What do Virgin Media Router Lights mean? | How to fix issues fast?

Are you a new customer of Virgin Media Router? Are you not aware of what Virgin media router lights mean? Are you finding reasons to understand why your media box is flashing green light?

Wait a minute! We have all the answers for you. 

Let’s begin with nurturing some valuable facts and information on the Virgin Media router, the lights, and how to fix an issue if the router indicates.

What do Virgin Media Router Lights mean?

Before unleashing the facts about Virgin media router lights and what they indicate, you should understand what Virgin media router is. Virgin Media provides the fastest and the most widely available broadband service.  If you sign up for the Virgin Media broadband package, you’ll get a free router or Wi-Fi connection, as part of the package. Unlike other routers, the Virgin media router features lights indicating valuable facts about the device. These lights are designed  to help you understand the issue the router is having. Understanding these lights will help fix the issue without consulting the service provider.

What do the Virgin Media router lights indicate?

Like any other Wi-Fi router, the Virgin media router has lights installed in the device for different purposes. It can be a little alarming when the lights on the routers start flashing and sometimes, in strange ways. 

Every media router has different light codes to indicate the status of the internet service. If you are a first-time user of Virgin media router, it would be better to brush up on your skills regarding these lights. Though the light codes are different in every model, some universal light codes are the same. 

Understanding these light codes will help you fix an issue without consulting the service provider. 

Virgin Media Hub 2

If you have Virgin Media Hub 2 installed at your home, you’ll find the below descriptions helpful. Instead of staring at those lights, you should start by fixing the issue.

  1. No lights are on: This indicates that the hub is unplugged or switched off.
  2.  White light is on: This shows that the hub is working.
  3. Internet lights off: This means that the hub is working, but the Wi-Fi is not. This issue is different than the green light flashing. The internet lights are off means that there might be a loose connection, or the power supply between the hub and the wall needs to be turned on. Ensure that the white cable is connected well to the socket. Connecting the cable tightly to the splitter can resolve the issue.
  4. Internet lights are blue: This usually happens when the internet is working. If checked properly, you will find that a device on your network is not working. Restart the device and then check the connection. If the problem continues, contact your Wi-Fi operator or service provider.
  5. The power light is on and the ready light is off: This indicates that the router is on, but your Wi-Fi is not. In such a situation, you need to fix the issue by following the same tricks, which you did when the internet lights were off.

Virgin Media Hub 3

These days, the majority is going for Virgin Media Hub 3 connection. This upgraded version is the best when it comes to speed. Below is the information that may help you know about the light codes of hub 3.

  1. White power is on & Wi-Fi is flashing red: If you are not using a separate Wi-Fi router, then you may have to do a factory reset on the device. But if you are using the same router (Virgin Media hub), then this is fine. Steps to factory resetting your hub;
  2. For 10 seconds or so, connect the hub to the wall and hold the pinhole reset button. Try using a pen or paper clip to perform the task. 
  3. Wait for some time. Allow the hub to erase its settings and reboot.
  4. When the hub is ready to operate, you will see a flash of white light.
  5. After the procedure is complete, the hub will go back to factory settings. In case you have updated something, you will have to repeat the process.


  1. No lights are on: This indicates that the hub is switched off. This happens often. Verify the hub’s power supply is properly attached to the wall and is turned on. You can also try rebooting the hub, which may take five to ten minutes to start.
  2. The white power light is on: If only the white power light is on, it means that the hub is working, but the other devices like the phone or laptop are having issues while connecting. Restart the devices and check the connection.
  3. Green power light is flashing: This issue is the same as the above. In such case, devices needs to be restarted, and then the connection to be checked.
  4. Red power light is on: Whenever you may see that the red power light is on, switch off the device. The Red power light indicates the hub is too hot.

How to fix it?

Follow these steps;

  1. Place the hub out in open
  2. Expose the vents if anything is obstructing the airflow
  3. Put the hub in an upright position

Green power light is on: This indicates that the WI-Fi is off and hub is on. Start with checking if there is any loose connection. If not, then following the below steps may help fix the issue;

  1. Check if the power supply of the hub is properly connected between the the hub and the wall. Switch on the power button.
  2. Connect the white cable properly to the Virgin media wall socket
  3. Make sure that the cable is well connected to the splitter.
  1. Internet light flashing green: If you can see the internet light flashing green for a long time, this means that your hub needs to be rebooted. Don’t forget to check the hub’s power supply is properly connected to the wall. The hub can take a few minutes to reboot. Don’t rush, be patient.
  2. Internet light flashing red: just like the above issue, this problem needs a reboot too. You can access the internet after the power light turns on. This may take a few minutes.
  3. Yellow light is on: A yellow light on the router does not signify any issue. It is fine to leave the matter for a few minutes. The device will start working again. Go for a factory reset if there is a connectivity issue.

Virgin Media Hub 4

Virgin Media Hub 4 is unique in its shape and styling. This upgraded version comes equipped with advanced features. Easy to troubleshoot, the device features easy to see LED strip for users to understand. 

Check with the below points to understand Virgin Media Hub 4 lights;

  1. Solid white: The moment you switch on the Hub 4, you will get to see a solid white light flashing for almost 60 seconds.
  2. Red Light: Red light in hub 4 indicates an issue with your connection. Ensure that the power supply to the wall is tightly connected. Also, check if the white coax cable is properly connected to the hub or not. 
  3. Dim white light: This indicates that the router is working and everything is okay. You can do your work without worrying.
  4. Green Light: If the hub is flashing green light for a long time, it means that the hub is downloading a software update. After the update is done, you need to restart the device and then connect your device.
  5. Blue light: Blue light shows the hub is on. The blue light also sparks when the WPS button is pressed. You will see the blue light for 2 minutes. 

Virgin Media Hub 5

Virgin Media has recently come up with a new super hub for customers. This media hub will provide some great features like Wi-Fi 6 and 2.5GBPS Ethernet; a must for gaming and media surfing.


Facing internet issues is nothing new. Interruption in internet services is not a matter to ignore. Therefore, it is always better to know about the issues that a Wi-Fi router indicates and try to fix those issues before calling the broadband service provider. If you cannot resolve the problem, do call the service provider and get the matter resolved. If you have installed the Wi-Fi router for the first time, you must know that it is necessary to reboot your hub once a month.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)
  1. What do the Virgin Media Hub 3.0 lights mean?

The virgin media hub 3.0 has four lights; Internet, Wi-Fi, Base light, and WPS button. Each light indicates different behavior.

  1. 2. Why is my Virgin media router flashing green light?

If your Virgin media router is flashing green light, it indicates that the router is updating any software. The flashing green color on media hub 3 signifies that the router is trying to connect over WPS.

  1. Why the lights in my Virgin Media router are changing colors?

If the lights of your media router are changing colors to ones that you are not aware of, unplug the router immediately. Plug it in again after sometime. This will help in fixing the problem. In case the problem repeats, again and again, call the service provider.

What do Virgin Media Router Lights mean? | How to fix issues fast?

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