How Much Storage Is Fortnite On PC?


If you are a PC games lover, you must have the courage to allow huge space for your favorite games on your PC’s hard drive. Famous games like PUBG, COD: Warzone, Fortnite, etc., have a user base of similar nature, and saving them all on your PC can consume the hard drive in seconds. Let us know how much Storage is Fortnite on PC and the ways to playing Fortnite without downloading in this article.

How Much Storage Is Fortnite On PC?

How much Storage is Fortnite on PC ?

Fortnite has at last dealt with this matter and spun a new update. The file for downloading the game is not much larger in size, but still, Epic Games decided to introduce a smaller size. The gamers have liked this update and are happy with the game developers. This article will discuss details related to the Fortnite game and the updates related to the storage of the game on PC.

Epic Games has reduced Fortnite’s PC file size by more than 60GB. So in total, the size has come between twenty-five and thirty GB. On average, the size of Fortnite on PC has now come to around 27 GB. After installation, this size grows to about thirty GB. Earlier, it was around ninety GB when it was not optimized by the developers for PC and other devices before 2020. The space for other games was created after its size was reduced by more than 67%. The loading time has also been reduced, and game playing has become smoother. The update files are smaller in size also, taking space of 1 GB only.

Installation File Size of Fortnite

Fortnite used to take up to ninety GB of PC storage because earlier file optimization was not the priority of the game developers. Fortnite developers took a step to fix the issue of high storage space to help gamers free up more space for other games.

Its developers updated the storage space in October on PCs to 27 GB, drastically reducing the file size. The installation file size was also reduced to ten to seventeen GB, which was much smaller than the previous versions.

Later the updates increased the size to 27 GB in new versions, but there are smaller attachments. The exact size of Fortnite is 29.2 GB. The Epic developers optimized the game files as well as the update files, which resulted in making the update files smaller than before.

Although the game grabs around thirty GB, you might require nearly forty GB of free storage for your hard disk if you want to install the Fortnite game. It will help reduce your worry about space for future updates or the challenge of in-game purchases. 

Why So Big?

The majority of modern video games always occupy larger hard drive space because they offer images of high-resolution. Game size also increases because of textures in 4K.

All games have thousands of textures, so they occupy huge disk space. Gamers enjoy their detailed oriented realistic-looking games only when such games take up a huge space on their PCs.

For smooth gameplay, video games download many items on the hard disks as the game opens, including plugins, APIs, game codes, etc. different versions of the game also get saved on your PC even after the updates.

Textures, skins, and emoticons added to the games increase their file size. The file size of the game Fortnite is divided into different parts. Game content like menu, texts, etc., covers only twenty percent of the size, whereas the remaining eighty percent belongs to audio, graphics, etc. 

Mobile or Xbox file sizes are smaller than PC file sizes because audio and graphics features differ on all platforms.

When you add maps, weapons, etc., in your game, they increase file size. Updates of Fortnite are also huge in size. The more time you have the game in your system, the more its size is. If you are playing it for a long time, its size will be huge.

Other Platforms and Fortnite?

On PC, the Fortnite file size is the largest of all platforms because of the different contents and textures offered to the version available on PC.

On other platforms, the size of the game also reduced when the developers reduced the Fortnite size by almost 70% in 2020 to increase the speed of loading.

Windows and macOS have the same size of 29.2 GB.

Xbox has a much smaller size of 13 GB compared to macOS and Windows. An extra five GB may be required after installation. Different series of Xboxes offer different game sizes as well. This game’s file size is 22.5 GB on Xbox series X.

Android devices can have a much smaller file size of 3.3 GB, whereas, before installation, it may vary from 1.5 GB to 3 GB.

On iOS, it can reduce up to 2GB which is smaller than Android.

On PS4, the file size is around 18 GB.

Playing Fortnite without downloading

If your PC does not have enough storage, you can go for other methods available to play Fortnite without even downloading it. Cloud gaming is one such option. On Steam, you cannot play it, as Fortnite is owned by Epic Games. You can play it on a cloud through the Gaming platform of Xbox Cloud, and that is also free of charge. You can stream your games through Xbox Cloud Gaming on any device.

There is no need for a high-end rig for playing the game at full settings as you are using the computing resources of the server, but a good internet connection is required for this purpose.

All Fortnite modes, including Zero Build, Battle Royale, Save the World, and imposters, can be played.

The save the World mode can only be used with Windows PCs.

Fortnite system requirements

A high-end system is not required in case you want to play Fortnite on basic settings. As an avid gamer, you must accommodate more features by raising the specs. The minimum necessities for the system of Fortnite are as follows:

  • Minimum 4 GB RAM, but it is recommended to have Eight GB.
  • The minimum requirement for the processor is an Intel Core i3-3225, but it is better to have Core i5 2.8GHz or above.
  • NVidia GeForce GTX 960 is recommended as a Graphics card
  • The recommended version of windows for playing Fortnite is Windows10, but you can still play it if you don’t have it. You can play it with Windows 7/8/10 64-bit as well.

Errors in Installation

Different errors were reported by the users during the installation of Fortnite. These errors had different messages due to various issues.

A few errors came because of storage issues, i.e., there was not enough storage space to install the game.

You may get an error with code IS-DS01, which says that not enough space is there on your device to install Fortnite, or you may need more space than twenty-nine GB to install it on a PC.


The advice given in this scenario is to remove your internet connection and then install it again without reconnecting. This way, any interruption of not reading the disk space due to an internet connection will be removed, and the game may get installed.

Storage space left on HDD and SSD must be seen as where the downloaded games get stored. If you have a 500 GB SSD, then you may run out of enough space for installing Fortnite if games get downloaded on that device.

You may download it on your HDD, which has a higher capacity, or you can try creating space for the new files by sacrificing the old ones.

Low-storage error after installation

If the game is already installed, but you still get the message of low storage, then what you should do is you should uninstall it and then again install it back. You might lose your locally saved data because of uninstalling your game. After installing, recover your data by logging in to your Epic account, or you can upgrade your storage alternatively.


Fortnite is a trending game for game lovers. Game lovers used to find it non-accommodating earlier because of its high storage on PC. Still, now that the developers of the game have drastically reduced its size, gamers find it easier to install and store updates on the PC. You only need 30 GB now for installing the game and enjoy the magic as a gamer.


1.How much RAM size is required for Fortnite?

The minimum RAM size required for Fortnite is four GB. This is the minimum requirement for running the game. This site will not support high-resolution or impressive graphics. So the recommended size is eight GB which includes two GB of VRAM.

2.How can Fortnite be downloaded?

For PC, Fortnite can be downloaded through the Epic Games Launcher. After downloading, it can be installed easily by following simple instructions. On Android and iOS, it cannot be installed. For that, you will have to use the website of Epic Games.

3.Can we get Fortnite Free?

Yes, Fortnite is free to download and install, but during the game, you may have to pay to enjoy extra textures, skins, etc.

How Much Storage Is Fortnite On PC?

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