Mic Sounds Like A Robot

In this modern era, the use of technology is necessary to connect with others. Many people work online at home and use the internet to communicate with their colleagues and friends. They want to interact with people using audio and video software like Zoom, Google Meet and Discard. Therefore, it is a matter of embarrassment when you are ready to give a presentation online through your mobile or computer, but you sound like a robot. Let us know about ‘Mic Sounds Like A Robot’.

Mic Sounds Like A Robot

When your mic sounds like a robot during an audio conference or call, issues may be related to hardware or software that can affect the quality of sounds. Internet connection problems can also cause poor audio quality. Hence, the problem of sounds can be eliminated with a bit of understanding of the causes and then resolving them. This guideline will highlight the issues related to robotic mic sound and suggest some easy solutions to fix these issues at home.

Sound problems while using Mobile or Computer

Sometimes you face issues with the mic of your telephone or PC. The most common problem of mic sound is delayed or robot sounds that may irritate and make you feel uncomfortable while communicating with others. If the audio quality of your telephone sounds robotic, the issue may be in the telephone service provider. You can troubleshoot this issue by switching off your phone and restarting again. If still the issue is there, check the internet connection. You can use any other phone to see the problem related to the phone. Use a mic and speakers to investigate the issue and clarify the situation. A poor network connection is one of the key causes of audio distortion. Moreover, high CPU usage is another reason for bad sound. You can close those applications that are not in use to check the application problems.

Let’s discuss all these issues with their solutions one by one

  • Poor Internet Connection

 If you want to interact through the chatting app, you need voice-over IP technology. VoIP capture audio through a mic and then transfers sound information to the listener. Poor connection in VoIP often occurs due to the dial-up internet connection. However, the performance of VoIP can be ideal when using broadband internet connection. When you lose signals and face interruption, however regain the signals rapidly, you miss the flow of information due to delayed audio. This may cause duplicate sounds or robotic microphone sounds.

You can solve this issue by checking the speed of your internet. If more people are using the same internet connection, the quality of the net connection may be low. Therefore, the connection should be stable with high-speed internet. While using the window, ensure that the wifi signal taskbar is showing strong signals. One more common issue is the placement of wifi router. If it is placed far from your access, you will get a robotic audio sound due to weak signals. Fix this issue by placing the wifi router near you and get good sound results. 

  • Mic Hardware Issues

First, you need to check the mic hardware issue like your microphone to see the glitches in sound. It might be possible that you are using a faulty receiver or a mic with low quality. Check your headset or microphone and use it with other phone or desktop, make sure it is working properly. In case of any damaged wire or some other issue in the microphone, replace it with another earpiece if it is not working. Similarly, check the other connections that are attached to your device. For instance, remove the USB extension cable in case of voice distortion. Rather try directing the USB port or connecting your computer with an aux jack. Check the wire and cables of the microphone to see that the microphone set is clean from dust or particles. Remove the dust particles with compressed air from the internal part or mic. 

  • Distortion From the Other End

Sometimes the robotic voice is caused due to the distortion of the other person’s side. There may be a problem with the weak connection or the line can be busy on the other end, which may cause the bad audio. No signal, weak signals or a problem with wires can cause a problem in voice. So before trying to solve your issue, make sure that the problem is not on the other side. 

  • Issues in corrupt audio drivers or settings

If the audio is not clear and you are hearing a robotic voice, check the audio driver or settings and update it from the computer manufacturer’s website. To check the audio troubleshooter, you need to type the troubleshooting in the search box. Now click on the option of troubleshooting and tap on “view all”. Now tick on the “playing Audio” and hit on the “Next”. Here you will follow on-screen instructions. In this way, the issue of audio driver setting can eliminate effortlessly.

  • Deactivate All Speaker Enhancements

Sometimes high-pitched sounds come due to a sound effect. It may be possible that your preferences for sound effects are set in the wrong way. You should check the preferences and deactivate the speaker enhancement. For this, press the window key and X together and open the control panel. Now click on “Sounds” and check the speakers. Here you need to click on the properties and disable all sound effects on the enhancement.

  • Set the Mic as Default

One of the main factors of robotic voice is the use of multiple headphones on one device. It can create a problem because the default setting can be different from the mic. Therefore, use only one headset as a default; otherwise, you need to change the default setting. The default setting can be settled by searching the control panel and locating the sound option.  

  • Update the device

Sometimes distortion in voice occur when your device is not updated or due to new update. If you updated your device after checking the microphone, the software of the headset of new device setting can cause a problem. You can eliminate this problem while searching the device manager and locating “audio input-output”. Here is an option for the audio devices, search “select the sound” and set the audio setting. However, if the device is not updated, you can update it by checking the computer setting.

  • Wrong audio mode

During the broadcast, often sound problems can occur when you are unable to hear the voice and are facing the robotic sound. The wrong audio mode might be a problem for a distorted voice. Before starting the live broadcast, you need to check the audio mode. You can switch audio modes if it is wrong, or if you are using a mic, check the internet mode or computer mode for it. With the connection of your telephone, select the phone mode.


In this article, robot mic sounds of microphone and some of their solutions were discussed in detail. Sometimes in the workplace or at home, you feel robotic sound or distortion in sound, this is a matter of worry, and you can fix the issue by knowing the exact reason. You can face this situation during a zoom meeting, call or live broadcast, but easily can resolve the issues by checking the network connection, fixing the issues related to the headset, cleaning the device or microphone, by eliminating issues in the audio driver or setting, by updating the device or fixing the issues of audio mode, by checking the microphone default setting and so on. When you didn’t find any sound issues related to software or hardware, it might possible that the distortion of voice is due to the issues on the other end. In the end, it is good to attach a good headset or microphone to your phone or pc and don’t compromise on quality of it. Otherwise, multiple sound issues will bother you and destroy the worth of your device.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.What are the causes of Robot mic sound?

The main causes of robot mic sounds are the error in connection and the use of defective hardware. These problems can be easily fixed by checking the wifi connection and by replacing the microphone with some other device. If still it is not working properly, then you should change the headset.

2. How to eliminate the distorted sound of the PC?

If the microphone of pc is not working and give you a weird sound, then disable the microphone enhancement for good results. For this purpose, click on the control panel and in “locate view”, select the “sound” and disable the microphone enhancement.

3.How to resolve the issues of sound in Discord?

The sound problem in Discord can be resolved by changing the server settings. Adjust the discord setting by connecting to the server and going into the “voice channels”. Here click on the “edit channel” and then come to the “overview”. You can see the “region override” box and then change the server. This may help to solve the issues that cause the robotic sound.



Mic Sounds Like A Robot

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