How To Resolve My Virgin Tv Keep Going Black?

Virgin media is a source of getting many facilities. These facilities include internet and television facilities. It provides a combination of features like watching digital media, using internet facilities, and using mobile feature services. Virgin Media has reached a wide range of audience in no time. Millions of customers use it to get their requirements fulfilled quickly. there are around six to seven million customers who use virgin media for entertainment purposes. One of the most common types of issues with the users is that black screen that appears constantly. Let us know ‘How To Resolve My Virgin Tv Keep Going Black?’.

How To Resolve My Virgin Tv Keep Going Black?

If you are using the virgin tv and the screen suddenly goes in complete black color, there must be an issue with the compatibility of the app version with the TV version. You might have installed an app named “Virgin Media Go”. You must have to ensure that the app is not outdated and no updates of this app are pending in your system. It might be possible that the service had expired. You can fix your tv screen by following the below guidelines.

Guidelines to fix the black virgin screen 

You must have some technical knowledge to fix this problem if it is related to the backend. But if you are a common user, you must have to resolve your problem with some quick fixes available. The first solution that can fix your problem is to update the outdated non-compatible version of the app. You have two scenarios. It depends on which type of source you are seeing the black on. Follow these guidelines accurately if you want to fix your black tv screen. You can face the black screen on the virgin tv app and virgin tv cable.

Fixing the black screen on the Virgin TV app

The app is called the GO app. Sometimes, it may happen that you are watching your favorite content on your virgin tv app and there is a sudden change in the view and the screen abruptly goes to black color. The screen becomes black solid. The user feels so much irritated with this problem. It may be a cause of extreme frustration among the users. Your screen is gone black because of the various reason described below:

  • It might be possible that there is an issue with the broadcast among the network devices
  • There can be a technical problem with the server that is used to run the app.
  • There might be weaker signals in your area network
  • You have the older version of the app on your mobile device or the apple device.

Fixing the black screen on the Virgin TV cable

It is also possible that your virgin TV cable makes the screen black when you try to watch your favorite TV cable content. There is a box called a virgin cable tv box that is used for the broadcasting of content on your tv cable. Following are the various reasons behind this black tv cable:

  • There may be some problems with your TV device.
  • There can be an issue with the power supply and the power demand with the virgin media receiver.
  • There must be some kind of outage in your cable connection and ports
  • There must be the improper placement of HDMI connections to the ports

All of the above-listed issues are discussed here one by one. A user needs to stick to this content and concentrate on the issue that is causing the screen to become black.

Troubleshoot and resolve issues with network internet

It is a common issue with users. Usually, a slow or weak connection leads to a black screen. You must have high-speed internet connectivity to enjoy the virgin tv cable content. You can choose an alternative solution if the internet bandwidth is low. You can switch and use the mobile data for a high-speed connection. In this way, you can see the content reappear on the screen. You can restart your modem router and wait for a few seconds to restart the modem in normal mode. Now, check whether the black screen disappears or not.  

Another fix that you can adopt is to increase the signals of your WIFI router. If we talk about increasing the signals, it means that we are extending the router range. The router range can be extended by using some extender as a wireless repeater to boost your signals outside your network range. If the problem still resists, you must contact the internet service provider in your area. You can switch the poor internet service provider with the best quality internet service provider.

Make your Virgin TV app up to date

Another fix that you can do despite the best internet quality is to update the older versions of the virgin app with the latest versions. These latest versions support the latest features. These new updates are highly compatible with the virgin tv app. First, check whether the app version is the updated version or not. You need to check it from google lay. Find the app installed from the play store. It must be located in the apps section of the play store. Now click on your profile tab and then choose the manage option to manage the apps installed with the help of the play store.  

You will see a button labeled with update text if there is any update available for the virgin go app. Now, wait for a while. It depends on the internet speed and how much time it will take to load and download the latest version of the app. The app will update with the latest supported features once the update is completed successfully. After the complete process, you need to restart your app by closing it and reopening it.

Ensure the proper connectivity of ports with HDMI cables

You can also check the cable connections attached to your media box. You might see the lights of the box on but the screen of the box is black. In this case, you need the following solution. Surely, there is a fault in your HDMI cable or its connectors. There could be a fault in the HDMI cable port. You just have to unplug the HDMI cable port and plug it again in the correct position. Now, check whether the connection goes successful or not. If it does not work, you can replace the cable with the other cable. Reconnect the new cable and try again to check it’s working. If the problem resists, you can switch to the other HDMI port. So, choosing another port for your connection cable is the best option. After ensuring the correct working of the cable and the port, you can troubleshoot the TV connection by connecting it with a different TV.


If you are facing a black TV screen by switching to a high-speed internet connection, connecting the new cable, replacing the older versions, updating the app, and reconnecting the HDMI cables to the different ports. In this way, your black TV screen will disappear. You can watch your content without any frustration.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the quick fix available to fix the black virgin tv screen?

You must try to reboot your TV with a power cycle. It will work if there is no problem with your internet and the virgin media box.

How can I solve the HDMI cable issue?

You can buy a new cable or try a different port to connect the cable and check whether it works or not. So, choosing another port for your connection cable is the best option.


How To Resolve My Virgin Tv Keep Going Black?

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