How Much Storage Does Minecraft Take Up?

Among passionate gamers, Minecraft is a trendy game because gamers can enjoy its exceptional facets, which allow gamers to imagine themselves in a whole new world. Minecraft has been going great as a game for the last ten years and continues to give a wonderful gaming experience to its users. Let us know more detail about ‘How Much Storage Does Minecraft Take Up?’.

How Much Storage Does Minecraft Take Up?

How Much Storage Does Minecraft Take Up?

This content-rich game has seen many updates in the last ten years. Because of these updates, Minecraft has become like an endless world. You can build whatever you want without any limitations in this game. This independent creation of the digital game’s world requires a huge space in the disk-like all other famous games. This article will discuss how much storage Minecraft takes up in detail.

The size of Minecraft on all the devices is one GB. It increases in size as you play more of this game. The reason for the increase in size is that you develop a new world in the game and explore already existing ones, which results in a size increase. It can reach a storage size as large as thirty GB. Minecraft’s installation varies from platform to platform, but generally, it is not a big game. Storage files can bloat because of mods, resource packs, plugins, Minecraft worlds, and server hosting. The “Out of storage error” of the game can be removed by getting a backup of non-used worlds and deleting them. Transferring the worlds to another device or deleting the mods can be a solution to out-of-storage errors.

Storage took up by the Minecraft

Minecraft takes up nearly one GB on all operating systems and devices, including iOS, Windows, Android, etc.

The size can be expected to grow as high as thirty GB after the exploration and addition of new worlds, skins, plugins, and mods. 

Minecraft cannot be categorized as a large application as far as file storage is concerned. The reason for being a low-size gaming application is that it has simple 3D objects and textures that exist in low resolution.

Installation file

The installation file of Minecraft is small in size and takes up less than one GB, and it can be categorized further into almost 900 MB for the Bedrock Edition and 525 MB for the Java Edition. When the main file gets installed, the size reaches a little above one GB.

Recommended storage requirements

The recommended and minimum storage needs for installation of the basic files of the game for different platforms are given below:

Windows 10

The minimum space requirement for memory is 2 GB, whereas initially, the file size was 1 GB. The recommended size will increase to 8 GB for memory and 4 GB for file size.

Mac device

According to the App Store, if the game is installed on a mac device, its base installation folder occupies 385.5 MB. Its installation requires free space of one to two GB.

Xbox and PS4

The space requirement depends on the version of Xbox and PS4.

Version Size
Xbox One 1.29 GB
Xbox 360 113.21 MB
PS3 90 MB
PS4 225 MB
Nintendo 1.12 GB
PS Vita 164 MB
Wii U 1.62 GB

Android and OS Versions

Both versions differ, and they may also vary on different devices, but overall, for most of the devices, it is nearly 112 MB.


According to Amazon, the latest version of the game is only 138.5 MB for Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Devices and Minecraft versions also decide the file sizes. So different sources may show other figures; for example, the storage files on PS4 and PS3 will be different because larger worlds in more significant numbers exist in the PS4 version of Minecraft. 

Extra Storage Items

The storage item sizes refer to the basic file sizes required only during installation time. But this is also a fact that Minecraft keeps on taking over the space of your disk as the player progresses in the game.

More space is required for game updates and saving all the game progress. The gamer itself grabs a space of two hundred MB. The playing style also serves as a deciding factor in how much space gets filled as the game progresses.

Mapping large areas in the game or making long-distance exploration generate bigger-size files.

Size bloats with only new world exploration as well, for example, 5 Kilo Bytes after every chunk. If the whole region consists of 1000 chunks, then every exploration might consume 5 MBs.

Items bloating storage

Items bloating the storage files are discussed below:

1. Mods

Different functionalities are added to your world, including weapons and tools, with the help of add-ons called mods. You need many of them throughout the game, so they quickly keep adding to the storage. Although they are smaller in size due to continuous addition, they keep on increasing the storage requirement.

2. Resource Packs

When you want to change the audio features and visual aspects of your game, you use resource packs and texture packs. Such individual files do not take up much space, but when they pile up with time, these files do carry a lot of disk storage.

3. Minecraft Worlds

Hundreds of saved files are generated when you play either as a single-player or in a multiplayer world. Simple play does not take much space, but if you are part of multiple worlds, GBs get added to your storage.

4. Plugins

 When you play your game dedicatedly, you need to improve it with the addition of mapping and other functions in the browser. For that, you need plugins available in a wide range but carrying a lot of your disk storage.

5. Server Hosting

When you do server hosting in Minecraft, other players with their worlds and mods are also on your system. With each player, your storage requirement increases. Sometimes twenty to thirty GB get added because of server hosting and players’ addition.

So as a player, if you know that you have a low level of free storage, you should carefully experiment with new things in the game.

Out of Storage Error

While exploring new worlds, you have to install plugins and make use of resources and mods. This may lead to an error mentioning “Out of Storage.” For that, you will have to free your hard disk to play the game smoothly, but there are other solutions also available for this error which have been discussed below:

1. Delete the Non-Active Worlds 

All the extra worlds and mods must be deleted so that you do not run out of storage and carry on with your game. Duplicates created by the game should also be deleted. On the update of the new version, the old world and files are not deleted.

The unwanted worlds can be deleted in the following ways:

  • Utilize the built-in feature of the game to delete unwanted worlds during the game. But this way, these worlds are deleted permanently. To use them in the future, you should export them.
  • You can remove the world’s save folder from your user’s folder.
  • Third-party tools can also be used to delete unwanted worlds. One such tool is the MCA selector. You can export s well as delete the worlds. The changes cannot be reversed, so always take a backup and delete.

2. Take Backup of the Worlds

If you don’t want to lose your Worlds permanently, you must create a backup of all your game folders. On Xbox Game Pass, your Worlds will store automatically in the Cloud. For other options like windows10, Nintendo switch, etc., you can do the manual backup.

3. Transferring worlds into Another Device

You can save your data and free storage by transferring your worlds to a different device. Minecraft Realms will be used for this purpose. It saves your data in the Cloud. You can easily switch between devices because of it. The realm must be active before applying this option.

4. Delete Mods

The memory gets eaten up even by the smallest of the mods, and this causes the out-of-storage error. The space can be freed up by deleting the mods, which is an easy process.

What to do if deleting files does not free up the space?

If deleting files does not free up the space, you should uninstall the game and then reinstall it, but all the worlds and mods will also get deleted this way. So you must take a backup of the files or store them in another device to use later.

RAM Space Required For Minecraft

For the game to run smoothly, you must also have enough memory in your device apart from the disk space allocated to the Minecraft game.

For fetching and running the program quickly, it is necessary to have specific files in the Random Access Memory. The same goes for Minecraft as well, just like any other application.

The game’s temporary data is stored in the hard disk when RAM space is low. You will run out of storage, and programs won’t run because of a slow disk. So RAM space must be there for the smooth running of the game. 4 GB of RAM is mostly enough for the smooth execution of the game. Mods must be deleted if RAM space is lower than this.

RAM usage by the game can be checked from the Processes tab in the Task Manager while playing the game.

RAM space can also be freed by removing the cache, and this helps RAM work easier, and more space gets allocated to the Minecraft game. Clearing the cache only removes temporary data, so worlds, mods, or login information do not get deleted. By removing the cache, some tasks start running faster.

RAM would require a bigger size upgradation if none of the above methods discussed work for you.


The installation of Minecraft does not take much space, but this game starts occupying more and more space as the gamer carries on in the game’s world. With the installation of more and more functionalities, mods, and an increase in the number of worlds or server hosting of other players, keeps on increasing the storage requirement of the Minecraft game has.

“Out of storage error” can be eliminated by removing the non-active worlds, taking backups of the worlds, transferring worlds to another device, or deleting the mods.

  • How much space does the Minecraft game take in your hard disk?

The Minecraft game’s installation file takes less than one GB of space in your hard disk, but after installation, it may move above 1 GB.

  • What is Minecraft game all about?

The players create and destroy different blocks in a three-dimensional environment. The players choose an avatar that can damage or make blocks, form incredible structures, and creates artwork in multiplayer servers.

How Much Storage Does Minecraft Take Up?

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