Can I Watch Recordings On Virgin TV Go?

There are many devices out there that enable users to stream their favorite shows. The one in focus today is Virgin TV Go. Given that the name suggests that it’s a mobile streaming service for television shows, it is only normal to wonder if you can watch shows that you may have recorded. To find out if you can watch recordings on Virgin TV Go then read on.

Can I Watch Recordings On Virgin TV Go?

Can I Watch Recordings On Virgin TV Go?

Virgin TV offers its users a range of packages each with many television program offerings for at-home viewing. However, because of how busy people are and the reality that they can’t take their television set with them wherever they go, Virgin TV introduced something new. Virgin TV introduced its users to what is known as Virgin TV Go.

Virgin TV Go is a mobile application that offers users identical or in some cases similar programs to what their box at home has depending of course on their package. The Virgin TV Go application is convenient because it offers the same features as your box at home with some key differences. Unfortunately though, watching recordings is not one of the features that the Virgin TV Go application offers.

Virgin TV- 

Virgin TV is a product of Virgin media which is a telecoms company based in Britain. The service gives users a range of both live and on-demand shows to keep them entertained in the comfort of their homes. More than just your average TV service provider as it brings everything together. Users of the service will find their favorite channels on the service in addition to their favorite streaming services such as Netflix.

Virgin TV Go- 

This is Virgin Media’s idea of making the lives of its customers easier. This way you don’t need to miss one of your shows again. The application lets users watch their favorite shows even when they aren’t home. One of the features of the application is that it lets users watch live and on-demand TV shows from wherever they may be. When using the Virgin TV application, you are unable to watch shows that you recorded on your Virgin TV box.

However, the application does offer a download function that allows you to download your shows and watch them at a later stage offline. This makes the mobile version of Virgin TV a good thing to have if you are someone who spends a lot of their time traveling. Or you use public transport and just prefer to watch your shows on your way to work. An added benefit of Virgin TV Go is that for existing Virgin TV customers it costs no extra to use the application.

How it works?: Can I Watch Recordings On Virgin TV Go?

To avoid a very lengthy explanation, the Virgin TV Go application works like another application on the market. It functions like BBC’s iPlayer and other streaming applications. Essentially the Virgin TV Go app is a fully portable version of your Virgin TV box.

What the application offers?- 

The app offers quite a lot for something that is on mobile. Some of its features include:

  • TV channels- This mobile version of Virgin TV offers its users a selection of 110 live TV channels. However, the number of channels available to you will depend on the package that you have with Virgin TV. So you have a wide selection of shows to choose from on the go.
  • The offline watching-The application offers the opportunity to download your favorite shows for offline viewing. This is beneficial because it means you can download your shows while connected to your home’s wifi and save on mobile data costs. This also means that your show won’t buffer if you are watching it from an area with poor internet coverage.
  • On-demand viewing- In addition to its live show offerings, the Virgin TV Go application also gives users on-demand access to shows. This is particularly beneficial since the application doesn’t allow you to watch recorded shows. Making a watch list of shows that you want to watch on demand because this allows you to track the shows you’re watching. Some of the shows on your watch list may be shows that you have recorded on your Virgin TV box at home.
  • The app’s limits- Since it is different from the TV box that you have at home, there are limits to what users can do on the application. The first of which is that you can’t watch your recorded shows. Secondly, you are limited to 5 devices that you can use the application on. This isn’t that big of a deal unless you for some reason want to use the app on more than 5 devices.


Now We’ve learnt about ‘Can I Watch Recordings On Virgin TV Go?’, The app doesn’t allow you to watch the shows that you recorded on your Virgin TV box. However, the same shows that you recorded are available on demand. So if you set up your on-demand watch list to include those shows you will still be able to watch them. I guess in a way you will still be watching your recordings, just not the way you expected to.

Can I Watch Recordings On Virgin TV Go?

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