How To Get Karma On Reddit Fast?


Reddit is a great discussion website to spend your free time learning new things and providing quality content for others. The content on this site is curated and promoted by users through voting. Every registered Reddit user has Reddit karma which is a score of points based on the number of upvotes and downvotes a user’s post or comment gets. The two types of karma on Reddit are positive karma which is scored above one point and negative karma with a point less than one. A lot of people want to get positive karma in Reddit fast because having high karma points allows one to create oneself subreddits and post without needing approval. Let us know how to get karma on reddit fast and the fast methods you can adopt to get Karma on Reddit in this article.

How To Get Karma On Reddit Fast?

How to get Karma on Reddit Fast?

There are different ways one can get karma on Reddit fast. You can get karma on Reddit quickly by posting quality and engaging content, joining larger subreddits, and asking and answering questions. You can also rack up positive karma points by commenting first and making good points.

The fast methods you can adopt to get Karma on Reddit to include

Research highly upvoted posts

One can also get karma fast on Reddit by researching highly upvoted posts on Reddit and different subreddits to understand what kind of post generates engagement, and what kind of comments generate maximum interaction. When you research properly you will be able to tell what works and what doesn’t. No two subreddits are the same even if they have the same general theme, and this is the reason why you need to research the major and relevant subreddits to find out the kind of content that works for each of them. Generally, discussion-worthy and thought-provoking content compel people to share their opinions, insights, recommendations, and ideas to generate optimal engagement.

Create relevant and discussion worthy posts

Reddit is an online community based on realistic and relevant discussions as well as expansion on any given topic to provide more information about it so the members of the community can learn more. So, one of the major ways you can get Karma on Reddit is by putting out well-researched and well-thought content, this will gain more upvotes and show Reddit users that you deserve to be listened to. You should avoid negative or poor-quality content if you want to get Reddit karma.

Comment on people’s posts smartly

Another way you can get Karma on Reddit fast is to avoid spam comments on others’ posts. If you’re commenting on a particular post, ensure that you’re adding extra value to the thread by posting well-thought comments that come from personal insights and unique thoughts. You quickly ramp up karma if you keep commenting relevant and useful comments under people’s posts. In addition, you should also try to look for the newest and latest posts to comment on so users can quickly see your comments to increase your chances of gaining upvotes.

Ask and answer questions smartly

One of the best ways to get karma on Reddit fast is to ask and answer questions wisely. While this might seem pretty simple, it’s a great way to generate a good amount of views and upvotes on your content. You can rack up a huge amount of karma on this subreddit, if you ask worthy questions and give relevant answers. Make sure your questions or answers are adding value and quality, don’t just go around answering questions blindly and without thought. Ask questions that are relevant but not available on Reddit and go in-depth when answering questions and add elements like videos, tables, and data to provide extra value.

Join a larger subreddit

Reddit has numerous subreddits with each having several millions of followers, although niching down is great on Reddit if you’re looking to get karma fast on Reddit you should join Larger subreddits. The popular larger subreddits are selling in the entertainment and mental peace niche. You can join subreddits belonging to specific niches only as many as you desire but you shouldn’t join more than five subreddits of different niches. 

You need to mention the niches so you can build trust and credibility in the community, r/AskReddit is one of the biggest subreddits with about 36 million members after r/funny of about 40 million. All you need to do on this subreddit is to ask questions, give answers, post funny stuff in the entertainment niche subreddit, and do other things to rack up karma. Once you’ve selected the subreddits you’re interested in, then join it, and once group moderators approve your request to join you can start posting the relevant content at regular intervals.

Interact and engage with people on your posts

Responding to other people’s comments on your posts to keep the conversation going is another way you can get karma fast on Reddit. This makes most commenters feel good and appreciative of the fact that you took your time to reply or even converse with them. Most times this increases the likelihood of upvotes at the moment and in the future. In addition, your willingness to reply to other people’s comments on your post will increase your comments generally. You should also know that this interaction and engagement doesn’t only go to the side that compliments but you should also address critics smoothly to gain a positive reputation. Just make sure you’re engaging with any and everyone that’s trying to interact with your post.

Use a catchy and interesting post title

The title of your post can also help you catch the attention of Reddit users. Using a compelling and out-of-the-box title will easily attract the attention of users to your post, couple a great title with quality content to get a surprising amount of upvotes, and rack up karma. You can also spice things up by adding pictures and videos, to keep people interested and gain more karma.

Join free Karma subreddits

Another fast way to get Karma on Reddit is to join free karma subreddits such as “FreeKarma4U” and post content. On free karma subreddits, every member of the subreddit generally understands and agrees that once a member posts content all of them are to upvote the posts and comments of others. On subreddits like this you don’t necessarily need to post “please give me upvotes”, and most times when you post something like this on any of these subreddits you end up getting more downvotes than upvotes. This method is a bit risky because while some users say it’s fine, some rumors posting and engaging in these free karma subreddits can get you banned from other relevant subreddits you’re interested in.

Take Advantage of Karma Bomb

A karma bomb is when you post comments on viral posts, the number of upvotes the post is receiving will ultimately affect what your comments receive. To use the Karma Bomb strategy, you just need to follow subreddits with millions of subscribers or posts with a large number of positive responses or with a high likelihood for high positive responses. Once you put a comment under this kind of post, you will most likely be noticed and gain karma. One thing about using this means to get karma is that you should ensure the post will go viral positively if it goes the other way your comment will receive downvotes as well. Your comment should also be relevant and thoughtful even if it’s critical because if you go about it in the wrong manner you might receive more downvotes than you could ever think of.


You don’t necessarily need karma to use Reddit, it just helps you enjoy Reddit more if you have it. Accumulating Reddit karma requires patience and takes time, but if you adopt the previously mentioned ways to get karma, you will get what you want on time. You should also be careful while racking up your karma points on Reddit because while it might not be easy to get positive karma points, it’s easy to get negative karma points if you turn off Reddit users.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How Can I Check My Reddit Karma Score?

If you’re using the mobile app, you can easily find your karma score on the top of your profile, but if you’re accessing your Reddit account on a computer, you will find your Reddit karma score on the sidebar of your profile.

2.Can I Lose Karma On Reddit?

Yes, you can, especially if your post-it comments upset users. The upsetting post or comment receives downvotes from people, and this causes you to lose your karma points.

3.What Are The Benefits of  Having a Good Karma Score On Reddit?

Having a Good karma score is beneficial for both individuals and businesses. It gives you greater exposure and credibility, and this results in better post views. You also have the chance to post without approval and create a subreddit in any niche you want when you have a good karma score. Having a good karma score provides better marketing opportunities for businesses using Reddit.

How To Get Karma On Reddit Fast?

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