What Channel Is CNN On Virgin Media?

The happenings in and around the world have made people inquisitive about every flash or breaking news, which includes geographical and geological processes ranging from earthquakes, wars, epidemics, disease outbreaks, etc. These processes could either be human or naturally occurring processes and problems. People show a deep sense of concern and sometimes feelings of fear because no one knows the next location of such an occurrence. Therefore, they installed news mediums and go for news channels that keep them updated on realities and happenings around the world. All of these accounts for the reasons why people go for media Tv with CNN channels installed in them. Let us know “What Channel Is CNN On Virgin Media?”

What Channel Is CNN On Virgin Media?

 What Channel Is CNN On Virgin Media?

Sadly, for reasons best known to the owners and operators of Virgin media, CNN Channel is no longer on Virgin media. CNN Channel was removed from Virgin media in the year 2021, even though the reasons why the channel was removed were not properly communicated to its subscribers.

Virgin Media was not the only Tv that removed the CNN channel from the list of available channels. Other channels like Freesat and BT TV also removed this popular news disseminating platform from their list of channels. Although they recognized the need to inform members of the public of the removal of such packages from virgin media. It is disheartening news because the subscription access was almost free and was the cheapest cheaper amongst all other channels Virgin media subscribers had access to. Notwithstanding, addend viewers of CNN can watch the channel from other media platforms.

 Other Mediums One Can Access CNN Channel 

It is heartbreaking that the tv media that the masses are familiar with, will no longer host one of the most popular news channels people turn to for breaking news and all other newsworthy content. This, however, does not hinder viewers from accessing CNN with the advent and advancements in technology. Thanks to technological development, people can access the CNN Channel at any time and from any location. They can use the following mediums: 

  2. Hulu + Live TV
  3. Sling TV
  4. YouTube TV

 In addition, you can go to www.cnnn.com for live streaming using the browser on your phone, tablet, Personal Computer, or smart TV. Do bear in mind that while the channels above are the most popular ones to access CNN, access to the news channel is not limited to the above channels alone. Also, we want to bring to your notice that CNN Channel is available in most countries of the world ( if not all ). In some countries, it is freely accessible while in others, you will have to pay for a subscription to enjoy the benefits of a live CNN broadcast. While some may require that you create an account with them on their website, others may just ask for your subscription digit. It all depends on the country and the kind of medium of access one uses.

 Other News Channels Available on Virgin Media 

Even though the CNN Channel was removed from one of the most popular Tv media in the UK, one can not deny that it still has lots of news disseminating channels; from the very popular ones to those that may be less known in the global space. People still hung on to them for reliable accurate news. These channels are:

  1. BBC News HD
  2. SKY News HD
  3. GB News
  4. BBC Parliament 
  5. Bloomberg HD
  6. CNBC
  7. NBC News NOW HD
  8. Euronews 
  9. NDTV 24×7
  10. Al Jazeera English 
  11. France 24 English HD
  12. NHKWorld HD
  13. TalkTv

These are the list of News channels that are freely accessible anytime from any location in the world on virgin media Tv.


In a world where globalization is the new normal, as in the words of Marshal McLuhan speaking of the global village concept, everyone is becoming more and more interwoven. Happenings that initially were exclusive to a particular location, are no longer location specific. If you’re not careful, what happens in a continent will soon close in on you. This is why there is a growing concern about the affairs of others. More than ever before, people are becoming more interested in happening around the world. The news audience continues to grow daily and so is the operator of news disseminating channels. CNN has been able to serve a wide variety of audiences across the globe who access their content on several media platforms. Sadly, Virgin media subscribers will have to seek other options to access CNN or switch their news channel option to Amy of those available on Virgin media.

 Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there any possibility that CNN Channel will be installed back into Virgin media?

No!!! There is no possibility of bringing it back. This was made known during the announcement of its removal. 

Is CNN Channel free on every media Tv?

CNN Channel is not free on every media TV, to some countries it is free, while for others, it must be paid for.

Is every breaking News on CNN Channel genuine?

Yes in most cases, they got good credits for that.

What Channel Is CNN On Virgin Media?

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