Is Clipgrab Safe?

Nothing is more annoying than watching a video on Facebook or YouTube and then one wants to save it. Only to realize that it’s impossible to save videos on those sites directly to one’s device. The Clip grab should have ended this misery. However, what accompanies its arrival is how people keep voting that it is dangerous, bringing everyone to square one yet again. This article wants to change that by revealing the basic truths of Clipgrab, let’s get started! let us know Is Clipgrab Safe?

Is Clipgrab Safe?

Is Clipgrab Safe? Yes, Clip grab is safe. Despite many reviews out there states with proof that they’ve tried it but it turns out to be a dangerous app. The fact remains that this software is safe to download and use. Also, it is free, one does not need to pay a dime to download or use it.

Understand What Clip grab Is And How It Works?

Is Clipgrab Safe? Clip grab became safe and so popular because of the news circulating that it is malware. Regardless, many people still don’t know what this software is.

They don’t even know that such software exists. That is why this article will start by explaining what this supposedly “malware” is.

Clip grab is a software that works as a safest video download manager. It grants people the access they need to download videos from sites that primarily prohibit people from downloading videos. 

Clip grab works majorly for downloading videos on YouTube. This means instead of downloading and keeping the YouTube app as watch later. 

It lets people download the video directly to their devices. As such, they do not need to go to YouTube, the next time they need the video.

Unique Features Of Clip grab 

Downloading videos isn’t all there is to this amazing app. Clip grab offers many premium features and they are;

Conversion To Other Files

After downloading the videos, users get to choose the file format they want the video to be in. They have the liberty to choose between saving in the following format;

  • MPEG4.
  • OGG Theora.
  • WMV.
  • MP3.

Smooth Interface 

The prayer of people using an app or visiting a site is that they have a smooth experience. Having a smooth experience means that the app/site has a good interface. 

Is Clipgrab Safe? Clip grab is a safest type of software with a wonderful, clean, smooth, and very user-friendly interface. Everything is crystal clear, and it’s stress-free navigating around the app. 

Video Quality Options

The video quality people use to download videos depends on their space. As well as the amount of data they have to download.

Clip grab developers understood this. They create the software in such a way that it doesn’t mandate one to download using a type of video quality.

Low definition, high definition, and standard definition are the three video quality options available. Clipgrab allows users to choose any of the above qualities when they want to download any video. 

Affiliation With Several Sites

YouTube is the most prominent site with the largest number of uploaded videos. Yes, Clipgrab helps in downloading YouTube videos and provides an excellent search function for downloading YouTube videos safely. However, this app works well with several sites as well.

Those sites include Facebook, Vimeo, and Daily motion. Clipgrab allows users to download in HD quality and any other quality they want on Vimeo and Daily motion. On Facebook, users get to download any public and private video of their choice. 

Why Is Clipgrab Flagged “Malware”?

It’ll be strange for anyone to believe that an app with those wonderful features can be flagged as “Malware”. However, it is and there are valid reasons many will argue that Clipgrab is bad. Two major reasons people advise against the use of this app include

Open-Source Software 

Clipgrab is an open-source software which means that this software’s code is open for people to modify, inspect, and enhance. This makes it vulnerable for the bad guys to use it for their bad intentions. 

The bad guys may get the Clipgrab code and incorporate their code into the Clipgrab code. Then they distribute the combined code unknown to people. 


Clipgrab uses InstallCore, which has been flagged as “malware”. when InstallCore bundles with software such as Clipgrab. It can modify, add files, and modify browsers’ shortcuts, extensions, and settings. 

Also, it can disable the user’s access to the software. This is the reason people flagged Clipgrab as “malware” as well. 

The Safest Way To Download Clipgrab 

Is Clipgrab Safe? People still consider clip grab very safe and effective to use because there’s a way to download it. And enjoy it to the fullest without encountering open-source or InstallCore issues. Here’s how to go about it;

Download On The Official Site 

The user should ensure they download it from the Clipgrab official site alone. Using a search engine to look for the Clipgrab software on google or bing. 

This means signing up to download the software from third-party vendors that offers the one with the malware issue. Next, choose free download to download. 

Ensure It Has The Right Publisher

Proceeding to download will showcase a pop-up box. The box will ask the user to validate their wish to let the software make changes to their device. They’re to choose Yes or No.

However, they should check out the software’s publisher before validating their action. The safest publisher is Phillip Schmieder Medien.

A peek at the Show more detail tab will reveal the link to check for the publisher of the software. Tap yes after validating its publisher.

Clicking yes will showcase another box asking the user to choose a language of their choice. Clip grab has only three language options, which include German, French, and English.

Choose a language and tap on Ok thereafter. A Welcome to Clip grab Installer suffices next, the downloader should select next to go on with the installation.

Decline Bundled Programs

Now, bundled programs will start popping up because of the open-source feature of the software. There are three options to choose from to proceed. 

They include accept, decline, and skip all options. Which they’ll find at the downward part of the window. Choose Decline and that settles it.

Finally, Clip grab will start downloading, select finish upon success, and complete the download. Then it is launched and upon launching, it will reveal that it uses YouTube-DLP to download videos. Choose Continue. Now the software is ready and safe to use!

Installing Clipgrab Despite Window Defenders Hindrance

Every PC owner should have their windows defender switched on to warn against harmful installation. This means the defender will reject the installation of the Clip grab. There is a workaround to this though, and it goes thus;

Know The Threat Level 

They should start by typing Virus & protection into the PC’s search bar. The virus & protection icon will suffice, tap on it. Tapping on it will showcase the virus and threat protection windows security page. 

Next, the user will see a notification stating “Threats found, start recommended actions,” under the current threat tab. Below the notification is the Clipgrab showcasing as “PUADIManager: Win32/InstallCore”. It’ll reveal that the threat level is “Low”.

Make A Choice

The user should tap on it to choose any of the three options enlisted. The options include;

  • Remove.
  • Allow on the device.
  •  Quarantine. 

Normally any software under threat in windows defender is marked as quarantine. This means that the user has a time stretch of 30 days to decide what they’ll do with the software.

Underneath the three options is a See detail icon. Clicking this icon means getting to know the reason the software is under threat. It will further show the threat level and category, plus the files the software could harm. 

Go Through The Details 

After reading the details. The user should tap OK to return to the three options and choose the allow on device option. They should select start next.

This will unblock the installation of the Clip grab. The user may receive another pop-up asking if they will allow windows security to make necessary changes to their device. They should click on yes.

You Can Now Download 

Now, the Clip grab is accessible for download. To Download, they should proceed to the location of the Clip grab file. It’ll have the inscription “clip grab-3.9.7-dot installer”. 

The user will find the software file in Downloads, they should click on the file twice to launch it. After launching, they should follow the steps mentioned above on the safest way to download Clip grab.


Is Clipgrab Safe? This write-up has revealed all the truths about Clip grab, this includes its wonderful features and bad sides. Plus, the safest way to download and use it. So people don’t need to worry about it being flagged as “malware” anymore.

Frequently Asked Questions

#1. Are there alternatives to Clip grab?

Sure, NewPipe is the best alternative as it’s open-source software and it is free as well.

#2. Why won’t Clip grab work?

Clip grab won’t work if the user is offline, or when the user’s connection is spotty. Clip grab can also stop working when the user activates a proxy server that’s offline in the app settings. 

#3. Does Clip grab function on iOS products?

No, Clip grab doesn’t function on iPhones and iPad. However, it is accessible on macOS products. 

Is Clipgrab Safe?

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