PC Fans Loud

When your computer starts to generate a lot of heat then you start hearing loud noises from your PC fans. The fans try to force the hot air out of the PC cabinet to let the cool air in. Apart from this, when the dust starts to accumulate inside your PC, your computer fans can get louder and this harms your PC and slows down the performance of your computer. Fans might look like an inessential component of your PC but in reality, these are quite essential for a healthy performance of a machine and thus require regular maintenance. You need fans to draw the heat out of the CPU and keep it cool. Certain things affect your fan’s performance and they are dirt, dust, and hair. Let us know more detail about ‘PC Fans Loud’.

PC Fans Loud

PC Fans Loud

The primary reasons why your PC fans are louder when they are idle are dust accumulation, poor ventilation, malware attacks, corrupt processes, incorrect placement, overworking CPU, overclocking of CPU, outdated BIOS, and device drivers, high-end graphics cards, fans hitting the side panel of your cabinet, etc. Besides these, damaged and smaller fans tend to be noisy. Try upgrading your PC’s hardware, installing a bigger fan, moving the PC to somewhere else, or trying to install fan control software to solve this issue. In this article, we will be discussing the top reasons why your PC fans are loud and how you can troubleshoot this issue.

Improper Ventilation

Usually, some PC users have a habit to keep their machines in a corner of a room where the air cannot circulate properly and the PC tends to get hot very easily. The same issue is encountered by laptop users who place it on their legs blocking the air vents. As a result, The CPU fans start making noises and it also causes overheating of the machine that ultimately leads to performance issues. The processor slows down the moment it detects a high amount of heat and slows down to prevent the burnout that results in the lagging of the PC. Improper ventilation is the result of dust gathering in your PC, improper storage of your PC, improper placement of the PC, and not clearing the vents properly. You can use a compressed air can and clean the debris accumulated on the air vents, fan fins of the coolers, and well dust filters.

Overworking CPU

If you run high-end applications and games on your PC that you are forcing the CPU to cross its maximum capacity and this can lead to overheating. Here, the CPU fans help to reduce the generated heat inside and cool the components down. But, in this process, the fans make a lot of noise that is irritating.

Use Fan Control Software

If you think that the PC is making a loud noise that is frustrating, you can try installing fan control software to lower the speed of the fan. But you need to understand that fans are supposed to be there to control the amount of heat generated in the processor and other components and if you manually try to control the speed of the fan that it can lead to burnout of your PC and other components. Motherboards like MSI have dedicated fan control programs. If you use some other motherboards, you can install any third-party programs like SpeedFan. This software allows you to monitor the temperature of your PC and lets you tweak the speed of your PC fans. You need to keep an eye on the temperature of your PC so that you can regulate the fan speed at your convenience and again restore the settings so that the fans can cool down the machine effectively.


The biggest enemy of a computer is dust. Many people have said this to keep your PC away from dust, but you never take this seriously. Even if you take care of your computer properly, the gathering of dust inside the computer is just inevitable. When our skin cells die, they release into the air and get mixed in the form of dust. If dust gets accumulated on your machine, it can make it hot. Due to the heat, the fans increase their speed to keep the computer cool thus causing the loud noise. If you own a pet like a cat or a dog, then the hair from your pet can get into the fan causing it to make loud noises. Smoke can be another element that can aggravate the situation. You can open your PC with the help of a screwdriver and clean the dust using an air duster or an electric duster. A paintbrush can be used to clean the fan blades.


Viruses and spyware not only slow down your computer but slow male your hardware to max out causing damages that cannot be recovered. When your PC gets infected with malware, it takes up a large amount of space in your storage device. and other resources. After that, it starts replicating and consumes more and more space on your PC. Some programs might even take over your PC for cryptocurrency mining which as a result overheats your machine. This leads to increased speed of your PC fans to regulate the temperature and you hear a loud sound coming from them. You can use programs like Malwarebytes to track the malware from your machine and remove them.

Overclocking of CPU

Overclocking of the CPU means running the processor at a maximum speed that is usually higher than the rating of the manufacturer. To simplify this, you force your processor to run faster than it can handle. But, overclocking is quite dangerous as it heats the CPU and other PC components to a great extent. To regulate this heat, the PC fans start to spin at a high speed producing loud noise. If you overclock your CPU and do not incorporate a high-performance cooling solution in your machine then, your fans are supposed to make a lot of noise making you feel uncomfortable. You can install a good cooling system on your computer or use additional fans to regulate the heat produced inside the computer.

Monitor Running Applications

If you have high-end programs or games running in the background, this can be highly responsible for the loud noise caused by the CPU fans as discussed above. You can try to scan for malware and other computer applications running in the background with the help of the task manager app. Just press Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open the task manager and view all the running programs there. Stop all the unnecessary programs and the issue will get fixed instantly.

Outdated BIOS and drivers

The BIOS and drivers in your computer are loaded with feature enhancements that help to keep the software of your machine updated and make it compatible with the existing hardware. But if you have outdated BIOS and drivers then you might not get good performance from your computer. The CPU might heat creating instability in your computer’s system. This can make the PC fans go loud to regulate the temperature.

Fans hitting the side panel of your cabinet

At times, the problem is the PC fans hitting the side panel but you are searching for some other issues. When you install a bigger-sized graphics card in your PC, the fans can hit the side panel and the graphics card will eventually get hotter. As a solution, most people tend to remove the side panel temporarily. But in the long run, this is not advisable. Leaving the case open might make the PC fans accumulate more dust and dirt. We have already discussed earlier that gathering dust in the PC fans can create loud noise as they struggle to spin properly. This can lead to overheating of your PC. So. If you leave the side pane open this will only overheat the computer and won’t do any good. Instead, you can use some materials like foam or rubber and place them in the gap between the graphics card and the side panel which can fix the issue.

Change your PC fans

If you have tried all the proposed solutions in adobe but still could not find a proper solution for your noisy PC fans then you can try replacing the fans as the final solution. The clicking or grinding noise produced by the fans cannot be ignored and can be very much disturbing. Some people put a few drops of sewing machine oil on the fan blades but this can be only a temporary solution AFter the oil dries up you will end up with the noisy fans again. So, if nothing is working, get new fans for your PC and remove the old ones. After all, they don’t cost a fortune.


PC fans can get louder, especially when you are doing intensive tasks on your machine like playing high-end games, using 3d modeling software, or high-end editing software like After Effects, etc. If your fans stop making noise after you are done with these, you are good to go. But if the noise is still there under normal circumstances, this shows that there is a problem somewhere that needs to be fixed immediately. The main job of a PC fan is to keep the computer cool but if they produce noise, it indicates that they are struggling and need to be taken care of.

PC Fans Loud

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