How To Fix Shadowplay Not Recording Sound?

ShadowPlay is a software widely used by gamers. The ShadowPlay software is used to record gameplay and save it so that it can be used in the future for entertainment or even for keeping a record. An advantage of this software is that it comes inbuilt with the Nvidia GeForce Experience. The reviews for the software show that the they are okay with the working of the software, other problems are experienced when using the Shadowplay software, one of the main issues being that the software might record the video and fail to record the audio, making it inappropriate to convey what was intended. Let us now go through some of the possible causes of this problem and the how to fix the issue.let us know How To Fix Shadowplay Not Recording Sound?

How To Fix Shadowplay Not Recording Sound?

It can be disappointing when someone records a video using Shadowplay, then find out their videos are playing but do not have audio. A video without audio can be dull and not even enjoyable to watch. Your setup has a problem if the ShadowPlay software records a video without audio. Here are some reasons that may cause ShadoPlay not to record audio, wrong Nvidia audio device selection, maybe system sound is turned off, and a damaged installation. Rectifying your setup to start recording audio would mean that you should fix all these possible reasons for this setup not working. If you have experienced this before, you should follow the story in this article, to see if your problem can be solved. Let us now look at the explained possible causes and fixes of ShadowPlay software failing to record audio.

Possible reasons for Shadowplay failing to record audio

Three main possible reasons might be experienced, and your ShadowPlay software fails to record audio when recording videos. The three reasons are explained below.

Wrong Nvidia audio device selection

The cause for Shadowplay not recording audio is that you have the wrong selection of the Nvidia audio device that the software should use to capture the audio. When you select a device incorrectly on the Nvidia category in your windows sounds settings, there will be no sound because the output device that Nvidia is using to capture the audio is not the one you are using. When this happens, the step to take is to change the audio device Nvidia is using to the device you are also using in the windows sound settings.

The system sounds might be at very low volumes that Nvidia cannot pick

When your system sound is zero, there will be no sound for Nvidia to pick. Nvidia only picks sound when the system sound is at least 10-20%. You can exceed this sound volume to at least 50%. So, after the recording, the sound quality turns out to be fine. When the volume is at zero, Nvidia will not be able to pick anything as it tries to pick the system sound during your recording. Only the video will be recorded leaving behind the audio, which is as useful as the video itself. It is very easy and simple, just increase the system’s volume to something that can be picked by Nvidia.

A damaged installation

The third reason that might lead to your software not picking up sound during a recording, is when there is a damaged installation when you were installing the software on your device. The Nvidia GeForce Experience comes with s number of additional drivers for audio and more. During installation, if you fail to install even one driver correctly then it means that the software might have some malfunctions, some of which include the issue of the software failing to record audio on videos. Also, when the files you download are damaged before the installation, then what it means is that the Nvidia software even if it is installed successfully might fail to perform its functions at a 100% rate, failing to do correctly some of its functions.

To fix the issue, get another software and then install it again to your device correctly.

Ways to fix Shadowplay to record audio again

Having gone through the possible reasons that make your software fail to record audio, let us now go through some of the ways of fixing this problem, and see if this might help you, then continue enjoying your Nvidia experience. Let us now go through some of the methods to resolve this problem that you might experience.

Check and change the sound device that Nvidia is using

As we have seen above, you might be experiencing this issue because the audio device being used by Nvidia is not the one you are using especially when you have multiple output devices connected to your device. According to the settings, Nvidia will use the default output device to record audio, but the problem occurs when you are not using the default device on your device, this means that the sound will not be available on the default device for Nvidia to record, this happens when you have multiple sound output devices connected.

Change the output device for Nvidia in the windows sound settings. Follow this guide when changing the output device on your device

  • Right-click on “sounds”, then on the pop-up menu that opens, select “open sound settings.’
  • Navigate to “App volume and device preferences” and click on it. (You will be shown devices being used by different apps).
  • Make sure that you and Nvidia are using the same output device.

If you will not find Nvidia on the list, do not panic, just change the default output device to the one you are using, because Nvidia will always use the default output device to record audio.

Check and adjust the system’s sounds volume

In some instances, the problem can occur when the system sounds are at zero. Nvidia will only record audio when the system sounds are working, thus it will record no audio when the system sound is at zero. How To Fix Shadowplay Not Recording Sound?If this is the case then you will have to go to your windows settings and ensure you increase the volume of the system sound. The process of increasing the volume is pretty easy, follow the steps below to resolve this and get your recording underway again.

  • Right-click on the sound icon (the icon is at the bottom right corner of your screen).
  • A menu will pop up, click on the “open volume mixer” option.
  • A volume mixer tab will appear, showing volumes for different applications.
  • Proceed to the system sounds and increase it from zero to somewhere that is convenient for you.
  • When you are satisfied that you have increased the system sound volume close the tab and return to record again.

When you have increased the system sound volume, go back to Nvidia and try recording another gameplay to see if it will pick up audio. If the problem was the volume, then Nvidia will record the audio together with your video.

If the problem is the software, reinstall the Nvidia GeForce Experience software

If you have tried all the other solutions without success, then it means that the problem lies in the process you followed when installing the Nvidia GeForce Experience software. If the issue lies within the software, then it means that the software is outdated or something went wrong during installation. How To Fix Shadowplay Not Recording Sound?To fix this you will have to fully uninstall the software from your device and install another upgraded version of the Nvidia software. Here is how to do it.

  • Uninstall the existing Nvidia software from your device. You will uninstall the software by locating it in the control panel, then double-clicking on it to uninstall.
  • When the app is removed, also remove HD audio and PhysX system from Nvidia because they also come with the software.
  • After you have removed all these, go to the GeForce website, where you will download the latest version of the Nvidia GeForce Experience software.
  • When the app has finished downloading, install it and check if your problem has been fixed.

How To Fix Shadowplay Not Recording Sound? Shadowplay is a software that is used by Nvidia GeForce Experience software to record gameplay that can be used in the future for reference and entertainment. Most gamers use the software to record gameplay on their devices. Sometimes the software might malfunction and fail to record audio. The possible causes for this issue might be, a wrong audio device selection, the system sound might be at zero, or there might be a damaged installation. To fix the problem a user will be required to make sure that the three matters are resolved, then they can continue enjoying the Nvidia GeForce Experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which other drivers are installed together with Nvidia?

Nvidia software should be installed together with the HD audio and the PhysX system drivers for it to work smoothly.

Where can someone download the Nvidia software?

The Nvidia GeForce Experience software can be downloaded easily without problems from the GeForce website.

Which software does ShadowPlay use to record gameplay on devices?

ShadowPlay uses the Nvidia GeForce Experience software to record gameplay on windows devices.

How To Fix Shadowplay Not Recording Sound?

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