Top 5 Best Cassette Players in the UK

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Struggling to find the Best Cassette Players? Browse our top picks of the most selling Cassette Players available right now in the UK.

Before the digital revolution, cassette players were the portable devices people carried to tune into their favourite albums and mixes on the go. If you are an ‘80s kid, odds are you have had one of these in your backpack or pocket for a while.

Today in this age of Hi-Fi music streaming services, cassettes are no longer the music format that melomaniacs once cared for. But just like vinyl turntables, there’s still a niche market for cassette players. It’s great for those who wish to revisit their vintage collection of big ’80s and ‘90s hits or the mixtapes they created three or four decades ago.

Whatever the case might be, you have come here in search of the best cassette players in the UK, so let’s not waste any more time and dive right into our picks.

List of the Best Cassette Players UK

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Best Cassette Players Reviews

Some of you would be surprised to find out that it’s still possible to purchase a brand-new cassette player from Amazon UK. Most of them are also available at surprisingly affordable prices, especially considering how small the target audience is for what essentially are players for a long obsolete music format.

1. Digitnow! Portable Cassette Player

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This portable cassette player from Digitnow is quite a popular seller on Amazon mainly because of its price tag. The compact and lightweight design is reminiscent of ‘80s popular cassette players, and the metal casing gives it a premium look and feel.

One of the key selling points of the Digitnow player is its ability to convert old cassettes and mixtapes to MP3 file format, which you can then listen to from your smartphone and other modern devices. All it requires is a USB connection to a Windows or Mac computer, and the Audacity software (software CD w/ manual included) will do the job.

Powering the Digitnow cassette player requires two AA batteries. The 3.5mm auxiliary output lets you connect earphones, headphones, and speakers. The player doesn’t have a speaker built-in, but the included pair of earphones will get you started.

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Pros Cons
Fair price Slightly noisy output
Compact design No built-in speaker
Converts cassettes to digital MP3 format


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2. Groov-e GVPS525SR Retro Personal Cassette Player

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The Groov-e Retro cassette player not only plays vintage tapes but also doubles as a recorder, meaning you can record yourself singing and listen back to it from either the 3.5mm output or the built-in speaker. It also has FM radio built-in so that you can tune into your favourite radio stations. The supplied pair of earphones are far from sounding good, but you can at least use them as the radio antenna.

We included the Groov-e Retro player on this list for its sleek and stylish design. The blend of black and silver colours and the tactile physical buttons give it the look and feel of retro cassette players from the ‘90s. And for the price, there isn’t much to complain about the build quality.

The two AA batteries that power the cassette player don’t come in the box. You can also use its 3V DC port, though Groov-e doesn’t include a mains adaptor for it.

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Pros Cons
Retro design Quiet output
Built-in FM radio The included earphones sound terrible
Integrated speaker and mic


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3. Sony CFD-S70 Boombox

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Sony entered the audio player market way before everyone else, and it still is the king of consumer-grade audio devices. While the CFD-S70 boombox is nowhere near as portable as the previous two picks, its full-range 1.7 W stereo RMS output is worth the extra bulk. The integrated handle makes it easy to carry around the house.

Not only does the CFD-S70 feature a cassette tape deck with a built-in recording function, but it’s also capable of playing back MP3 CDs. It has a 3.5mm stereo output for headphones, earphones, and speakers. You can also plug an external MP3 player into the boombox and use it as a speaker.

Some of CFD-S70’s neat features include an auto shut-off sleep timer, built-in FM radio with up to 30 digital presets, shuffle, repeat, and program functions. It requires six C-size batteries for power, which Sony generously includes in the box.

The Sony CFD-S70 is an excellent cassette/CD player in its price range, and you can get it in either black or white colour.

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Pros Cons
Exceptional audio output No integrated battery
Can play both cassettes and CDs Bulky form factor
Built-in info screen, extensive control panel


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4. MyPin Cassette Player

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This cheap cassette player from MyPin can play your vintage cassettes and mixtapes, as well as convert them to MP3 files and save them to a USB flash drive — all without needing a PC or laptop.

While it doesn’t have an integrated speaker, you can connect external speakers, headphones, or earphones via the 3.5mm (Stereo L/R) jack. The Type-A USB 3.0 port supports up to 32 GB of USB flash drives, but not external hard drives and SSDs.

The MyPin cassette player has dedicated playback and volume controls regardless of its compact size. It takes two AA batteries (not included in the box), though you can also use its 3V DC port for power.

Supplied accessories include a pair of in-ears, a 3.5mm AUX cable, a USB to DC power cable, and a handy carrying pouch.

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Pros Cons
Compact and lightweight No built-in speaker
Converts cassette to MP3 without PC Plasticky build
It comes with useful accessories


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5. GPO 162B Desktop Cassette Player

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The GPO 162B desktop cassette player is a perfect companion for your cassette collection. It’s a shoebox-style player that turns into a recorder at the press of a single button. The internal speaker allows for instant music playback, or you can plug your headphones into the 3.5mm jack for discrete listening. It features a separate external mic port as well.

The unit is portable and can run on batteries (4 x C-size cells), and the fold-down handle lets you carry the cassette player indoors and outdoors. Its array of large control buttons also makes up for an intuitive user experience. There’s also a 6V DC port for those who don’t see the point of using batteries.

We adore its retro-inspired black and silver aesthetics, and chances are you will too. The tape deck, albeit slightly flimsy, supports all the cassette tape types. The GPO 162B is also quite affordable like the previous cassette players.

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Pros Cons
Shoebox form factor, stylish design Mushy control keys
Dedicated port for external microphones Flimsy cassette deck
One-click recording


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And with that, we conclude our picks for the best cassette players in the UK. We have included all the information you would look for to make a purchase decision. We hope that you have already made the right choice for yourself and are ready to relive the old memories of listening to your favourite songs in cassette form.

If you have any queries or feedback for us, please visit the comments section and let us know. Your suggestions and experiences are valuable to us!

Top 5 Best Cassette Players in the UK

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