Why Is My Tik Tok Not Getting Views?


Being a content creator professionally or just making tik toks for fun, a sudden drop in the views can be frustrating. Views are a crucial part of the tik tok platform if you want to be well known by people using it. So, what could be the reasons behind the fewer views? Let us know why is your Tik Tok not getting views and how much does TikTok pay per view in this article.

Why Is My Tik Tok Not Getting Views?

Why is your Tik Tok not getting views?

Most of the time, it’s when you post sensitive content on tik tok that results in very few views. Fake blood, weapons, or anything that may trigger the person watching the video is carefully not shown to many people. Although it’s not against the terms of service of tik tok but is still not available for everyone to watch. Tik tok brings it down to only some views.

What are ‘views’ on TikTok?

Every time a video plays automatically, loops, or is viewed multiple times by the viewer, it counts as a new view. (However, if you watch your videos, these views don’t count.) 

Find someone to watch to the end? That’s another story. But collecting metrics on TikTok isn’t too difficult, as the barriers to entry for what counts as “views” are relatively low.

Other reasons that affect tik toks viewership

The common reason, which is done mistakenly by the creator, is the change of their account’s privacy settings. Keep it in your mind when you’re thinking why all of a sudden your viewership has gone down. It may be because your account was set to private by mistake. 

How can you make your tik tok account public?

1. open the app

2. go to the profile

3.tap the three lines on the top right 

4. go to settings and privacy 

5. tap on privacy, and you’ll see a button. Turn that button from green to grey (or white) and it will be turned off and your account will be public. 

If you can’t turn your account private, it may be because of the age restriction it has. 

  • When you’re about to post your tik tok, you get an option “who can watch my video” make sure you keep it public and not just friends or only me. That affects your viewership the most, and that mistake is also made very often. 
  • Your content is not exciting: Remember, it’s important to keep your viewers entertained in the content you create if you want your journey to last long on this platform. To reach for your page, tik tok assures that your video will not bore the viewers and, if they can be assured, they will bring down your content. 

For that, you can work on filming adventurous, engaging, and entertaining content that won’t bore the viewer. Some ideas for it can be to film different kinds of videos each time.

You can realize that your content is not exciting for the viewers by reading the comments. Tik tok keeps a close check of videos and low engagement. You can use collaboration to reach more people and create some new content for the viewer’s eye.

If you’re new to tik tok, little to no views are normal. It takes time to build your name on that platform and be noticed by tik tok so they can share your videos on the for you page. So, wait for some time and show consistency with your videos and show your utmost interest in them. You never know which video can go viral in a day or two of no views at all, so make your best content. 

You’re not creating long tik-toks. Smaller videos, such as those of two to five seconds, bore the viewers and don’t make it to the for you page. Hence, make longer videos and show the best content that you can if you want to have more and more viewers. Hard work leads to success. Make tik-toks as long as fifteen to seventeen seconds. 

Creating too many videos at once is not much of a reason. It’s entirely false that when you post a lot of videos at once, you’ll get more fame. It’s important to keep a healthy gap between your videos so that each can get recognition. Your content can also be brought down by tik tok when there’s too much activity from the account.

You’re not posting your tik toks at the right time. Keep a check of the time zone where you get the most views and try to post in that certain while to reach more people, which will increase your views.

Your tik tok is under review. A year and some months back, tik tok started implementing this one feature to screen videos before they go out in public. The new users or those users who have been posting videos violating the terms of service are most likely to take longer to reach other people because they’re being thoroughly reviewed. It can take from six to a maximum of 24 hours.

You’re using restricted keywords. Try not to use them and use the higher quality camera to capture the videos, do not post duplicated and copyrighted content, and make sure you’re not using a banned device. 

Legit techniques to improve your tik tok viewership

work as hard as you can to be featured on the for you page. It’s not easy, and it will take time, but that’s the only factor that will make more and more people know you and watch your ideas. Your page will lead you to fame in only some time. 

 Don’t think that you can’t be featured because you’re not already a well-known person. That’s the thing about your page. It judges your content, not how well-known you are. So, grab your camera and make for you page-worthy videos right away!

However, there are some things you can put with your content when you post that will make the tik tok algorithm notice you to feature on the for you page. They’re as simple as:

1. using hashtags, relevant words, or keywords 

2. use the trending sounds. This one helps in recognition a lot. Don’t fall back on the trends.

3. show utmost consistency. 

keep a check on who your audience is. It will help you make content that they like and interact with people who make content similar to yours. Send in DMS to the most followed people, comment on their tik toks and like them to create a nice friendship bond with many people so they post you and you get your reach. 

Regularly commenting and being active on others’ profiles will also get you comments and likes. It’s a give-and-take kind of thing and will help you in all ways possible to get your viewership to go higher. 

Create content that is valuable and worth watching when bored. It should be knowledgeable, fun, and helpful in any way possible to make someone’s day and life better and to help them feel motivated. You can joke around, do funny dances, and do multiple things that can make the viewer happy and be your fan. 

For knowledgeable videos, make more of those kinds where you teach a certain thing. Maybe it’s a trend. Anything that ends up benefiting them will always win you fans. Learn some tricks from youtube and make short tik-tok on them to help other people know of them. Create videos where you tell hacks about things and how to fix things too. Don’t let it all just be about lip-syncs.

How much does TikTok pay per view?

TikTok launched the Creator Fund in August 2020 to pay out the platform’s most popular and successful users. 

“Through the TikTok Creator Fund, creators can earn additional revenue, which helps them gain a reward for their consistency and dedication in posting tik toks inspired by their ideas. 

There are no standardized rates. Or a payout schedule (the amount available in the Creator Fund seems to fluctuate daily), but expect to pay between $0.02 and $0.04 for every 1,000 views. But not everyone can benefit from his TikTok generosity.

To be eligible for TikTok Creator Fund payouts, you must meet all of the following criteria

Be at least 18 years old

Have more than 10,000 followers. 

The video has had at least 100,000 views in the last 30 days. 

Based in the US, UK, France, Germany, Spain, or Italy. (Sorry, Canada!) 

Your account must not have any warnings given and it should comply with tik toks terms and service. 

If this is you, you can apply for the Creator Fund through the app. Go to Settings & Privacy > Creator Tools > TikTok Creator Fund. If applicable, you will then be asked to put your contact information and agree to the Creator Fund Agreement.


There can be a few reasons behind low engagement on your tik toks. They could be because of some silly mistakes like not posting the video in public and not even having your account in public. However, there are some fixes to get your viewership to hike, like using hashtags, collaborating with famous tik tokers, and using trendy filters and sounds.

Why Is My Tik Tok Not Getting Views?

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