How To Get Internet In The Middle Of Nowhere Is It Even Possible?

Are you planning to spend the weekend at your granny’s? It’s a rural place and the fear of not getting access to your social media for days is already weighing you down. Don’t be afraid! Read on, there are certain things you need not be ignorant of. The Internet is an integral aspect of human life and plays essential aspect of human life as it seems to be something we can’t do without. Let us know ‘How To Get Internet In The Middle Of Nowhere Is It Even Possible?’.

How To Get Internet In The Middle Of Nowhere Is It Even Possible?

How To Get Internet In The Middle Of Nowhere Is It Even Possible?

Ever thought of being in a situation whereby you have a subscription but you cannot have access to the internet because of a poor internet service provider? Getting the internet in rural areas is very possible. Read on to know how and clear your doubts.

Getting an internet connection in the middle of nowhere is possible. The following are ways to get internet in the middle of nowhere

  • Use a broadband address checker
  • Consider Rural wireless if it is available
  • Use Gravity satellite connection
  • Cable
  • DSL
  • Fiber network
  • 4G/LTE and 5G network

Use a broadband address checker

The broadband address checker is a high-speed internet service, they have a website that helps users to input the address of their home. It gives accurate information about internet services you are entitled to and what you are not to, 

Consider Rural wireless if it is available?

Rural wireless is an internet service provider that connects your smartphone over a cellular network. It is mainly used in rural areas and it is less expensive than using your phone data to browse. It uses an antenna to provide high-quality internet service, and also, provides a more reliable connection.

It works by transmitting wireless internet through a line-of-sight transmitter and antenna, covering a lot of homes. 

It can be used for streaming online, games, high-end graphics, etc.

Use Gravity satellite connection

Satellite connection helps the transmission of internet providers by the use of signals from a satellite dish. This is a suitable means of accessing the internet for these remote areas because it doesn’t require dial-up. Although it is not as fast as broadband, it can still merry-go-round around 100 MBPS.

Unlike rural wireless, it is not suitable for gaming and streaming, and because it makes use of signals for the transmission of the internet, it can easily be disrupted by rain and wind.


Cable Internet is also a rural internet service provider, although it is not 100% rural because of the high-speed internet it provides. Sometimes, you can face some glitches on the internet, especially during peak hours.


DSL, also known as the digital subscriber line uses a telephone coupled with a phone jack, which helps people to be connected to the Internet at high speeds

Fiber Internet 

Fiber internet is the fastest internet service provider that provides uninterrupted service within splits of seconds. Although it is unavailable in remote areas, it is much more available in bigger cities.


A 4G network sends a signal to your phone and you use it to gain access to the internet. Before the advent of the 5G network, 4G provides the highest form of internet speed to customers. The speed can be as high as 50 MBPS.

5G network 

The 5G network is the highest internet service provider with fast and reliable speeds. It provides internet service at a very high speed. It helps people to connect to the internet regardless of where they are, it offers low latency and it is more reliable than the 4G network. Its download speed is as fast as the fiber internet.

What is in the middle of nowhere?

Middle of nowhere does not necessarily mean a desert, forest, or deserted place that is dominated by wild animals, it is a metaphor that is used to explain the concept of a rural or remote area, that is, a place that is not technologically civilized

Other ways of solving rural internet ish

  • Leo satellite
  • TV whitespace

Leo whitespace:

LEO whitespace is the acronym for Low Earth Orbit, it is an evolving technology that aims to provide low latency internet connection, it also aims to cover a wide range compared to the conventional communication satellite

TV whitespace: 

This is an evolving technological internet provider that is designed to use the TV spectrum to transmit wireless networks. An advantage it has is that it can travel far distances, through walls, trees, and other physical barriers.

Why you may not be able to get internet in the middle of nowhere?

  • Poor electricity or power supply
  • Poor signal transmission
  • Poor infrastructure
  • The mast is expensive to install
  • Limited providers
  • Dense population 

Poor electricity or power supply

 Remote areas are often characterized by poor power supply, so when your android or iPhone is off, you won’t be able to access the internet. So, if the location you are going to has issues with steady electricity, you might not be able to access the internet when your phone goes off and your battery is not strong enough to last you till the day you will be leaving.

Poor signal transmission

Poor signal transmission is another reason for having a poor internet connection in rural areas. Internet is transmitted through the signal and when there is a change in weather, there would be a disruption 

The mast is expensive to install

Rural areas are not prioritized like the urban areas where there are industries, companies, and hospitals that require highly sophisticated internet connections to work. Also, another reason is the dense population in rural areas. Due to this, setting up a sophisticated internet connection will be expensive because it has a small population to cater to and it won’t be maximally utilized.

Limited providers

There is a limited internet service provider and limited broadband, therefore, it provides a limited internet service and the main provider gives a less competitive internet service

How to boost your internet connection if you are having a slow internet connection?

  • Replace old routers
  • Install an antenna within your vicinity

Replace old router: The old router you are using may be the cause of a slow internet connection, a router is a device that connects an internet connection over a transmission network. The router that is installed in your house may be old and needs replacement. 

Install an antenna within your vicinity: If you don’t have an antenna that you can easily get an uninterrupted network, then, it’s time you consider installing one in your vicinity

Reasons you need a high-speed internet connection in rural areas

The Internet has grown so vast and those who have a residence in remote areas should also be privileged to an uninterrupted and high-speed internet connection. The following are reasons why rural dwellers also need high-speed internet.

  • Security and communication: So many sophisticated security systems have been invented to curb and reduce the crime rate. However, they require a steady internet connection. Also, those who are staying in remote areas should be able to connect with their family and friends in the city, a good internet connection will keep them online to engage their friends and family on video calls, voice calls, and conference calls.
  • Off-grid lifestyle: off-grid people are people who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of cities, they may want to rest and relax in a remote area but still be connected and current about happenings in the world. For people like this, a satellite internet connection may be good for them to keep them connected to the internet.
  • Travelers: Travelers are people who do not have a permanent residence of their own for a very long while. Since a traveler is always on the move, it is advisable to hold a portable internet service provider like 4G broadband. However, are in as where broadband is unavailable, satellites can be used.
  • Entertainment and socializing: There is nothing more amazing than when you are socially connected on social media and informed on current events in the world. The fact that you are staying in a remote environment doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself from the internet. There are so many opportunities on the internet. We are in a digital era, you don’t want to be left behind.


In conclusion, there is a high possibility of getting internet in the middle of nowhere, that is, rural areas. The above-mentioned technological services like cables and fiber will help improve rural areas’ internet service.

 Moreover, There are evolving sophisticated technologies to help people living in rural areas stay connected to the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. Can I get the internet in the middle of nowhere?


Q2. What are the practical steps to getting the internet in the middle of nowhere?

  • Use a broadband address checker.
  • Consider Rural wireless if it is available
  • Use Gravity satellite connection
  • Cable
  • DSL
  • Fiber network
  • 4G/LTE and 5G network

Q3. Why can’t I get the internet in rural areas?

  • Poor electricity or power supply
  • Poor signal transmission
  • Poor infrastructure
  • The mast is expensive to install
  • Limited providers
  • Dense population 

Q4. What does the middle of nowhere implies?

Middle of nowhere simply means rural areas

How To Get Internet In The Middle Of Nowhere Is It Even Possible?

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