What Channel Is BBC Iplayer On Virgin Media?


You’re here to learn how to access the BBC iplayer, so we know how much you love the content on BBC iplayer. BBC iplayer is developed by BBC and BBC worldwide, free to join, and available in three different languages English, Welsh, and Scottish Gaelic. On this player, you can watch live BBC channels along with many tv programs, dramas, and soaps. As the iplayer has just been updated, you’ll have to sign in the first time you use it with your Virgin TV package. Let us know ‘What Channel Is BBC Iplayer On Virgin Media?’.

What Channel Is BBC Iplayer On Virgin Media?

What Channel Is BBC Iplayer On Virgin Media?

Are you struggling with getting access to BBC iplayer on virgin media? You are in the appropriate location if the response is “yes.” BBC iplayer provides a variety of TV programs. Who would not want to stream live channels and even the shows they have missed in their leisure time or while with your loved ones? 

You can enjoy many different categories on BBC iplayer, but after the latest update, many people face problems regarding access to BBC iplayer on virgin media. But you don’t have to worry anymore; here are a few easy methods to get BBC iplayer on virgin media:

  • Download the app

The simplest method to get BBC iplayer on virgin media is by downloading the app. The steps are straightforward, so you will not have any difficulty regarding this. So, after downloading the app, press the “home button” on your remote, then select the option “catch up” after that, choose channels, and then you must select “BBC iplayer” from the drop-down menu.

  • Sign in

Just log in for the first time, and you can use it with your virgin media package; although you will log out from your account if the cookies continuously change on your device or browser, this is not a fault in the app. The following are the steps to log in to the BBC iplayer:

First, open the app from your TV and click on sign in; the screen will refresh, so you should use the option of signing in using your other device. Already registered users will have the opportunity to enter the TV’s code on different devices. They must follow this method and select the option to sign in on television. After entering the code, you need to click continue on the TV. The last thing to do is check the I agree to BBC iplayer privacy note.

  • Remote control red buttons

This red-button service provides additional TV shows and live streaming of many different things. To access BBC iplayer, pick up your remote, press the red button, and select the BBC iplayer option. It will render you to the BBC iplayer so you can watch TV shows or stream some live programs.

  • Backward EPG 

As the name suggests, Backwards EPG allows the user to go back up to a week to watch the programs(mentioned) they missed.

Select the STV channel in the EPG, then scrolls backwards to access already aired shows.

These are the best ways to access the BBC iplayer on virgin media. But if you still face any issues while logging in, you can always contact a technical expert. As experts, they will be able to guide you to solve any problem you are facing and assist you further in the future.

Many issues have been reported about the problem with login in and downloading the app; these experts can help you to solve that issue.


For many people, the BBC is the ultimate entertainment source, and to enjoy this luxury, many people face the problem of accessing it on virgin media. The steps are simple:

  • Download the app.
  • Sign in to the BBC iplayer.
  • Access it through the red buttons on the remote control.
  • Use backward EPG.

If you face any problem accessing the BBC iplayer on virgin media, we recommend contacting a technical expert for a thorough guide.


Why can’t I access BBC iplayer on my TV?

There are many ways to get access to the BBC iplayer on TV but if you are not able to access it, first check if your TV’s system is up to date or not. You can factory reset your TV too.

Is BBC iplayer on virgin media paid?

The BBC iplayer on virgin media is entirely free. You do not have to pay for this iplayer to watch your favourite shows.

How can I watch BBC iplayer on different devices?

To watch BBC iplayer on TV, you will need a valid TV license, but if you want to watch it on other devices like mobile phones and laptops, then you must download the app and sign in to stream live channels and your favourite TV programs that are available on BBC iplayer.

Can I watch programs on BBC iplayer without signing in?

The answer is no; you cannot watch any show without signing in.

How do I use BBC iplayer on my device?

The BBC iplayer is available on Android 5.0 or above, IOS 7 or above, Blackberry 10, Windows 10, and Amazon Fire OS 5 or above. You can simply use the BBC iplayer by downloading the app on your device and signing in. or you can open your browser and go to bbc.co.uk/iplayer to access the websites.

What Channel Is BBC Iplayer On Virgin Media?

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