What do the purple minions wear

In the “Despicable Me” franchise, minions turn purple when they are infected with the PX-41 serum, which is a mutagenic compound that can transform living beings into highly aggressive and indestructible monsters. The serum was developed by the series’ main antagonist, El Macho, and is known to be highly contagious and dangerous. When a minion is infected with the serum, they transform into an “Evil Minion,” which is a purple-colored minion with sharp teeth and a generally more aggressive appearance. They are known to be highly dangerous and difficult to control, which is why El Macho uses them as his henchmen.

The purple minions, also known as Evil Minions, are a type of minion from the “Despicable Me” franchise. They typically wear a pair of blue overalls, similar to the regular yellow minions, but their overalls are torn and dirty. Additionally, they have purple fur and wild hair, sharp teeth, and a generally more aggressive and sinister appearance than the regular minions. In some versions, they may also wear a metal collar around their neck, which is used to control and harness their aggressive behavior.

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