Lights On My EE Router Mean | How To Fix Them?

It can get a whole lot confusing when there are a lot of lights or signs on an appliance or gadget and you can not even begin to decipher what they all mean. The same goes for your EE router, you may be a first-time user or you just could have been with the router for a long while and you’re confused as to what all the lights could mean, if this is the case, then you have come to the right place. Let’s find out what each light signifies and how to fix whatever the problem may be. Let us know What do the Lights On My EE Router Mean and How To Fix Them?

Lights On My EE Router Mean

What Do The Lights On My EE Router Mean and How To Fix Them?

Before a problem can be fixed, a problem must first be identified. A problem can only be identified if the signals given are understood. When it comes to your EE router, signals are being passed through light. We’ll get to this later on in the article but spoiler alert, to show that your EE Router is working well without any problems then the light should be a stable aqua color. Let’s look at the different lights you will see and what each light means. 

What The Green Light On My EE Router Mean And How To Fix It?

The green light on your EE router signifies that your router is powered on but has not completed the booting process. If this light keeps coming up even after your router has been powered on fully and has completed the booting process, you may want to check its connection to the power supply as this could mean that the connection is either unstable or it’s being jostled around for some reason. If this is the case, then you may want to switch power outlets and plug them into a more fixed outlet to avoid a shaky connection. You should also be sure to use the power supply which was provided to you alongside the router at the time of purchase. Using something different may result in an unstable power supply to the router, thus resulting in the green light showing on your router.

 If your router is showing the green light, it could also mean that your router is on but has not started working. This should not be a major problem, the only way to fix this is to wait for the booting process to finish in a couple of minutes.

What The Orange Light On My EE Router Mean And How To Fix It?

The orange light on your EE Router simply means that your router is trying to connect to the internet. If this persists, you may have to call EE to help you diagnose what the problem could be and get instructions on how to go about fixing the problem may be.

What The Flashing Yellow Light On My EE Router Mean And How To Fix? 

when your EE Router is showing a flashing yellow light, it means your router is connected to the internet but not ready for use. If you just wait for a few minutes the light will turn to a stable aqua color and then your router will be ready to use.

What Does The Yellow Light On My EE Router Mean And How To Fix It? 

if your router is showing a stable yellow color then it means the hub is running But there is no internet connection. You can fix this problem by following the on-screen help wizard On your device.

What Does The Ted Light On My EE Router Mean And How To Fix It? 

As is usual when a red light is seen, it means a warning. The same goes for your EE Router, when it shows the red light, the problem could be that the router has detected an error somewhere in the Connection stream and it’s trying to connect to the internet. There are a couple of things to do to try and fix this problem, one of which is to power your router off and then turn it back on again and wait for it to complete the booting process. If after doing this you’re still experiencing the red light then you may want to try a hard reset on your hub. This reset can be done by pressing either a pin or a paper clip on your Hub’s reset button while the hub is still on, the light should change to green after holding the reset button for about 20seconds long. Once you release the factory reset button, your EE Router will commence resetting.

If per adventure the light remains red after this process, you will have to call the EE Router company because the problem may have exceeded what you can fix by yourself and you’ll need professional services to have it fixed.

What The Flashing Aqua Light On My EE Router Mean And How To Fix Fix It?

When you see a flashing aqua light on your EE Router, it means that your router is working but the Ethernet or broadband cable is not connected. Not to worry, as this problem can be easily fixed. All you need to do is to check that your broadband cable with grey ends is properly fitted and your filter is properly installed.

What The WPS Light Mean On My EE Router Mean And How To Fix It? 

When your WPS starts to blink a blue light, you have about 2 minutes to press the WPS button. It means that it’s not connected. If after doing this the light turns red, then you wait for a couple of minutes and then try again. When it’s connected, it does not blink any light.

What Does No Light On My EE Router Mean And How To Fix It? 

It’s easy to miss the signal when there’s no light blinking at all. So you should have it at the back of your mind that when your router is functioning well, there’s a light to indicate that. So when your router isn’t showing any light, it’s also an indication of a problem. 

When your router is not showing any light then it means that either your router is not receiving any power or your lights are off due to a configuration change in your EE Router software.

What you should do is check and make sure your main cable is plugged in properly and connected to the power supply. Also, check to make sure that the lights have been turned on in your router’s configurations. If this does not change the situation you may want to contact EE for more assistance.

What Color Should My EE Hub be?

You may be wondering after going through all these colors and what they mean as well as how to fix the problem, what then should the light on my EE Router be. Well yes just as there are signals to indicate a problem, there is also a signal to let you know that everything is alright and working well. 

The light you should expect to see on your EE hub that would tell you that your router is working well is a stable aqua light. You have to make sure that the aqua light is stable before you get relaxed as a flashing aqua light means there’s a problem that needs to be fixed.

Just Incase your router is showing this light but still, you’re finding difficulty connecting to the internet, then you may want to check your devices or gadgets as the problem is not from the router.


Just like a baby gives different signals and signs to let you know what they need or how they feel, your EE Router too has signals in form of lights that lets you know not only that there is a problem but exactly what the problem is, thereby letting you know just how to fix it. Now you know just how to decipher these colors and the problems they could be indicating and also how to fix such problems, so go ahead and enjoy your EE Router while looking out for signs from your EE hub.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What color should My EE Router Light be?

Your EE Router should normally be a stable aqua color. Anything aside from this color and you may just have a problem to be fixed. Kindly revert to the corresponding paragraph for details.

2. Can I dim the lights on my smart router?

Yes, you can. All you need to do is from the smart menu option You go to the smart router, Click on the smart router setting Option. From there you can either set your light to off, low or high.

3. What are the signs of a faulty router?

There are several signs to let you know your router is faulty apart from the lights. Some of these signs include poor connectivity, worsening WiFi range, and speed. You do not have to see all these signs before you know your router is faulty. Even just one of the signs is enough to know that your router is getting faulty and it needs to be worked on.

4. Does unplugging a router mess up the hardware?

No. When you unplug a router you do not damage the hardware. In most cases, people unplug and plug back their router as a way of rebooting the router.


Lights On My EE Router Mean | How To Fix Them?

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