How To Make Someone A Mod On The Discord?

Creating a discord server is a way of building the community from a small set to the largest, which is simple and first. Discord servers entail large numbers which require a mod to handle the administration side. The duties of administration in a discord server are to accept the request of new members, fire them or even ban them, and Mute and unmute them in case of any disturbances. It also helps to maintain the activities of the members properly. To keep the discord server, a person needs to be hired to assist in maintaining the servers.

How To Make Someone A Mod On The Discord?

How To Make Someone A Mod On The Discord?

A mode is an assistant who helps maintain and control favorable settings for members. You can make someone a mod on discord servers if you trust the person and observe their behaviors closely. Before making someone a mod on discord, you should know the type of permission they will have on the servers. The Mod is responsible for managing the administration side of discord servers, which means the Mod has the authority to kick and ban the members.

The mod has a specific responsibility in a discord server; the important thing is to follow the rules to become a good Mod. The mod should be honest and well-mannered when dealing with members on the server and the important thing is to first listen to someone’s story before kicking them out or banning them. The critical aspect here is to be attentive and decide on both sides. Discord also allows the mode to edit or delete any message that has any offensive that makes the members uncomfortable.

This article will discuss how to assign a mod on a discord desktop, on iPhone, or android, how to dismiss a person from being a mod, how to edit the roles of a mod, how to delete roles in discord, and Changing Channel Permissions.

How to delegate roles to a mod on discord on desktop?

There are steps to follow in appointing the mod on discord on a desktop. The first thing to do is to ensure that the community servers are well set.

Step 1: Create a mod role by

  • Accessing the server list on the left side of the screen
  • Trying to find the server to which people wish to assign a mod and clicking the down arrow
  • Select roles from the left column after selecting service settings from the drop-down menu.
  • To create a new role, tap the plus icon in the top-left corner.
  • Enter someone’s name in the empty field there under role name header.
  • Pick a good color for that role that allows a person to distinguish it from others easily.
  • To make the changes permanent, click the green button at the bottom.

Step 2: Getting to Work on Role Configuration

A person should set the permission to allow the role to be functional. It means nothing if the permission is not set. Then scroll down to the settings and turn the switches on/off based on the privileges users want to grant or not grant. According to the rule of an administrator, the mod has a right to add, restrict, omit and block members. Depending on how much the moderator is trusted, they also access messages, voices, and nicknames in the members’ community. If the moderator is not trusted, the owner has the right to disable some options and ask them to consult whenever needed. However, the Mods have the same permission as the server’s owner.

Step 3: Allocation of roles to the mod

  • To allocate the roles to the mode, a person needs to return to the servers list, right-click on the desired server, and select the server settings. Then click on the members and view the existing members in the list.
  • Locate the member user want to promote to moderator status and press the plus mark next to their name, and then click on moderator from the sub menu or the name you have given the role.

How to delegate roles to a mod on discord in an android?

This is very simple to allocate roles to a mod in the garget that is android. The only thing to do is

  • Go to the main screen, where the service menu can be at the center.
  • Move to have a good desired server and open Server Settings by right-clicking the Options menu.
  • Scroll to the bottom until you see roles, then click on them.
  • Get into add roles and follow the steps we discussed earlier.

How to delegate roles to a mod on discord on an iPhone?

The procedures are nearly identical, but some steps differ. Follow the steps to find out how to delegate roles to a mod on discord on an iPhone

  • Click the triple bar icon in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Scroll down or type the server’s name into the search bar to find it.
  • Choose the server and then navigate to its server settings menu.
  • Create a role and follow the other steps as done above on how to delegate roles to a mod on discord on desktop

How do edit, dismiss, and delete someone from becoming a mode?

The server owner might feel that it was not a good idea to have handed over some rights/ In this case, the owner should not dismiss the Mod; instead, they can revoke or limit some freedom to perform a specific duty. To edit the roles of a mod, the owner should:

  • Click on the discord servers, go to the settings, and then click on the roles.
  • Tap on the roles that they wish to edit and enter the role settings
  • A list of permissions will be displayed. Uncheck or check each option as desired, then save your changes.

On the other hand, the owner might feel that they want to dismiss the Mod because of one reason or the other; to dismiss the roles of the mod, they should

  • Choose the server, then go to server settings and tap on the members
  • Scroll down to locate the Mod that needs to be dismissed
  • Then tap on the role and click on delete.

Deleting the roles is easy if the owner feels like the roles were created. Below is how to delete the roles.

  • Navigate to Server Settings the roles by right-clicking on the server.
  • From the left side of the column, select roles and press the role you want to remove.
  • Scroll down to find the red Delete button. Depending on the name of the Mod or roles that were set
  • Then confirm the whole process, and changes will appear.

Changing Channel Permissions

When individuals generate a moderator role, the privileges they choose will apply to all moderators on all servers. Because channel permissions overpower role permissions, individuals can deprive channel members of specific rights. Below are the steps for changing channel permissions

  • Select the desired channel from the main page and click the gear icon next to it.
  • Go to the channel setting and here click on permission.
  • The @everyone tag in the Roles/Members section indicates that whatever restrictions individuals set apply to all members, including mods.
  • go to the right panel and disallow specific tasks to the members.


It is essential to choose wisely a good moderator with the desired characteristics who will manage the servers and the members. It should be noted that a good mod should have passion, which means that they should not be moderating because of money or any other initiative. The other thing to note is to ensure that the mod has good communication skills. Mods have the authority to ban, kick, mute and unmute and before performing should have good communication with the members and be able to explain to them what is allowed and not allowed.

A Mod should be committed to the duties given. Mod should not always be unavailable or irresponsible. They should be willing to put time into their tasks. The other qualities should be peacemaker, social spirit, reliability, also ability to make biased decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many Mods are needed to operate in a server?

It depends on how many members exist in the channel and what kind of community is on the servers. The more participants there are, the more difficult it is to supervise their actions. On the other hand, server size should not be your only consideration because each channel has a different level of engagement. For example, if one or two mods will suffice for servers delivering less than one message per second, channels with high traffic may require more.

Can a person Delegate Responsibilities in Discord Automatically?

When the server’s population reaches uncontrollable proportions and individuals require more than a few mods, manually assigning roles and responsibilities becomes difficult. This means an automated alternative method will assign roles in discord. Some Discord bots allow individuals to assign specific roles to users when they achieve a predefined achievement, accomplish a particular goal, or spend a specified amount of time on the server.

How To Make Someone A Mod On The Discord?

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