Why Does YouTube Music Keep Pausing?

YouTube Music is Google’s newest music service, replacing Google Play Music, and has quickly become a popular streaming platform. However, the app is not always as reliable as it may be. Musing pausing is a common problem while listening to YouTube Music, especially when the screen goes off or you shut the screen, YouTube Music stops. Let’s learn about ‘Why Does YouTube Music Keep Pausing?’.

Why Does YouTube Music Keep Pausing?

Why Does YouTube Music Keep Pausing?

If you use wireless headphones/earbuds/car systems, YouTube Music may stop playing if there are Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity problems. As a result, make sure your smartphone is linked to a live mobile network or Wi-Fi. Also, if a third-party app makes a sound or you try to play music in the background without a paid membership, the music will pause. Many YouTube viewers have recently encountered this problem, necessitating a surefire cure.

The Reasons YouTube Keeps Pausing Music

Here are a few reasons why YouTube Music may regularly pause:

The cause of YouTube stopping is generally broken hardware, but it might also be an internal YouTube problem.

Your mobile data plan may not provide enough bandwidth for music streaming. It would be best if you got your music off the internet and onto your hard drive so you may listen to it whenever you want. To use that function, you must have a YouTube Music Premium subscription. Some prepaid phone plans feature data caps that limit your ability to stream as much music as you’d want.

If you have a prepaid phone plan and don’t want YouTube Music to cut out in the middle of your favorite songs, downloading your favorite playlists might be the best answer. Background music may be played on YouTube if you have a premium account.

Loading problems

Buffering is the most common cause of the “YouTube keeps halting or stopping” problem. Buffering happens when the video is not completely loaded. A piece of empty music will pause for several moments until it is completely loaded. 

To check whether the music is playing, look for a grey bar in the timeline of the currently playing music. If there is no grey line, the music is not loaded and will most likely halt from time to time.

Your browser has been set to sleep mode

Whether YouTube music on your laptop keeps halting every half hour and asks if you are still there, you may deactivate this to allow uninterrupted play. 

The music file could be corrupted. If the file is faulty or damaged, the music may cease suddenly. In this situation, you may need to find an alternative copy of the music or re-download it

Connection speed

To rule out any other browser tabs or apps that may be using the internet and producing slow internet speed, close them off. The connection speed is the cause of YouTube music pausing. 

The music would not fully load while connecting to a low-bandwidth network. You may use a specific internet speed test tool to see whether your current download speeds are close to what your internet service provider has promised, like speedtest.net.

Default YouTube setting

You tube’s basic settings include an auto-pause option. YouTube wants you to pay attention, so if you are not actively listening to the music, the music will cease. In this situation, you won’t miss a word. However, there are other instances when you are not using your phone but are instead engaged in YouTube activity.

Launch your preferred internet browser, whether it is Chrome or Firefox. Several add-ons (for example, Auto tube) can assist you in enabling the auto-pause option on YouTube.

Problem with storage space

A common cause of why YouTube music cuts off is not having enough storage space on your device. Apps may not function correctly if your phone storage is limited. As a consequence, it may disrupt the playback of YouTube music.

Make room on your phone by eliminating useless files, photos, and movies. If your device allows it, you may use an external memory card; otherwise, moving data to another device is a viable alternative.

How to Resolve the YouTube Music Pausing Problem?

If your YouTube Music app on your mobile device keeps pausing, it’s generally due to a mismatch between the app version and the mobile device, but it is easily fixed.

Actions you may take to identify and attempt to resolve the issue:

1. Reboot your phone

Restarting or rebooting your device will repair many minor problems and bugs. So, please give it a go, restart your phone, and check YouTube Music. If the playback problem remains, continue to the next repair.

2. Account upgrade to premium

Premium subscribers only benefit from YouTube Music playing in the background function. YouTube Music will stop while your device’s screen is locked if you are a free member. 

You must upgrade and subscribe for a YouTube Premium subscription to use the backgrounds playback function. If you are a premium user experiencing YouTube Music halting or crashing, follow the tips mentioned to resolve the problem.

3. Poor internet connection

The speed may not be fast enough to play YouTube music on your device. Close any other open browser windows or Internet-connected programs to optimize network bandwidth for YouTube.

4. The YouTube app has been updated

Updating the YouTube app may potentially help to address the problem. As easy as it may seem, upgrading the app might resolve difficulties with the previous version. Uninstalling and reinstalling programs might sometimes help eliminate app problems since hasty installation can trigger app crashes.

5. Clear YouTube Cache

If you launch a program or use your browser virtually every day, your browser’s cache will accumulate over time. When there is a cache problem, you will notice that YouTube continuously malfunctions and stops. Clear the cache and click on your YouTube app. 

The details will show on your screen. Click “clean cache” to remove any excessive data, and ensure you don’t select “clear data” since this would destroy all of your YouTube data.

6. Troubleshoot your web browser issues

If you discover that the YouTube music constantly stopping problem is not caused by a sluggish internet connection, you should investigate the web browser issue. You may use another web browser to play the YouTube video and see whether it works properly.

The YouTube player may clash with web browser add-ons or extensions. You may deactivate the suspicious and see whether the YouTube music can play adequately. If you are unsure which one is causing the problem, you may deactivate them all and then re-enable them one by one to figure it out.

7. Ask for help

Something is wrong with YouTube, like an unintended glitch or a problem. You may wait and play the YouTube music later. If the problem remains after a while, you may go to the YouTube Help Center and contact YouTube support.

How to Prevent YouTube from Pausing the Music?

There are many methods to prevent YouTube from pausing music. The auto-play feature may be disabled, for example. Launch YouTube by selecting the three lines in the top left-hand corner. Click “Settings.” Set “Auto-play next video” to “Off” under “Auto-play.”

Another option is to install an extension or a plug-in to prevent YouTube from halting music. Several extensions and plug-ins are available, which you may locate by doing a Google search like “YouTube pause fix.”

Instead of YouTube, you may use a music player app. Several applications are accessible, which you may locate by doing a Google search like the Spotify app.


If your YouTube music keeps pausing, ensure your internet connection is strong and your gadget is not malfunctioning. Remove any external programs or plug-ins that may also interfere with your surfing. If you are accessing the internet from a mobile device, check that your Music apps can access the network.

You should try a different internet browser if you are experiencing limited bandwidth or a poor connection. Close any other bandwidth applications, like streaming services, downloads, and video chats. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the program or upgrading to the newest version if it doesn’t fix the problem. If it does not work, contact the app’s creator for assistance.

  1. Why does YouTube auto-play continue to pause?

Because the Auto-pause option is selected by default, your YouTube videos are randomly pausing. This feature is designed to stop videos/ music that has been inactive on the device for a long time, so you don’t lose out on the material you are viewing.

  1. How can I stop YouTube from stopping on my computer?

To resolve YouTube stopping on your computer, try cleaning the data for the YouTube web player, disabling add-ons, or switching to another browser. The reported difficulties primarily affect Firefox users, so try Chrome and see if anything changes.

  1. Why does my smart TV’s YouTube keep pausing?

If YouTube continues to pause on your Smart TV, try this easy troubleshooting method: Check that your Smart TV is linked to a high-speed internet connection, restart the YouTube app, and shut any programs running in the background, and see if the problem remains. If this happens, restart your Wi-Fi modem or router and try again.

Why Does YouTube Music Keep Pausing?

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