Banned From Roblox

First off, hearing the word “Ban”, from a wonderful app such as Roblox, isn’t something to be scared about. It happens all the time and sometimes the victim may not necessarily commit an offense. It’s on that note that this article specifically gives explicit details on how Roblox works. Especially as regards their ban rules, this ranges from giving details on their rules. As well as providing several ways to get around their ban and continue enjoying the platform when it occurs. Let us know ‘Banned From Roblox’.

Banned From Roblox

Getting banned from Roblox means Roblox suspended the user’s account. The person issuing the ban could either be an in-game moderator or a Roblox moderator. Roblox gives different kinds of bans depending on the gravity of the offense. Keep reading to get the full details on how the Roblox bans work.

Offenses That Warrant Getting Banned On Roblox

Again, people using Roblox shouldn’t be scared upon hearing the word “Ban”. A lot of times people get banned from accessing an app or game because there’s a breach of contract. 

This further means they fail to comply with the rules and regulations of the app. Or whatsoever they’re using that restricts their access as punishment. Without further ado, here are the things to avoid in the Roblox community;

  • Sharing sexual content
  • Violating international, national, and laws
  • Selling, trading, or sharing Roblox content outside of the official channels on the Roblox platform. This includes its digital goods or game codes
  • Being disrespectful to other players and members
  • Discriminating against other members
  • Disclosing prohibited personal information
  • Cyberbullying or Harassing
  • Impersonating someone. A member or an important personality from inside or outside the platform
  • Using Roblox for dating purposes

Anyone involved with any or all of the above offenses is signing up to either get a permanent or temporary ban from Roblox.

Types Of Bans On Roblox

Roblox rolled out two major types of bans to unlawful members. They are temporary and permanent bans.

When a member gets a temporary ban, this means their ban has an expiry time limit. In this case, they may and need not try to boycott the ban by finding means to unban their account.

However in a situation when Roblox declares a member’s account permanently banned. This means Roblox will never allow them to use the platform again. They can’t access the platform nor create another account with the same login details they sent the ban message to. 

Yet again, there’s no need to get worked up with this. Permanent bans occur when the member has received several warnings and temporary bans yet refuses to abide by the rules. 

Members can either get a ban from an in-game moderator or a Roblox moderator. Getting banned from an in-game moderator means they prohibit the member from accessing that particular game. A ban from a Roblox moderator means Roblox prohibits the member from accessing the Roblox platform permanently or temporarily. 

Different Ban Levels On Roblox 

A member will know they’ve been banned from a game or the Roblox platform. When every page on the site redirects them to a “not approved page”. 

There they’ll see a ban notification that gives details about the ban they have. Plus, the reason or reasons for the ban. 

The ban notification always comes with a support form. That the member can fill out an appeal to Roblox. A ban will not come with a support form when it’s a permanent ban. 

List of Ban Levels

#1. Invalid Credentials ban (Permanent IP ban): Roblox blocked the IP address from accessing Roblox permanently

#2. IP ban (7 days)

#3. MAC Address ban (Error 0x1): Roblox blocked the user from using Roblox Player or publishing with Roblox Studio. Additionally, the serial/HWID ban is the lowest version of ghr Mac address. 

Roblox uses CPU, Motherboard, Network Adapter, and Boot Device Serial numbers. This only applied to the client and studio and won’t prevent the user from accessing the website itself. 

#4. Poison ban (1 year/Permanent): The user’s account(s) is/are permanently closed. As such, the user can’t create a new account nor access the platform with the same IP address.

#5. 1-week ban

#6. Account deletion: The platform has closed the member’s account permanently

#7. 3-day ban

#8. 1-day ban

#9  Voice Chat Ban: If the member has voice chat, they won’t be able to use voice chat until the ban expires

#10. In-experience ban: This is the most common, and it means that Roblox kicked the member from an experience. They won’t be able to join that experience till they lift the ban

How To Get Around Roblox Ban?

Since the inception of Roblox, members have only had the privilege of choosing two options to access their banned accounts. The number one option is to send an appeal via email using the support form that accompanies the ban. 

The second option is to choose from a variety of VPNs to create another account on Roblox. This second option is advisable for use when the member has exhausted the first option without getting positive feedback.

Step By Step Guide To Sending an Appeal To Roblox

Members have 30 days to send an appeal. The 30 days time limit starts from the moment Roblox issues the ban. Here’s how to send an appeal;

Tap On Ban Notification 

A member will either get the ban notification when they try to log in and it shows “not approved page”. Or get it in their email notification inbox. 

The notification ban always has attached to it the Support form link. After reading the ban notification message, they’re to click on the link to fill out the form to appeal.

Fill-in Required Information 

The first section on the Support form link is the Contact Us section. This is where the member fills in every required personal information. Personal information includes one’s username, first name, and email address. 

The email address Roblox wants members to submit is the email the member attached to their account with the platform. Fill in the necessary information. Then cross-check repeatedly to be sure the information is correct. 

Proceed to the Issues Details

The issue details section is the place where the member gives out information as regards the ban. This decision asks the member to fill in the device from which they’re having problems with Roblox. 

Next, it asks the member to input the type of help category they want. They should choose Account hacked, can’t log in, then choose Account hacked option, and that settles the issue details part.

Description Of Issue Section

Here’s the place where the member has the full floor to describe their issue. Here, they explain the problem or mistakes, and the reasons for the problem or mistakes that warrant the ban. 

The member should use their best words in a clear and well-relatable manner. So they can get the chance at accessing their banned account again. 

When they’re sure, they have an excellent shot with the description and every piece of information they’ve provided. They should tap on the Submit icon and wait patiently for a response from the platform.

Use VPN To Access Roblox 

Perhaps the member has sent an appeal for weeks and has had no response. The best and most viable option is to use VPN.  Every member has the privilege of sending just one appeal.

Therefore, to continue using the platform, they’ll have to create another account through VPN using another email. The best VPN recommendable for accessing one’s account is NordVPN. The reasons NordVPN comes as the best recommended are as follows;

  • Its No-logs policy remains independently audited.
  • Customer care via live chat and email messaging is available all round the clock.
  • Allows up to six simultaneous connections per account.
  • Several servers and IP addresses for bypassing Roblox bans.
  • Quick server speeds for playing online without lag.
  • Double VPN for tight security of members’ information.  

Other recommendable VPNs include;

  • Private VPN
  • Express VPN
  • Surfshak
  • CyberGhost
  • IPVanish


Here’s to the basics as regards getting banned from Roblox. Members of Roblox should ensure they put the platform’s rules to heart. Also, any user with the ban tag can follow the steps explained to access the platform again in minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. How many warnings does Roblox give before issuing a ban?

Roblox normally gives members 5 to 15 different warnings before issuing a ban. In rare cases, a member may only get warnings without getting a ban.

#2. Is it okay for a member to swear during voice chat on Roblox?

No, the platform prohibits members from swearing in images, texts, calls, and uploaded audio/video. 

#3. Do Roblox warnings have an expiry date?

No. To do away with the warning, the member needs to contact the platform via email. 

#4. Is it okay for an 11 year old child to have access to Roblox?

Yes, it’s okay for an 11 year old child to use Roblox. However health-wise, it’s not safe because of the constant challenges the platform faces with problematic content.  

Banned From Roblox

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