How to Connect Soundbar to Sky Q Box

The following guide will show you How To Connect Soundbar To Sky Q Box.  The Sky Q box is the top-of-the-range offering from the popular TV provider. It has several advantages over the Sky+ boxes, but it retains all the mainstream features consumers expect from a satellite television provider. If you have recently purchased a […]

Will A Smart TV Work Without Internet Connection?

Will A Smart TV Work Without Internet Connection? This exact question is raised by many people who rely on cellular data to go online and don’t consider a home fiber broadband connection a worthwhile investment. If you have finally decided to get rid of the decade-old TV from the living room and make space for […]

Can You Use a Soundbar with Other Speakers?

The compact size of soundbars makes them surprisingly easy to set up under giant TVs in a typical living room. However, the smaller size and lack of directionality in a 2.1 soundbar make them fall behind other stereo sound systems. If you plan to buy a stereo soundbar or already own one, you may wonder […]

What Is An HDMI Cable With Ethernet?

It’s no secret that HDMI is the current industry-standard for audio/video interface, and it has a ubiquitous presence on almost every media device manufactured in the last fifteen years. However, not a lot of people are aware that HDMI cables are capable of bidirectional Ethernet communication at relatively high speeds since 2009. In simple words, […]

Sonos not Connecting, Sonos won’t Connect: How to Fix?

Sonos not connecting, Sonos won’t connect: How to Fix them? Here’s how you can troubleshoot it. Sonos dominates the high-end wireless speaker segment, with its Arc, One, and Beam being some of the most popular models. Not only do they offer sublime sound, but they also have excellent wireless connectivity and app integration. That makes […]

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