How Long Does it Take to Delete a Discord Account?

Discord is a popular online platform for communicating with others through text, phone chat, and video calls. Users may establish their Discord server or join the one others have already made. Whether you want to switch to another chat app or remove your account to make a statement, it’s worth investigating how to delete your Discord account and the distinction between deactivating and deleting it. You may delete a Discord account after 14 days though sometimes the deletion may take up to 30 days to complete. You may remove your Discord account at any moment, but it will not instantly reflect the change. Since erasing your account from Discord requires action, it takes time to complete the process. If you wish to save any links or photos in your profile, store them elsewhere before deleting your account.

How Long Does it Take to Delete a Discord Account?

How Soon Can I Delete a Discord Account?

Discord now asks you to wait 14 days after submitting your deletion request before they permanently erase your account. There are two time periods to consider: when it takes you to submit the deletion request and when Discord will delete your account.

Before you remove your account, consider if any servers you control should be transferred to a new owner rather than destroyed.

If you don’t want a record of your conversations but still do not want to preserve your account, you should erase your messages first. It will no longer display your photo after the deletion. It will replace it with the phrase “Deleted User.”

You may consider deleting your account if you wish to quit the site for good and have no plans to return. The easiest way to take a break and come back later is to deactivate.

To get back on the platform, you must contact assistance through email. If you submit a refund request within three to five days, your account will be restored.

Discord Account Deletion Procedure

To delete your account, you must either stop using all of your servers or transfer ownership of them to someone else. If you try to permanently delete your account before you have really done so, a warning will display.

You may now delete your account after transferring ownership of your servers.

You may follow these steps to delete the account:

  1. Sign in to your Discord account.
  2. Enter “Email” and “Password” in the relevant areas and click the “Login” button to log in to your Discord account:
  3. Navigate to User Settings.
  4. Choose My Account from the available drop-down menu. The options to disable your account and delete your profile are at the bottom of the My Account box.
  5. Confirm by clicking on the appropriate choice.

The account will be marked as “pending deletion” and removed in two weeks. The account will remain in the “pending deletion” condition if you click “Return to Login.” By selecting “Restore Account,” the deletion of the user’s account will be halted, and the account will be restored.

The user’s access to Discord will be terminated after 14 days. You’ll be reverted to the status of a deleted user, and your profile picture will be reinstalled where it was before.

Launch the Discord software on your mobile device and touch your profile image in the bottom toolbar to delete your account completely.

Selecting this option takes you to your profile’s customization page. Enter “My Account” and select “User Settings” to get there. To erase anything, you must go to the next page’s very bottom and use the delete button.

How to Transfer Server Ownership 

To get rid of a Discord server you control, you have two options: assign it to another user, or remove it altogether.

If you wish to give someone else ownership of your server, follow the procedures below:

  1. Enter your login details for the Discord desktop or browser app.
  2. Go to the server that you own.
  3. Click on your server’s name -> Server Settings.
  4. Navigate to members on the left-hand side of the server settings.
  5. You may now hover over the name of the person you wish to transfer ownership to and click on the three dots next to their name. Choose “Transfer Ownership” from the drop-down option. The person you’ve chosen will now be the server’s owner, and you may remove the account.

Disabling Your Discord Account

Discord lets you remove or deactivate your account like other social networks. Deleting an account means you are done with it permanently, whereas temporarily suspending it signals a pause. If you don’t want to delete your account and would instead take a break from the possibility of returning it, you should choose to deactivate your Discord account option.

Disable the account by following these steps:

Visit the User Preferences page once logged in.

To the right of Delete Account, click Disable Account.

Why Does Discord Need a 14-Day Wait?

The 14-day restriction is most likely in place to prevent users from deleting accounts they have access to but do not genuinely own. For example, if your account were hacked, you would not want them to be able to delete it the moment they signed in.

Discord needs to make changes to its system to delete all traces of your account.

The periods of 14 days are mandatory and cannot be negotiated down or eliminated. It is so that users have plenty of time to secure their accounts.

How Do I Get My Discord Account Back?

If you wish to return to Discord, use the email address and prior password linked to your account. Following that, a popup will display, informing you that you cannot use the account while it is disabled. To get your account back online, click the Restore Account option.

Disabling your account allows you to return to Discord anytime you want. When you return to Discord, your servers, friends, and other features will await you.

Steps to Delete a Deceased User’s Discord Account Completely 

If you need to remove a Discord account for a deceased person, you may begin by entering a username and password if you have them. You will almost always need to contact Discord to remove someone else’s account. Here are the steps to follow to delete:

  1. Launch Discord and send a request.
  2. Click Help & assistance under Reason.
  3. Enter the user’s email address. For this kind of inquiry, choose account deletion.
  4. Type “Account Deletion” in the subject line or leave the field blank.
  5. In the description box, type “User is no longer alive.” Then click the submit button.

So Discord has put this limitation in place so that the genuine account owners have time to react and are sure they do not want their accounts terminated by Discord. If you have forgotten the Discord username or password, you need to contact the service directly for assistance.

If you ask politely, they may urge other users to give you their rights to continue. They have the right to request evidence. They will then have the option to delete the account once they get it.

You should contact Discord and describe the situation if you can’t remember the password or the user name. If you submit a request, they may get other users to release their rights to you. However, if you know the password and the user’s name, you may proceed with the preceding Discord instructions.


It will take 14 days for the account to be entirely erased from Discord. You should give yourself plenty of time if you decide to cancel your Discord account. You may try contacting Discord directly for more immediate support, but you may still have to wait for the account deletion process to be complete.

When you delete an account on Discord, you can never get it back. Do not delete your account if you plan on using it again. Discord does provide the option to disable your account rather than delete it. You may restore your account if you are within the 14-day waiting period following deletion.


  1. Is there any way to get back my old Discord account?

When an account is erased, it is gone for good. After the 30-day period, refund requests will no longer be processed. Discord, however, provides a 30-day confirmation time before actually erasing a user’s account if that’s what they choose. If you change your mind and want to recover your account, you may contact support and request account restoration.

  1. How does “disabling” Discord work?

You may deactivate your account if you need to vacation from Discord but don’t want to erase it. You will no longer receive platform alerts or communications if you deactivate your account. You may still be discovered if you search for yourself. People may still send you friend requests, which you will see after reactivating (or “recovering”) your account.

  1. Do all of my communications vanish if I cancel my account?

No. Your account will be deleted, and your username will become discorduser#0000. However, your communications, photos, and texts will be saved.


How Long Does it Take to Delete a Discord Account?

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