How To Check The AMD Chipset Driver Version?

The chipset driver is the unique and delicate component of any computer system that plays an essential role in the compatibility and functionality of the features. It is necessary to know the version drivers to put in the computer and ensure it runs well. They are different companies that manufacture chipset drivers. Some are easy to locate, and others are not. The companies that manufacture chipset drivers are Intel, Samsung, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, and others. Note that the AMD chipsets are not easy to locate. Let us know ‘How To Check The AMD Chipset Driver Version?’.

How To Check The AMD Chipset Driver Version?

How To Check The AMD Chipset Driver Version?

Various methods can be used to check the AMD chipset driver version. A person can check the model of the chipset driver by either checking the driver’s manager, utilizing system information, using apps and features, or using third-party apps. These methods may vary depending on the manufacturer of that AMD chipset.

This article will cover the different methods and steps of identifying the AMD chipset driver version on Windows, on Linux, the importance of knowing the version in a computer, and how to install the chipset drivers in a computer.

Different methods used to identify the AMD chipset driver version

As mentioned above, we are going to tackle the step-by-step techniques. Below are the various ways of identifying and check the AMD chipset driver version.

1.Device manager Method

This is the easiest method to identify the AMD chipset driver version. This method works for any chipset that is on any computer. Here are the steps to follow.

  1. On the start menu at the bottom left corner of the computer, right-click on my computer icon.
  2. Choose properties.
  3. Select the device manager from the hardware menu.
  4. Look for the IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers option under the device manager. The list of all chipset brands in the computer is listed there. If the chipset version is not there, look for another option that helps to move to the next opportunity.
  5. In this case, look for the chipset version under the system devices.
  6. Locate the identity of the chipset brand you are looking for.
  7. Right-click on that chipset, choose properties and look for the version. 

This being the most straightforward method, a person should consider using it before viewing other methods. If the AMD chipset drivers are not listed in the brand list, a person may look for another method.

2.To install the most recent AMD Chipset Driver Package.

Suppose the device manager doesn’t work; a person may try to install the most recent AMD Chipset Driver Package into their systems. This method is the most effective method of updating the chipset drivers. It is effective because AMD support has one of the most recent driver updates. It has an auto-detected tool that will detect the chipset drivers and updates.

To be successful, a person needs to go to the AMD support website and enter the chipset model and subset. Then look for the latest chipset driver update, download it, and install it in the system following the prompts displayed, and the drivers will be installed. Note that a person needs to look for the exact model because the chipset needs its drive and also make sure that the downloaded drivers are compatible with the windows version.

Alternatively, AMD chipsets can be updated through windows updates. A person needs to

  1. Locate the device manager by clicking on my computer icon in the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. Choose system devices and look for AMD in the chipset brand list.
  3. Right-click it and choose update. When the windows update, they show the version and number of chipsets.

3.Apps and features method

If the above methods don’t work, looking for an AMD chipset Apps and features method could be the best method as long as the correct procedures are followed. Below are the guidelines for identifying the AMD chipset driver’s version.

  1. Locate Apps and Features by right-clicking on my computer icon.
  2. Find AMD Chipset Software in the folder.
  3. After clicking on AMD Chipset Software, the numbers and AMD logo will pop up, and the user can view the version.

If a person cannot reach the AMD Chipset Software via Apps and features, the other option is to navigate to the control panel and search for programs and features, and there, a person will find AMD Chipset Software in a folder. To identify the location of AMD Chipset, a person needs to look for it on the right side of the panel beside AMD Chipset Software.

4.Third-party apps method

If all the methods mentioned above don’t work, then the user needs to use third-party apps. Here a person needs to learn more about their system. A person must use SIW, SDI, Snail Driver, or AMD Radeon apps.

  • System Information for the Windows app

SIW, also known as System Information for Windows, is the best app that gives detailed information about the system or computer. It analyzes it and presents the details frankly. The app provides information concerning the software properties, including operating systems, installed software and licenses, server configuration, system uptime, and a variety of other features.

This app also gives more information about hardware, where the user can find more details about the AMD Chipset version. It also provides more information about computer motherboards, USB devices, printers, and other hardware. In addition, in the same app, a user can find more information about network connections and monitor the CPU and the memory of a computer.

  • Snappy Driver Installer

SDI, which is also known as Snappy Driver Installer. This app Checks that the computer has installed the most recent chipset and hardware drivers. It also helps in searching for AMD Chipset and installing it since it is impossible to locate the chipset drives on AMD websites.

  • SnailDriver

This is another app used to identify the version of the chipset. It is developed for people who aren’t technically minded, making everything simple.  This app is essential for downloading the updates and the newly available updates. Note that a person should be careful about anything they click because the app intends to update everything in the system, and if a person needs to check the version of the chipset, they should ensure that they click the right button.

  • The AMD Radeon app

This app works very well with gamers. If someone needs to check the chipset version, they should ensure they have installed AMD’s Radeon software package. This software package is handy in some new systems with a single driver package with CPUs, chipsets, and graphics.

In these cases, the package contains a single version number, but when individuals look at every device inside the device manager, they’ll see different driver versions. That’s why individuals can’t find the package version of the chipset that’s presently on the system. The AMD Radeon Settings app can be used to determine the package version of the chipset.

How to Confirm the Versions of Chipset Drivers on Linux?

It isn’t easy to find the chipset driver version on Linux than windows. But there is some option a person can use to identify the chipset version. A person needs to download and install the AMD Radeon Software for Linux, which is available on the AMD website. The downloaded software has some features well explained on the windows version.

The importance of knowing the version in a computer

The chipset drivers in your system manage and facilitate communication between various system components, such as the video card, processor, hard drives, and system memory. It is a delicate part of a computer, and it is necessary to know the importance of understanding the version of the chipset.

  • The hardware features of the chipset influence the possibilities for future expansion to get better graphics, enough memory, and speedier connectivity.
  • A chipset lets a person overclock the system, increasing the computer’s clock speed to improve the overall or specific component speed.
  • Hardware and software are constantly evolving to accommodate the ever-increasing technological capabilities.


In conclusion, this article has discussed how to check the chipset version. This process can help the user to detect when there are new updates when they are released. All the information above will help the computer or system maintain it well to be in high performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a person uphold the chipset driver?

Maintaining the chipset driver requires keeping the computer up to date. This can be accomplished using Windows Update or installing the latest and most recent driver from the chipset company’s website. Individuals should also maintain their chipset driver up to date with any new security updates that become available.

How can individuals tell if the chipset drivers are old and out of date?

If a person has computer problems, one of the first things they should do is evaluate to see if the chipset drivers are up to date. If the drivers are out of date, individuals may be unable to communicate with your computer’s hardware, which can cause problems. Because the chipset is the core constituent for establishing connections between various elements and the system, individuals must ensure that they are up-to-date and functional.

How To Check The AMD Chipset Driver Version?

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