Best Projector Screens UK (Reviews 2022)

Best Projector Screens

Struggling to find the Best Projector Screen? Browse our top picks of the most selling projector screens available right now.

While it’s the most overlooked part of a living room theatre setup, the best projector screens can make your movie nights and gaming sessions noticeably better. Granted, a painted white wall or a plain bedsheet will do in most situations, but you miss out on the well-defined projection on a discrete projector screen.

Screens primarily made for projectors usually have a flat and reflective surface, resulting in an overall sharper and vibrant projection quality with better contrast. When used with a high-end projector, they can provide a brilliant movie-watching experience indoors and outdoors, similar to a TV screen.

Projector screens come in various sizes, but it’s more than just buying the biggest and most expensive option. There are other factors to count for, including the form factor, aspect ratio, and gain. For those unaware, a higher gain screen offers better brightness at the cost of a narrower viewing angle, whereas it’s vice versa for a lower gain screen.

Since there are hundreds of fancy projector screens available on the market, it can be a legitimately tough time for buyers to figure out which is the perfect option for their setup. However, we have prepared this buying guide to make your search for the best projector screens in the UK a bit easier.

List of The Best Projector Screens to buy in the UK

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The Best Projector Screens Reviews

Below are our recommendations for the best projector screens to buy in the UK. With our budget-concerned readers in mind, we have included options to suit every price segment. And with that, here are our selections:

1. Elite Screens Sable Frame B2 (SB100WH2)

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  • Screen Size: 100”
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Viewing Angle: 180°
  • Gain: 1
  • Weight:1 kg

On the cheaper end of the price scale, the Sable Frame B2 from Elite Screens poses an excellent choice for most home theatre projector setups. It’s a stylishly sleek projector screen that makes your movies, TV shows, and video games look great.

The Sable Frame B2 features a 2.7 inches thick yet lightweight aluminium frame, which feels pretty robust. The lush black velvet finish around the edges absorbs additional overshoot from the projector and boosts the image contrast, ensuring a pristine theatre-like quality.

Furthermore, the B2’s black finish stops light emitted from the projector bounce back and makes the projected image brighter. Whether you have a standard or an ultra-short-throw projector, the outstanding diffusion uniformity of the screen surface allows you to enjoy content from any comfortable viewing angle.

The B2 comes with everything you need to set up the projector screen, including mounting screws, sliding wall brackets, and drywall anchors. The tensioned rod and spring system is supposed to make the assembly easier, though the installation can take a few hours.

If you want to get the best out of your expensive Ultra HD projector, the Elite Screen Sable Frame B2 is the best 100-inch screen to buy. It even comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty.

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Pros Cons
Robust build quality Installation takes time
Premium screen material Non-removable logo on the frame
Includes an installation kit


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2. Vamvo VA-01

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  • Screen Size: 120”
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Viewing Angle: 160°
  • Gain: Unspecified
  • Weight:1 kg

Those who are searching for a budget outdoor projector screen for movie nights will find the Vamvo VA-01 appealing. It’s currently one of the most inexpensive 120-inch screens you will find on Amazon.

The VA-01 projector screen consists of high-quality polyester and spandex material, known for its light-shielding and wrinkle-free properties. It offers relatively good projection quality, though certainly not the best compared to a premium projector screen. That said, it’s more than enough for casual media consumption and gaming sessions.

The VA-01 supports both front and back projection, making it ideal for backyard cinema parties after dark. However, it also means the screen doesn’t have the black backing that’s necessary for blocking out light from behind. Hence, a dark environment is a must requirement for the projector screen to function as intended. Note that you can always buy the backing material separately to reduce external glaring.

The Vamvo VA-01 doesn’t have the most sophisticated build on this list, with the elastic bands connecting the screen to the tripod stand. The stand is sturdy, lightweight, and made of high-quality aluminium. The unit is very easy to transport thanks to the retractable design, so you can bring it with you to a friend’s house or on camping trips.

It takes a few minutes to assemble the VA-01. The process is so intuitive that you won’t even have to follow the user manual. Vamvo includes nine tethers and four stakes in the package for setting up the projector screen open air.

Given its ease of installation and image quality, the Vamvo VA-01 is the best projector screen to buy for under £150. The company does offer two years of warranty and technical support.

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Pros Cons
Foldable screen, retractable stand Lack of black backing material
Good for 1080p and 4K projectors The screen needs frequent ironing
It comes with a carrying bag Not meant for wall mounting


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3. Duronic MPS100/169

[amazon box=”B00519SY6C”]

  • Screen Size: 100”
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Viewing Angle: Unspecified
  • Gain: 1
  • Weight:95 kg

If you are in need of a no-fuss pulldown projector screen, the 100” Duronic MPS100 is a fantastic choice. The Duronic MPS or manual projection screens come in many sizes, and the MPS100 is the largest one in the lineup.

The uniform matte white surface is perfect for use with high-resolution, 3D home theatre projectors. It’s also good for showcasing presentations in an office or school environment. It has a gain factor of +1, so you get the best projection quality out of your projector. The all-black backing material also helps with reflections.

Once you are done watching movies or playing games, you can simply roll up the screen to its top housing. The ergonomic metal handle below makes it simpler to roll up and unroll the screen on demand.

Installing this screen is a matter of a few minutes as it requires close to no assembling. All you have to do is mount it to your preferred wall using the included fixings. The MPS100 has proper holes for a ceiling mount, but it doesn’t come with any mounting hardware for it.

One minor drawback of this projector screen is the slight creases that develop when rolling back into the casing. Those with a standard throw projector will unlikely notice it. However, the creases will be very noticeable when used with a short-throw projector.

Aside from that, the Duronic MPS100/169 is a decent projector screen for the money. Duronic also sells a different version of this screen with a 4:3 aspect ratio named the MPS100/43 if it’s something that you require for serious office work.

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Pros Cons
Retractable screen Not ideal for short-throw projection
Supports both wall and ceiling mount The screen is non-detachable from the housing
Excellent value


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4. Duronic EPS133/169

[amazon box=”B00519I0XO”]

  • Screen Size: 133”
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Viewing Angle: Unspecified
  • Gain: 1
  • Weight: 18 kg

Don’t get fooled by the Duronic EPS133’s affordable price tag as it weighs way above its price segment. If you are planning to buy a motorized projector screen for your living room home cinema setup, this one is an awesome choice.

The EPS133 uses an electric motor instead of the manual pull-up/pull-down mechanism, so you can easily lower or raise the screen using the integrated remote control. The retractable screen stays free from dust when not in use. Unfortunately, you will have to buy the Duronic EPS/Remote Control kit separately for wireless control.

The 133-inch, 16:9 motorised screen features solid black borders and a backing layer to improve the overall contrast and brightness of the projection. Apart from the thick black PVC backing, the screen uses a matte white PVC layer on the front to produce a sharp and vibrant image. The wide viewing angle and +1 gain factor make the screen great for content consumption and gaming. Additionally, a weighty bar is attached to the bottom of the screen to ensure it stays wrinkle-free.

Like the Duronic MPS100, the EPS133 gets extra points for its extreme ease of installation. It comes with all the necessary brackets for a wall, ceiling, or stand mount. However, the downside is that it needs external power, which slightly takes away from the idea of the projector screen’s unobtrusive characteristics.

But overall, the Duronic EPS133/169 is the best motorised projector screen you can currently buy from Amazon UK. Whether it’s a surprise movie marathon or an unplanned gaming session on the weekends, the EPS133 will get you up and running within a minute.

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Pros Cons
The motorised screen retracts easily IR remote isn’t included in the box
Large screen, ideal for 4K and 3D projectors Requires external power to function
Offers a crisp and saturated projection


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5. Khomo Gear GER-1161

[amazon box=”B07GZZBQ7T”]

  • Screen Size: 240”
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Viewing Angle: Unspecified
  • Gain: Unspecified
  • Weight: 13 kg

The Khomo Gear GER-1161 is a uniquely weird inflatable projector screen that will certainly catch your neighbour’s attention. When inflated fully, it offers a gigantic 240-inch screen with a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio for your movies and games.

This massive projector screen comes with a capable yet near-silent electric blower. It inflates the unit in less than five minutes, making it relatively straightforward to set up in the backyard or at the camping site. Deflating it is as easy as unzipping the included zipper. The entire kit fits in the included carrier bag just fine, along with six 12-feet ropes and plastic stakes.

The Khomo Gear inflatable unit allows for both front and rear projection, doubling your projection options. Thanks to the use of velcro, the screen fabric is detachable from the rest of the inflatable frame and can be washed easily.

As long as you own a reasonably performant standard-throw projector, the Khomo Gear GER-1161 provides a decent movie-watching experience in an outdoor environment. But, even a small hole or tear in the fabric can render the whole unit useless, so keep your pointy objects away from it.

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Pros Cons
Massive screen Fabric isn’t the most durable material
Inflatable form factor, easy to move around Pricey
Quick and easy setup


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6. Elite Screens Starling Tab-Tension 2

[amazon box=”B014LE5TA6″]

  • Screen Size: 150”
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Viewing Angle: 180°
  • Gain:1
  • Weight: 30 kg

If you are willing to drop big bucks on the best projector screen, the oddly-named Starling Tab-Tension 2 from Elite Screens is an exceptional option worth considering. It’s a super-premium, tab-tensioned, motorised screen ideal for serious cinephile setups.

It comes in a stunning arcuate-shaped housing made of solid aluminium, with cleverly placed floating brackets at the back for a wall or ceiling installation. The tubular motor offers quick screen drop/rise operation while operating at an inaudible noise level.

The Starling uses a special screen material called the “Spectra White” fibreglass. It offers unmatched projection with superb contrast and accurate colours in a controlled environment.

The screen material also provides a wide 180-degree viewing angle with excellent diffusion uniformity for a bright and detailed image. Put simply, videos and games look fantastic on this screen when paired with a high-end projector.

According to Elite Screens, the Starling works the best with 4K, Active 3D, and HDR-compatible projectors. However, it’s compatible with standard long-throw projectors only. Those with a short-throw projector are highly recommended to get the “CineWhite” variant of the screen instead.

Unlike other high-end projector screens, the Starling doesn’t require a hardwire installation. It comes with a comprehensive mounting hardware kit and a wall-mountable remote control cradle. Plus, you get an IR remote to control the motorised screen.

At its four-figure price, the Elite Screens Starling Tab-Tension 2 isn’t for everyone. But if you are spending over £10,000 on a high-performance projector, your luxurious home theatre setup only deserves to have an expensive screen like this one.

The Starling is covered by three years of manufacturer warranty and lifetime technical support.

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Pros Cons
Phenomenal picture quality Ridiculously expensive
Premium materials, motorised screen Heavy
Compatible with 4K, 3D, and HDR projectors


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Best Projector Screens UK: F.A.Q

Q1. How do I choose the right-sized projector screen?

Before you plan to order a big projector screen, it’s crucial to measure up your room space beforehand. Otherwise, you would end up with a screen that’s too big for your space.

To make sure your projector will fill the screen from its fixed position, check for its throw ratio value on the specifications chat. All you have to do is divide the length or distance between the projector unit and the spot where you would mount the screen by the throw ratio, and it will give you the ideal image width.

Suppose if your projector has a throw ratio of 1.5 and you plan to use a screen that’s 4.2 meters wide, the distance between them must be 6.3 meters. If you don’t have a large enough space to accommodate that distance, consider purchasing a smaller projector screen.

Q2. Should I care about screen gain?

If it wasn’t obvious, a projector screen reflects the light from your projector unit to your eyes. The brightness of the projection reflected off the screen’s surface is recorded in “gain,” indicating the surface’s reflectivity.

A gain of 1.0 is the industry standard, meaning the screen is capable of reflecting all the light that hits its surface. A higher gain value means the screen appears brighter when seen from straight ahead, but the projection quality degrades when looked at from a wider viewing angle.

If you have a projector that can’t produce deep black levels, a screen with a gain below 1.0 is worth considering as it will help you achieve darker blacks in the output. Note that the worse reflectivity won’t be an issue as long as your projector has a higher luminance output.

Q3. What’s the best aspect ratio for a projector screen?

16:9 is the golden standard for not only projectors and projector screens but also most conventional TVs. If you watch a lot of widescreen content, buy a 16:9 screen without a doubt.

Content mastered in 4:3 and 2:35:1 (Cinemascope) format also look perfectly fine on a 16:9 screen, which is why all of our recommendations are of the same widescreen aspect ratio.

However, if you need a projector screen specifically for business meeting rooms and PowerPoint presentations, the 4:3 aspect ratio is the most suitable option.

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Winding up

This guide highlights our picks for the best projector screens to buy in the UK. Whatever you are planning to buy a projector screen for, be it for an unconventional home cinema setup, outdoor movie parties, or office work, our carefully curated suggestions will most definitely help you make a solid purchase.

If you want us to compile more projector-centric buying guides, let us know by leaving a comment below. While you are here, be sure to also check out our other interesting guides on related topics!

Best Projector Screens UK (Reviews 2022)

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