Instagram can’t load activity | How to minimize this issue?

Instagram is an amazing social media platform that everyone has started using to upload photos and videos, reels. Content creators, writers, graphic designers, artists, bloggers, etc, are now using the app to showcase their work. It is a wide platform with millions of users and because of this reason, there can be issues faced by users while using the app. For instance, users may have issues if Instagram not loading activities and this can be a serious issue for users because they won’t be able to view their likes, and comments, they won’t know anything about their engagement, and they won’t be able to see new pictures, videos, and reels. Let us know the reasons for the “Instagram can’t load activity” popup and also learn how to minimize this issue. 

Instagram Cant Load Activity

Instagram can’t load activity can be attributed to a lot of factors and reasons, and these reasons include

  • Poor internet connection
  • You are using a third-party App
  • Corrupted data
  • Your account has been flagged as fake or known for spamming

Poor internet connection

When your internet connection is not strong enough, Instagram is not going to load new videos and photos. One of the solutions to this problem is to switch your data connection off and put it on again or check your data balance to check if you still have data. If you have switched it off and on it back and you’ve ensured you still have data and it persists, you can switch your phone off and on it back. If the problem persists, you can switch to WiFi.

You are using a third-party App

Instagram has policies and violations, so, if you violate the rule, you will stop seeing some features on your account. Some people use another app to buy likes and followers. If Instagram detects your account is buying likes and followers, your account will be prevented from loading activity, liking someone else’s picture, or even following another account

Corrupted data

Bugs and cache can prevent you from loading activity on Instagram, the existence of corrupted data on your phone via Instagram will cause the activity feed, messages, and stories to no longer load.

Your account has been flagged as fake or known for spamming

Instagram has a way of noticing an account associated with spam posts and links. Instagram does not joke with such posts and will not let any account engaging in spam posts or involved in the spam posts of someone else slide. If you are being flagged for spam, one way to notice this is that your page will no longer load and there will be a limit to the things you can do on the app, you won’t be able to like, follow or comment. But there is a solution to this, and the solution is that you get in touch with the support center.

Solutions to apply when Instagram shows “Can’t load activity

  • Check your internet connection
  • Restart the Instagram application
  • Update the Instagram App
  • Check your mobile data
  • Uninstall any third-party application
  • Switch the type of your Instagram account 
  • Reset your password and log in
  • Create another account
  • Delete and install Instagram
  • Clear the cache and application data
  • Check the help center of the app
  • Contact Instagram support

Check your internet connection

The first solution that should cross your mind is to check if your internet connection is strong enough because if there Is a glitch in your internet, Instagram activity will not load as well as other apps. Off your internet connection and switch it on, or if you have a data subscription on another network, switch to that network to check if the connection is okay at the moment. If that doesn’t work, you can connect to WiFi if there is WiFi around you 

Restart the Instagram application

If the first solution doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to try this simple method as it can be the one holding you back from viewing recent videos and pictures. If this is the cause of the problem, it will help you resolve it in no time. To do this, close all the recent tabs on the minimizing page if you are using a phone, if you are using a laptop or MacBook, close all the tabs on the desktop and open the application afresh. Once you do this, it will load recent videos and posts 

Update the Instagram App

Sometimes, there are recent changes to the app, and updating it will enable you to have an amazing experience on the application. To do this, go to the Google play store or the Apple Store, depending on the type of phone you are using. Type Instagram, and you will see an update if the version of the app is outdated, click on update and wait till it is done updating. Click open to check if the problem has been solved

Check your mobile data

Mobile data can act very funny and crazy sometimes, especially when using an app like Instagram to watch reels, you might think you still have a data subscription until you check to find out your rebalance is 0.00 Mb. When you run out of data, Instagram will no longer load activity. So, to continue to enjoy the app, you have to renew your data subscription. To do this, dial your recharge data code on your mobile phone or your buy directly from your bank USSD or App

Uninstall any third-party application

If you are using a third-party application to buy likes and followers, uninstall those applications as it is against the policies of Instagram. Go to your google play store or Apple store to uninstall it, after uninstalling all, you can reboot your mobile phone, then open the app to check if it is working

switch the type of your Instagram account 

Instagram gives more regard to professional accounts, you can switch your account from a personal account to a professional one if you constantly face this issue. To change your account type, follow the following step;

  • Open your Instagram account
  • Click the three-line menu at the top right corner of the screen
  • Click on settings 
  • Select account
  • Then, click on the switch account type, it is written in blue at the bottom
  • You can also switch to a creator’s account if you have a business account.

How to minimize the issue of “can’t load activity”?

Following these steps will help you to change your account type and minimize the issue of “can’t load activity”

Reset your password and log in

Try resetting your password and login in to check if it’s going to resolve the issue. You never can tell what the issue is if you don’t know the exact problem. You can try this trick, it might work and it might now work

Create another account

Sometimes, you might have to create another account if you have tried every method all to no avail, you might have to let go of your old account. Opening a new account will help you have access to your feed and you might even send an email to the Instagram team on your former account’s behalf. You can try logging in to your former account to check if it is finally working 

Delete and install Instagram

You can try so many things but sometimes, you have to delete and install the Instagram app again. To delete Instagram on your phone, press the Instagram app down for like, three seconds, and a pop-up message will appear on your screen, click on uninstall the app. After a few minutes, you won’t see the application on your phone again.

Clear the cache and application data

If you are facing this issue, clear your cache and bugs associated with the application. To do so, 

  • go to phone settings
  • Tap on the storage option
  • Select other application
  • You will get a list of all the applications, click on Instagram
  • Then you will see the “clear cache” menu
  • Click on it and within a second, the caches and bugs are cleared

Check the help center of the app

If you’ve done so many things and it’s not working, you might have to click on the help center on the app to direct you on what to do, there are likely problems and solutions on the help center. If you follow it strictly, you will surely get a solution to the problem

Contact Instagram support

If you have tried all these and the problem is still not solved, you might have to contact the Instagram team, and the best way to contact them is via Twitter


In conclusion, having issues with your Instagram, not loading activity is not a big deal, it only requires you to know where the problem is coming from and tackle it, the above solutions are going to guide you on how to find your way around it

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1. What should I do when my Instagram account can’t load activity?

Firstly, check if your data connection is working, if it is working, check your data balance. If that doesn’t work, try removing bugs and caches from the app(You can do that on your phone settings), and if that doesn’t work, try reinstalling or updating the application. If that doesn’t work, contact the Instagram support team.

Q2. What are the reasons for Instagram, not loading activity?

  • Poor internet connection
  • You are using a third-party App
  • Corrupted data
  • Your account has been flagged as fake or known for spamming

Q3. What should I do if my account is flagged for spamming? 

If your account is flagged for spamming, the only solution is for you to contact the support center.

Instagram can’t load activity | How to minimize this issue?

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