a backbone and keeps them […]

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