SD Card Stopped Working

The SD card is one of the most remarkable storage sources for files and media. It can be disturbing when this source of storage which contains vital files and information, suddenly stops working, and all your important information, including your documents, videos, and photos, cannot be accessed. Let us know “SD Card Stopped Working”

SD Card Stopped Working

SD Card Stopped Working

Let us dig into why “SD Card Stopped Working”, There are various reasons why this could be happening. It could be due to lost drive, connection issues, physical damage to the SD card, corrupted files system and others which we will be discussing in this article.

Underlying reasons your SD Card Stopped Working

There are a lot of factors that can contribute to your SD card’s refusal to work for your devices. It could be due to the following:

Corrupted files system: 

Corrupted file systems are one of the most common reasons for SD card refusal to work. Once an SD card becomes corrupted, individuals will have trouble accessing it. Although there will be tell-tale signs which will make it almost impossible to access your files, there are various ways to fix the problem of corrupted files on your device. Still, it is essential to, first of all, discuss the tell-tale signs which you should look out for to help you quickly identify the corrupted files:

  • Error messages: If you notice while transferring data between SD cards that there is an error message, it could pose a significant problem. Error messages that indicate Read and Write issues should not be ignored. Individuals should not take the issue lightly but take this as an issue of concern.
  • No SD card was Identified: You must have noticed that whenever you insert your SD card, it doesn’t reflect. Most times, you have to remove and reinsert it continually with the hope that the SD card reflects on your devices. This can be caused by various issues like mechanical damage (when it has been stepped on or exposed to harsh environments or even fallen inside the water, especially in cases where they are not waterproof SD cards), the SD card isn’t working, or due to an unsupported file system.
  • Window format error: Once this error pops up, it shows something wrong with your SD card. The window format error shows that to use the SD card, you must format it. This can quickly be done if it doesn’t contain essential files – where it contains important files, it is necessary to try your best to fix them. The various ways an SD card problem can be fixed will be discussed later in this article.
  • Sluggish performance: Another tell-tale sign that your SD card is corrupted is when data transfer takes longer than expected. A corrupted SD card can affect the performance of your SD card negatively, taking several hours to transfer files that generally should take up to 5 minutes.

Partition Loss:

A partition on the SD card allows the users to preserve internal memory. Once the partition is lost or damaged, it could also cause your SD card to stop working. Virus or malware attacks are leading factors that could make an SD card lose its partition.

Connection Issue:

SD cards can stop working due to connection issues. If your SD card refuses to mount properly until you remove and reinsert it several times, it can be due to connection issues. SD cards are usually fragile and can easily crack or twist, making the small metal pins go out of alignment and causing connection issues.

The fault is due to the SD card slot: 

The SD card will stop working when your SD card reader or slot has issues. It is essential to test and see where the problem is from. You can test it by inserting the SD card into another device; if it works on other devices, you will know that the SD card reader for your device is faulty.

The drive letter is lost: 

If the SD card drive letter is lost, it could contribute to making the SD card stop working. The drive letter is important for your SD card, especially if it is on your PC. So in situations where your SD card doesn’t have a drive letter, it would stop working. To find and assign the drive letter, open the storage folder of your PC, and navigate to the “Disk Management” tab. Search for an SD card to see if the drive letter is available. Then right-click, check the change drive letter on the context menu, and “add” to assign the drive letter to the SD card.

Physical damage: 

The final reason that could cause your SD card to stop working is that it had been physically damaged. SD cards are usually fragile and can easily bend or damage when exposed to certain exposure/conditions like water, dust, etc. Where your SD card is regularly exposed to these conditions, it could stop working.

General steps to fix SD card that cannot be detected

 There are various steps that an individual can take to fix the problem with their SD card on their windows or android devices. When you insert your sd card into your system, but it doesn’t reflect, it becomes a great cause for concern. The SD card may not reflect for various reasons or because it isn’t recognized – what, then, is the solution to fixing an undetected SD card on your device.

Take a clean cloth and gently clean the SD card slot. Your android devices can easily be exposed to the filth that can easily find its way to their SD card slot. Get a soft material, gently clean it, and then fix your SD card.

  • Carry out a factory reset: It is typical for your SD card to encounter this issue when a software error is detected. It is important to note that performing a factory setting on your phone will erase all pending information. It is only proper to back up all your files and devices before carrying out a factory reset. You can locate the factory reset option on your android device by opening the settings application option on your phone, then searching and clicking on “factory data reset” filling in all information then deleting.
  • Format the SD card: After inserting your SD card into your android device, where it reflects on your phone, you should format it. To format your SD card, simply go to the phone setting. Click on storage, select SD card, tap format, and the SD card will be formatted.
  • Refix the SD card: The SD card will not reflect on your android device if it is not properly fixed. Remove the sd card and fix it again.
  • Remount the SD card: To mount your SD card, you first need to “eject” or “unmount.” To do this, simply go to the settings on your device and click on storage. Press SD card storage and click on eject. Then restart your device, and once it is on, go back to your storage settings, click on SD, and mount again.

Solutions to fix SD not working on Mac

Easy fixes could make your SD card start working on your PC in a few minutes. Whatever might be the cause, whether due to a virus infection, wrong system seeing, an SD card corrupted, or a defective slot can be fixed by following these simple steps.

Disconnect the SD card on your Mac device and restart it.

  • Format the SD card, so it becomes reusable and new. You can do this by opening the “Finder” folder on your Mac device. Then navigate to the application and double-click on utilities. Select the SD card panel, and you will see “erase” at the top click on it to format.
  • Insert your SD card into another Mac slot to trace where the problem originates.
  • Make the SD card visible: You need to ensure that the SD card is listed in the Finder. To make it visible, connect your SD card to your Mac, open the Finder, click on locations on the next bar, and tap “show.” If you want to hide it again, you can simply follow the same process and click on “hide.”
  • Ensure your SD card has been mounted in the Disk utility. If it isn’t, it is important to mount it by searching for “disk utility. To do this, Select the SD card on the left panel of the Disk Utility window, then click on the mount.

Preventive measures to help curb issue of future SD card problems

  There are preventive measures which a user can take to help save their information from getting lost when their SD card stops working:

Whether the SD card is on your computer or Android phone, it is vital to eject your SD card before removing it.

  • Try to avoid filling up your SD card to its largest capacity as much as possible. You do not have to use up all the space before getting another one.
  • Protect your SD card from water and dust; it destroys them quickly.
  • Transfer all your files to your cloud storage regularly so you always have access to all important files on your SD card In case anything goes wrong.


Now we have learnt “SD Card Stopped Working”, An SD card is a fragile storage device. It can get spoiled quickly, making you lose access to all your files. Understanding what might cause your SD card to suddenly stop working gives you tips on how to fix it. Taking precautionary methods In case this happens is essential.

Frequently asked questions

Since my SD card is waterproof, can I allow it to enter the water? Will it affect my SD card?

Answer: Some waterproofed products are not really waterproofed; even if they are, constantly exposing them to water weakens them. It is better to completely avoid allowing the SD card close to the water.

Can an individual use an SD card on a mac and other personal computers?

Answer: Yes, SD cards can be used on personal computers. 

What step can I take if my SD card falls on dust?

Answer: Immediately take it out and clean it gently. 

SD Card Stopped Working

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