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A computer mouse is a pointing device you may use to operate your computer. It is essential hardware for everyone since it is used for most computer navigation. If your mouse begins to act strangely, like clicking on its own, there are several reasons and solutions. Let us know the reason why the mouse randomly clicks.

Mouse Randomly Clicks.

The primary cause of the issue mouse is clicking on its own is because of the Click Lock function. Deactivate the option, and your problem will be resolved. A fully functioning mouse will not click on its own. However, many remedies may be available depending on why your mouse is failing. A malware or virus attack might also cause the mouse to move, so it’s a good idea to check your computer’s security if you see this happening. Windows Security may assist you if you do not have dependable antivirus software.

Reasons My Mouse Randomly Clicking on its Own?

If the Mouse Randomly Clicks on its own, it might be due to external issues like dirt, improper port, or an active Click Lock function. Here are the main reasons: 

  • The click lock is active

The click-lock function may trigger the mouse to click on its own, or you are allowing your system to use the click-lock functionality. It can be the cause of random or automated mouse clicks.

  • The touchpad is activated

If your Mouse Randomly Clicks, the problem might be with your touchpad. Now and again, you may unintentionally tap your touchpad, causing your mouse to click.

  • Dirty mouse

If dust and debris block the mouse buttons, they might get stuck. Even though you just pressed the mouse button once, a sticky mouse button might result in a double-click action. Furthermore, spilled liquid on or near the mouse might cause the mouse buttons to get sticky, resulting in unintended click operations.

  • Broken System Files

Some corrupted foundation data on your PC might cause your device to break down. It will be evident if you notice any uneven clicks; regardless of whether or not you have a mouse attached, it might be broken files.

  • The double-click speed is set too slow

The most frequent cause of Mouse Randomly Clicks is because your mouse’s double-click speed is set too low. When the threshold is shallow, clicking twice may be perceived as a double-click.

  • Mouse batteries must be changed or recharged

If you’re using a wireless mouse, check to make sure it’s ultimately charged or, if possible, replace the batteries. Clicking issues may occur when a wireless mouse does not get enough power to relay the signal.

Troubleshooting the Mouse Clicking On Itself Problem

  • Attempt another USB port

Perhaps your mouse is unaffected. However, the USB port is faulty, forcing your mouse to click on its own. You might try connecting your mouse to your computer via another USB port to see if the problem persists.

  • Turn off the touchscreen

If you are experiencing this issue when using a touchscreen display, the issue may not be with your mouse but with the touchscreen monitor itself. The touchscreen display may interfere with the cursor and cause it to click on its own. In this case, deactivating the touchscreen should resolve the issue. 

Follow these tips to disable your touchscreen:

Begin by opening the Device Manager and finding and expanding the Human Interface Devices.

Find the driver for the touchscreen and choose “Properties.” Then, from the pop-up menu, choose Disable device.

  • Examine the cable for damage

Like a damaged port, a broken cable might prohibit appropriate communication between the mouse and the computer. Check for visible damage once again. The most typical location for frayed or disconnected wires is around the port and mouse end.

If you see any damage, you should probably use a new mouse. You may change your mouse and try again.

  • Clean the Dirt

In other circumstances, the uncontrolled mouse is caused by a single hair or piece of dust lodged inside it. Open your mouse and clean it with compressed air. Sometimes dirt gets lodged in the mouse, which is turned off. Or inhibits some of its functionality. 

It might lead to auto-clicking, and if the issue persists after cleaning the dust from your mouse, you might look for a remedy.

  • Examine your mouse’s switches

It is a high-level setup; if you are not careful, you might permanently damage your mouse. The mouse sometimes clicks as a result of its switches breaking down. And you could practically solve the problem by putting a drop of oil on them.

To begin, you must first detach and open your mouse. Find the mouse switches at that moment. Now, carefully place a drop of oil on the switch. And keep pressing the mouse switch until all of the oil is gone.

  • Turn off your touchpad

The mouse may keep clicking if you accidentally touch the touchpad if you use a laptop. If you prefer to use your mouse instead of the touchpad, you may temporarily deactivate it.

You may uncheck the box under Start > Settings > Devices > Touchpad. When using a mouse, keep the touchpad turned on.

  • Update the mouse driver using Device Manager

Device drivers are critical hardware components because they enable the device to function correctly. Faulty or outdated drivers may trigger mouse clicking. To upgrade your mouse drivers, follow these steps:

Select Device Manager from the menu that appears when you right-click on Start. You can accomplish the same thing by searching, selecting Device Manager, and then clicking on it.

Select the Mouse and Other Pointing Devices menu item to see it (on the left pane). 

Right-click on the device and select Update Driver. Please choose the option to have the system look for newer driver software automatically, then wait for it to update.

  • Disable Clicklock

If the clicklock is on, you can disable it by following the tips below:

Select Start > Settings > Devices > Mouse from the menu.

Under Related settings, choose Additional mouse options.

Ensure that the Buttons tab’s Turn on Clicklock option is unchecked.

Please use the Apply and OK buttons to permanently commit the changes.

  • Perform a virus and malware scan

Suppose the virus or malware has attached itself to and hijacked an essential system process. In that case, the system process may be delivering erroneous instructions to the system, resulting in Mouse Randomly Clicks. If this is the case, do an antivirus scan and repair it.

To access Settings, press Win + I.

Go to Privacy and security > Virus and threat prevention.

Check that your virus and threat protection updates are current.

After choosing Quick Scan, please wait while the process completes.

Take corrective action if Windows Security detects a virus or malware. It’s time to delete everything and start a comprehensive scan.

  • Acquiring a new mouse

Your mouse may have been damaged. Your mouse switches may wear down with time, so it may be time to consider acquiring a new mouse. If your hardware is causing this issue, the easiest solution is to get a new one.

Even after attempting every method that has been suggested. Your issue with the mouse auto-clicking or clicking on its remains. Even after purchasing a new mouse, you are still experiencing auto-clicking. Then it would be best if you got your computer examined by a computer professional or an expert. 


If your mouse clicks randomly, it might be due to external influences, drivers, or mouse characteristics. Cleaning the mouse and connecting it to a new port is a fantastic way to solve this issue. Updating the drivers with specialist software may also quickly address this problem.

If your mouse is weird, it might be due to many factors. If you believe your mouse needs to be cleaned, there are specific tactics and suggestions you may apply to make it as good as new. A case in point: isopropyl alcohol works wonders on a dirty mouse. The troubleshooting steps outlined above should assist you in resolving the mouse clicking on its own issue.

  1. Can hackers manipulate your mouse?

Yes, hackers can manipulate your mouse. It indicates that they have gained control of your device using a remote control tool, like the popular remote desktop. You should unplug from the network and restart your computer to avoid the hackers accessing your data

  1. Is a mouse clicking automatically a symptom of a virus?

No, thankfully. An outdated driver is the most likely cause of this issue. Fortunately, upgrading the previous driver is a simple patch that should restore your mouse’s functionality. It might also be due to dust or other material lodged within the mouse.

  1. Why does my mouse continue to select everything?

Windows users may drag and highlight elements inside the interface without holding the mouse button. If this feature is engaged in your system without your awareness, the mouse may begin to highlight by itself. If this is not the case, it might indicate mouse wear and use, and you will need to replace the unit.

Mouse Randomly Clicks | Reasons

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