How To Find Old Friends On Snapchat?

Snapchat is one of the multimedia instant messaging platforms that was established by Americans. They are known to be one of the growing applications that allow users to drop their pictures and videos often called snaps to friends and families without the help of an intermediary platform. They operate in the process that once those people you have their details finish viewing your snaps, it will automatically delete. However, people tend to abuse the power their friends give to them to intrude in their personal space, which is why they deleted those friends. How then will they find those people that have already been removed from their snaps, or how will they find the account of their old friends on this same platform? let us know How To Find Old Friends On Snapchat?

How To Find Old Friends On Snapchat?

How to find old friends on Snapchat?

The easiest way of connecting to people and enjoying Snapchat is to have their username or number, but sometimes life is not always like that since you may fail to have possession of these valuable details to connect with them. How then will you be able to share your wonderful moment with your old friend? Do not fret there are a lot of ways you can use to connect with your old friends, and that is what will be extensively discussed in this article. The first step you should be able to take when you are looking for an old friend is to remember their personal information, if you can not, you will have to take the following steps below to help you locate them

Four (4) Different ways you can use to find your old friend on Snapchats

There are no better or more fun snaps without you having the privilege to share them with your family and friends. Losing them may not be a wonderful experience, but The process of finding them may also not be an easy task, but this article will allow you to experience the easiest ways possible you can use to find your old friends. And they are listed in the bullet point below

  • Your Friend’s list

This is the first and the most common way people use in finding their friends after the initial experience of losing connection with them. Regardless of the reason, Snapchat makes it easier for users that is why you should know that your deleted friend account will always appear in your friend list, but this is temporary and not a permanent plan for Snapchat. This friends list major function is to help you be aware of the friends that follow you and the ones you follow back. The following steps should be able to explain this method to you

  1. Go to your mobile device and open your snap chat application
  2. Click on the display pictures or profiles that are found on the top left-hand corner of your device to direct you to your friend’s section
  3. You will be redirected to your profile page immediately after you click on the display picture on your phone, scroll through the page until you locate the My friend’s button before you click on it
  4. This page will show you the list of all your old friends and new friends. If you fail to see the username of the person that you are looking for, it may be as result that Snapchat has deleted them 
  • Your Find nearby button 

This is another way of looking for your old friends,  the process and options involved are glaring to human eyes. Find Nearby is one of the numerous options that can be located on some Snapchat pages because some people do complain that they couldn’t locate their Find Nearby option on their page. The advantage of using this option is that it helps you locate your friends without much effort, and the disadvantage is that it is only those people that have the Find Nearby features on their Snapchat can locate each other. Anyways, the following steps will highlight for you the steps you should take if you are using this option

  1. Go to your device to launch the Snapchat application on your mobile device 
  2. Go to the Find Nearby feature you will find on your page and select it. You should know that some updated Snapchat models Find Nearby features are also called quick add options. 
  3. If it is Quick Add that you can locate on your device, click it, and it will direct you to where Snapchat will look for suitable friends for you, and maybe you can discover your old friend there
  4. Click on the add friend button beside the username of your old friend to add them to the list of your connected friends
  • Through phone number or username 

This is an excellent way of looking for your old friends on Snapchat. You may be going out one day, and you saw your old friends on the road, then after the encounter, you may feel like adding them to your snap list. Do not worry because you can use their username or phone number to track them down on your Snapchat page. The following steps should be taken if you are using this step to locate your friend

  1. Save the phone number on your device and launch your Snapchat page from your mobile device
  2. Go to the add friends or quick add on your device, it can be located in the top right-hand corner of your Snapchat page
  3. Go to the all contacts button to click on them. You will see a page that says all contact screens appear, then follow the button. Click on the follow button to be directed to your contact page
  4. All your contact lists that are on Snapchat will appear on your device, and beside each username, you will find a button that says add friends
  5. Scroll down to the old friend you are looking for and after you find her name, click on the add friend button to follow them 
  • Through sync contacts

This method is similar to the phone number method this is because you are also using phone numbers to add your old friends. This option will help you keep them updated about all your lost friends and also some deleted contacts or snaps on your devices. A single search that was conducted by syncing your contacts will give you an accurate result, and this is why it is the best method you can use to locate your lost and old friends. If you are making use of this step, then you are expected to follow the highlighted point below for an accurate search.

  1. Go to your mobile device and locate your Snapchat application to click on it. 
  2. Click ok on the profile display button on the first page and it will redirect you to another page
  3. On this page, you will find a settings gear icon, and clicking on this will redirect you to the settings options of your Snapchat 
  4. Scroll down on the page until you see an option with contact syncing, click on the option before it leads you to where you can enable your contact information to the application
  5. Below the syncing contact enablement, you will find an option with view contact, you are expected to click on it to locate your old friends
  6. These options will help you locate all the people on your contact list that are registered on Snapchat, it will also help you know if they are saved on this app or how you can add them to your friend list if they are not saved

How to locate and add deleted friends on Snapchat?

You may choose to delete some accounts that you feel you are not genuinely connected to on this platform however, some situations may warrant that you add them back to your list after a short or long term of deleting them. If you mistakenly delete some account, the first two options from finding old friends on your account may also be used for them, and the last two options can also be used to locate a long-term delete account. However, if you still can’t locate them with those options then you will find the following options suitable enough to help you locate your deleted friends’ account

  • Make use of their snap codes

Your snap code can also be called your QR code, and it is one of the favorable methods you can use to re-add your friend to your list. You can request for their snap code to re-add them back, or you can go to their other social media page like their Facebook or Instagram because some people add their snap code to their account. After locating and saving their snap codes, you should launch your Snapchat app, then go to the add friend page on the right side of the search button, you will see a ghost icon click on it. Your phone gallery will open once you tap the button, then select the image so that Snapchat can perform its magic before You click and add your friend

  • Make use of their URL

Once you register on Snapchat, you are entitled to your URL, and this can be used to locate your friends. Therefore, to locate a deleted account, you can ask for its URL, and once it is given to you, click on the link, and it will redirect you to you a Snapchat app where you can click the add friend button


Different ways can be used to add lost, old, and deleted friends to your Snapchat. Some of the common and most important methods with the necessary steps you are expected to take have been funky explained. All you need to do is go through this article to find out which one will benefit you.

How To Find Old Friends On Snapchat?

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