Banned From Instagram


Instagram allows you to share photos and videos on its social media platform. It is owned by Meta platforms which is an American company with its headquarters in Menlo Park, New York, and San Francisco. In 2012, Facebook bought Instagram for $1 billion. It has brought in more than $20 billion for Facebook so far. With 455 million followers, Christiano Ronaldo has the highest number of followers on Instagram. Let us know why banned from Instagram and the violation of community guidelines in this article.

Banned From Instagram

Banned from Instagram

You can get banned from Instagram if you continuously violate the community’s guidelines, mass follow users, buying fake followers and likes, buying someone’s, account, duplicate spam comments, and direct messages, posting of sexual or inappropriate content, copyright infringement, using banned hashtags, promoting and buying illegal products. Instagram temporarily bans you for 24 hours to 30 days depending on the type of ban, and your actions following the ban.  If you continue in acts that led to your ban or other community rules violations, then you will have an extended ban.

Violation of community guidelines

If your content or associated caption violates Instagram’s community guidelines policy, your post will be removed and your account may be disabled. There are, however, glitches in the system, or if you feel your account did not violate any of their policy guidelines, you can appeal the decision. 

Mass following users on Instagram

Instagram allows you to follow 200 people daily and a maximum of 7500 in your account. When you mass follow more than 1500 users within a short period with the hopes that they will follow you back, your account will be flagged off by Instagram and you can be banned.

Buying fake followers and likes

It is against the policy of Instagram to buy fake followers and likes. Instagram is constantly tracking the accounts of users and quick to detect such accounts. Most of the time, the accounts purchased are bots or inactive accounts which will not engage your posts and will not show up on pages explored. If Instagram suspects that you are buying fake accounts and lkes, your account will be suspended or deleted.

Duplicate spam content and messages

When you post, like or comment on multiple contents over a short period,  Follow or unfollow multiple accounts or  repeat the same hashtags on your post over a short period, you can be banned from Instagram.

Posting sexual or inappropriate content

When a content is sexually suggestive or you post photos and videos,  that show sexual intercourse, genitals, or any form.of nudity, Instagram denotes it as inappropriate content. The new feature on Instagram that allows you to control  contents which are sensitive is now available. It is advisable to turn on this feature to avoid your account being flagged as having inappropriate content and banned.

Copyright infringement 

Continuously posting contents such as copyrights or trademarks or using pictures from google without acknowledging or giving credit to the content owner, is an infringement on someone’s intellectual property and will lead to your account being banned or deleted. Only the owner or authorised representative of the content can file a copyright complaint on Instagram. To avoid copyright on Instagram, 

  • Do not post contents not created by you
  • You must request for  permission from the author of the content 
  • Get legal advice if necessary before using someone’s content as the fair dealing exception might not cover you.

Promoting or buying illegal products on Instagram

When you promote illegal products such as sexual services, buying or selling pharmaceutical drugs, firearms, alchohol or tobacco on Instagram, your account can be banned or deleted.

Using banned hashtags

There are numerous hashtags which have been banned by Instagram and a full list can be obtained from their website. It us always advisable to go through a full list of banned hashtags to prevent your account from being banned or deleted. You can also go to the explore tab and type in the hashtag you want to use and it’s availability or not will pop up. Your account will also be penalized if for every post, you use the same hashtag.

Types of Ban by Instagram

  • Action ban
  • Shadow ban
  • Permanent ban

1.Action ban

It is a temporary ban and usually lasts between 24 hours to one month. You will not be able to like, follow or comment on any users post or share your own content when your account is blocked. It usually occurs when:

  • you follow too many users in one day or when you unfollow too many accounts. 
  • If you share your account with third-party software that automatically follows or likes your account will likely be banned. 
  • When you post too often during a particular period especially when your account is less than 3 months old. 
  • If you exceed the hourly or daily action required in your account.
  • You log in to various IP addresses
  • When you perform only one type of action only such as liking other users post only.
  • If your bio link is restricted
  • If you have previously violated Instagram rules.

 Types of action ban

  • Temporary block

Lasts for only 24hours and applicable if you break some terms of service.

  • Action block with expiry date

You will usually be given a date when you will be unblocked. This action block usually lasts between 24 hrs to 30 days

  • Action block without expiry date

Unlike the other types of action block, this does not tell you why you were blocked and lasts between 24 hours to two weeks. To make an enquiry as to the reason why you were blocked, you must make a manual report as follows:

  • Go to your Instagram settings
  • Click on the help button
  • Report a problem
  •  Permanent action ban

The major reason why this ban is applied is if there has been a violation of multiple Instagram rules, if your account has previously been blocked several times or your profile has been reported by other users. With this type of ban, you will not be able to remove the ban. 

How to fix action ban on Instagram?

If your account is flagged and temporarily blocked from any activity, you can fix the action ban on Instagram by following these steps:

  • On your Instagram app clear the cache and delete the App. Reinstall the App.
  • You can contact the Instagram center and Facebook business pages.
  • Link your Instagram and Facebook accounts together
  • Use another device to log into your Instagram account
  • If the block on your account has expired and you are still unable to access your account, it is advisable to leave your account for at least a week.

2.Shadow ban

When your Instagram account is shadow banned, you may not be aware of it because your social media content is blocked and will not appear on anyones Instagram feeds. If your account is shadow banned, people will only see your post when they type your name in search. Instagram has a number of banned hashtags and once you use any one of them, your account will be shadow banned. Examples of banned hashtags include #alone, #snapchat and #pushup.

How to fix a shadow ban on your Instagram account?

  • Remove the apps and software of third parties who have access to your account.
  • Stop using automation and bots to boost your Instagram account.
  • Check the list of banned and blacklisted hashtags and  don’t use them.
  • Avoid repeating or unnecessarily using hashtags.
  • Contact instagram

3.Permanent Ban

If you continuously violate the guidelines set by Instagram, your account will be permanently banned and all the followers you gained will be lost, and so will your contents. if you did not violate any policy rules on Instagram and feel your account was mistakenly banned permanently, you can appeal your ban. When you have been permanently banned, once you log in, you will receive a message on your screen telling you your Instagram account is disabled.

How to appeal a permanent ban?

  • Click on your profile picture to access your profile
  • Go to settings
  • Click on help
  • Click on support request and violations
  • View the update sent with regard to your ban

Instagram allows you to publish photos and videos on its media platform You can get banned by Instagram when you violate their community guidelines, exceed your hourly or daily post limit, continuously use only one action method, use banned hashtags, get numerous reports from users, use too much automation to boost your page and followers and posting inappropriate contents. Your account can be action-banned, shadow banned, and permanently banned. Once your account is action or shadow banned, it can be unblocked within 24 hours to 30 days. If however your account is permanently banned, you will be unable to retrieve it and all your followers and contents will be lost. If you feel you were mistakenly banned, you can appeal the decision.


1.Can your Instagram account be banned for no reason?

Yes, your Instagram account can be banned for no reason if you violate the community guidelines.

2.How many reports can earn you a ban on Instagram?

Your Instagram account may be banned after two reports.

3.What is the duration of time it takes Instagram to examine an account that has been permanently blocked?

It takes 24 hours for Instagram to review a banned account.

Banned From Instagram

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