Netflix Sound Not Working

We are progressing faster than the last few decades put together. Our mobile phone is enough to make hefty payments and we no longer need DVD players or set-up boxes to watch TV. With smart tv’s liters running the whole market of the entertainment world one doesn’t even need to visit cinema hall to watch the latest movie. And Netflix is the grooming king of this fast pacing world. Everyone talks about it, everyone loves it. There is an ocean of content on Netflix and the basic fees that it asks for are good enough to keep the customers hooked. Let us know more detail about ‘Netflix Sound Not Working’.

Netflix Sound Not Working

Netflix Sound Not Working

No doubt Netflix walks the talk. They add new movies, dramas, documentaries, and videos to their content library regularly so you could never get tired of it. But what if you start facing a glitch while binge-watching the new Stranger Things season? What if you face an issue on it and you have no idea how to fix it and you want to complete that Friends season? Well, you don’t have to worry.  Netflix is there to provide you a 24/7 assistance and if you can’t fix the issue yet then you can type it on google and you would be good to go.

If you are facing sound issues on Netflix then keep reading because this article is  going to tell you some perky secrets to fix that damn problem.

What causes sound issues?: Netflix Sound Not Working

When it comes to technical issues then there ain’t a single reason and answer. The problem might lie in your connection, or some technical glitch you can’t put your finger on, or perhaps Netflix has decided to go under maintenance. Things like these are common in the world of technology so you don’t need to hype over it. Keep trying a few fixes and you might find the actual reason behind the said issue.

As I said earlier all the devices are different and so is their performance. According to a recent report issued by Netflix, the number of TV users who prefer to watch Netflix on smart TV is more than the ones using PC or smartphones. Since people are using the app differently the solution to their problem is going to be different as well. Here I have given a few fixes for the sound issue based on the devices. Keep reading!

How can you fix the sound issue on Smart TV?

The number of Netflix users on smart TV is greater than any other device user. There are several apps that one can use on Smart TV and Netflix is the most popular among all of them. But when you start facing glitches it completely ruins the mood. So I have put together some fixes that work on all kinds of Smart TVs, regardless of the company. 

Refer to the guide given below to fix the issue. You can move on to the next one if the first one doesn’t work for you. 

Fix 1: Restart and Reboot

Your smart TV might be facing some external glitches or errors. It might have run into a faulty server that keeps on blocking updates and interferes with other features. One of the best ways to fix the issue is to Reboot but if you don’t get that option on your TV or you are afraid you might lose the data you can try restarting. 

Switch off all the plugs and cables. Wait for a few minutes. Restart the TV and see if it works fine. 

If not, then try the next fix.

Fix 2: Try troubleshooting 

Troubleshooting is one of the best options to identify the actual problem. It scans your device and tells you the exact issue behind that glitch. Troubleshooting helps to find the actual bug and gives you the solution for it. It is one of the most reliable sources to pinpoint any kind of problem that 

You can try unplugging all the wires and reinserting them. If the problem was with a loose wire then this might solve it.

How to fix the sound issue on the PC?

Using Netflix on PC or laptops is easier and the second most common medium. In the modern world where people are trying to find the fast and easy way out, PC is entering their daily lifestyle fastly. And why not? After all, it is easy to carry and works great if you are traveling. iPads and laptops are becoming more popular for those who love to travel and binge-watch drama series.

When you start facing sound issues on your PC then you don’t need to worry about it. Just try some of these fixes and you will be good to go.

Fix 1: Adjust PC audio settings 

Look for Run Window in the settings option. You can use the shortcut key Win+R and type “mmsys. CPL” in the search box. The native sound hardware settings window will open up. Now look for the Playback option and select your speakers. Hit the set Default button. Click on the Properties option and go to Advanced settings. Make sure the audio settings are around 20 bit 202000 Hz. Change the settings accordingly and save.

Fix 2: Adjust Netflix audio settings 

Go to the settings menu on the right side of the page. Go to the Sound settings option. Look for audio settings and check if audio settings are non-5.1 if not change the settings and check if the issue is resolved or not. If it didn’t fix the issue then go ahead and try the next fix.

Fix 3: Change the settings of the Audio driver and update

Audio drivers need regular updates and maintenance. If you have not updated your regular one do it once for sure. You can do so by checking the version of your driver and searching it in google to know if it’s the recent one or not.

Fix 4: Play something different from the Netflix library 

It is common for some of the videos from Netflix to have certain issues as they have a vast library to manage. You should try playing a different video from Netflix content library to check whether they are playing or not. If they are playing perfectly then for sure the issue lies with that particular content only. If something like this happens then go to the Settings of that video and look for the Audio option. Check if it is set to Normal or not. If this doesn’t fix the issue and you really want to watch the show then email Netflix on their grievances section and inform them about the issue. They would certainly take it into consideration.

How to fix the issue on other streaming devices?

There are other devices like smartphones, android, and iPhones on which people prefer to watch Netflix. It is common for the young generation to use iPhone for watching Netflix or perhaps their mobile phones. Netflix is an application that works amazing on all the devices given it might go under maintenance here and there. But that is not a big issue as they do so to provide you with best of their services.Like I said all devices need fixes differently so I have mentioned below some other fixes that you can try. 

Fix 1: Try playing something different 

Sometimes the problem lies in Netflix itself so try playing audio/video on different app such as YouTube. If you can hear the audio on them then it means that Netflix might be going under maintenance or some sort of changes. You can try replaying the video after a few hours.

Fix 2: Check Internet connection 

The sound algorithm of Netflix works only after it receives a certain amount of level so you need to make sure that your Internet connection is stable. If not, try switching off the connections and restarting it again.  Once you restart the internet connection try replaying some other apps and see if they are working or not. Then try reloading Netflix and check if the problem is fixed.

What to do if the problem still remains?

If you have tried all the fixes and yet you couldn’t fix the issue then it definitely means that the problem might lies at Netflix’s end only. You can try emailing them or register your grievances at Customer Care Services. They would call you back in a few minutes and provide you with the solution. Netflix Customer Care are available twenty-four-by-seven for their customers. They would definitely help you with the problem.


Problems with Netflix sound issues can be caused due to different factors. You need to try different fixes and see which one works for you. If you are a smart TV user the problem might lie in the cable connections. And if you are a PC user you can try troubleshooting or fixing the Audio settings of your device. For the users of other devices you can try playing other apps to check where the real problem lies. Netflix is a huge company with many branches and it is common for them to go under maintenance regularly so it would be better to wait for a few hours and try replaying later on. If you couldn’t fix the issue then contact Customer Care Service and tell them about it. They will surely fix the issue for you. Hope you could find your solution. 

Netflix Sound Not Working

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