Do I Need Adobe Air?

Adobe air is a software that was developed in 2008 by a friendly collaboration between Harman International and Adobe Inc. The purpose of this software was to enable the development of mobile and desktop applications. The operating systems that support Adobe air are Windows, Android, IOS, and Blackberry. The applications are to be installed either via play store or another supported file. It works following other Adobe software and coders such as Adobe animate and ActionScript 3.0. Let us know  “Do I Need Adobe Air?”

Do I Need Adobe Air?

Adobe air is one of the effective launched applications by Adobe and was widely used when it was brought to the market. The much-anticipated question that It is needed or not. The software has been discontinued by Adobe and is now under Harman Technologies. Since its discontinuation, usage has been reduced. Many new applications were able to display better performance that replaces Adobe air. Currently, there are different versions of this application still running, hence it depends on the usage of a person they need it or not. Although it is suggested to delete this software and start working with its alternatives. But the software still has few features which are why it is still in use.

Uses of Adobe Air:

  • It is a software that can be used for web development and mobile application development.
  • This software provides a more comfortable environment and tools for users.
  • The applications developed via Adobe air are available to many operating systems without any particular alterations for any of the systems.
  • The process of developing websites or applications is quicker with Adobe air.
  • If one compares the process of web development with This application and with any other programming language, Adobe air is less complex.

Purpose of Adobe Air:

It was developed to develop a connection between hardware and software to reduce the tasks of developers. This software allows various applications to be easily accessible on your system. It was mainly an attraction for mobile developers. It also laid the foundation for many games such as Angry Birds, back in 2009. The applications that were supposed to run with It did not need any specific system, but they needed a secure internet connection. The software was initiated as a cross-platform which meant it was available to many software.

Do I need Adobe air now?

Until the beginning of 2020, This appliction was still used by developers. By the end of 2020, Adobe decided to discontinue the software and it will be completely under Herman Technologies. Many developers are concerned if they need Adobe air or not. The simple answer to this can be that air is indeed an important tool but it can be replaced by a few other native tools. In other words, we can also say that if your computer doesn’t have any old applications running, then you may not need Adobe Air.

Discontinuation of Adobe air:

Adobe tested several alternatives to replace Air. Adobe flash was one such alternative that had the same code as air. Later on, It went on to replace flash with more secure techniques and this idea was also supported by big tech companies including Microsoft and Google. In 2020, when Adobe discontinued its support for Air and it went to Harman, Harman technologies extended the services of air to enterprise users.

Should we delete Adobe air?

This depends on the usage of the person whether they want this software or not. For example, there are a few applications that can’t work without It such as:

  • Adobe Media Player
  • ImageDropr
  • FlickrFlipper

So if one needs to work with these applications, one should not delete Adobe Air.

How to remove Adobe air?

The application can be deleted either through settings or the control panel.

  • Removing through settings:

Reach out to settings on your windows. Then scroll down to find the application and then click on uninstall option twice. After a few minutes, the application will be deleted.

  • Removing through Control Panel:

On the search tab on your PC, write control panel and select the popped-up icon for the control panel. Later, click on categories, find the option of programs and then uninstall a program. Then locate Adobe air. Here click on uninstall twice and you’ll be done after a few seconds.

  • Removing Adobe air on Android:

On your phone search for settings. Then from settings search for apps and scroll down to locate Adobe air. Then you click on uninstall and later confirm your choice. The application will be deleted in a few seconds.


The following features are described as the advantages of this software for the users.

  1. The installation process of the application is quite easy and quick.
  2. The software isn’t that complex hence the coding can be executed quite easily.
  3. It is available on various platforms without any external requirements or installations.
  4. The overall display of this software is quite effective and attractive to the audience.
  5. It also has some smooth synchronization services.

Disadvantages of Adobe Air:

Like advantages, the software has few features due to which the software had to be replaced by other alternatives.

  1. The extendibility is too low.
  2. The software does not come up with the UI standards and guidelines hence it can make the experience a little less impressive.
  3. There are also a few licensing issues with this software.

Is Adobe air secure?

As discussed already, This Software has been discontinued by Adobe officially and this is one major reason that gives way to security threats for users. As the software has been discontinued, there are no such updates available to protect your software. Due to this non-availability of updates, hackers can get into your information.

Apart from this, the software reported several security issues while it was in use. But whenever any such default used to occur, Adobe would fix it but after discontinuation, the offer wasn’t any more valid.

Microsoft update:

In 2021, Microsoft issued an update in which all the versions of Adobe air were to be automatically deleted from Windows. It included Windows 10 only hence the software wouldn’t be deleted if one was using Windows 7 or 8. If the software was installed from any other source than Microsoft, then it wouldn’t have been deleted automatically. It was also suggested to all the users to delete the Adobe flash players and use other applications that are more secure.

Does Adobe air affect the speed of the PC?

According to reviews from the users of Software, this application doesn’t have much effect on the speed or running time of your computer. It doesn’t slow or fasten the speed of the PC. Since this software is quite old, it may not match the compatibility of modern computers. Make sure to have the latest version installed for better performance. Also, check the compatibility of your graphic card and software to eliminate any speed issues while dealing with this software.

Pricing of Adobe air:

Although if we look up various browsers, there are free latest versions of applications available to be installed. But few sources claim that the software is no more available for free after it has been completely acquired by Herman. The software needs to be purchased if one wants to utilize it for running applications. The cost of purchasing the software depends on the revenue.

  • For a small revenue like below $50,000, the software license is available for free but the logo of Harman will be displayed.
  • Enterprise users, need to pay $1000 and there is no restriction on attaching the logo.


It has many factors to be considered while talking about its usage. It is like other applications launched by Adobe and has some prominent features. There are many uses. The software has many advantages and disadvantages but due to Adobe calling off the software there has been a long debate about whether to keep using this application or not. There are many alternatives to Adobe air but if users still want to go with this software it is merely their choice. Conclusively, with this modern equipment, This application seems to be an old technology and is not suggested to be used in PCs.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What are the famous applications launched via Adobe air?

The most famous game, Angry birds were launched via this software and were quite popular amongst children. Other known applications are Pandora and eBay desktop.

  • Is Adobe air still used by big tech companies?

Adobe flash drive was used by many companies but later due to security issues, they tend to shift towards other technologies. A few companies who are still using Adobe air, are planning to shift to HTML and JavaScript.

  • For which purpose, It was used most?

It was highly used for mobile game development and desktop game development. Due to quick implementation, developers used it for website development as well.

Do I Need Adobe Air?

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