Uber Account Disabled

Uber has become one of the major platforms and services helping more consumers daily. If you need transport or even food, Uber will be there to offer you just what you need. When your Uber account becomes disabled, it can be frustrating, especially when you need to be somewhere in a few hours. Let us know “Uber Account Disabled”

Uber Account Disabled

Uber is one of the most convenient platforms that anyone can use. Whether you are looking to travel around the city or to get yourself some lunch, Uber has got you covered. There are some reasons that lead to your Uber account being disabled. With that said, there are also some solutions that you can use to make sure your account is working again.

How can my Uber account become disabled?

As an Uber driver or passenger, there are some important terms and conditions that you will need to accept before you can make use of the services. It is your responsibility to go through them and understand what they mean. This will also help you in preventing your account from being disabled as you will know what you can and cannot do on the platform as a rider or driver. 

If you do not follow the rules and regulations, then you are at risk of having your account disabled. Here are some reasons why your account is disabled:

As a rider or passenger:

  • Ineligibility
  • Unsafe
  • Not following the Uber terms of service and policy 
  • Having low ratings
  • Sharing your account


To ensure that you can continue using Uber services, you will need to follow all rules. Uber has a set of values that all passengers need to abide by so that their accounts stay active. To use Uber, you need to follow these guidelines:

  • No discrimination allowed
  • No use of abusive language, inappropriate sexual behavior, and aggressive behavior allowed
  • No smoking or drinking of alcohol allowed 


Road safety is a major consideration that all passengers need to be aware of. As a passenger, there are things that you can do to influence the safety of yourself, other passengers, and also the driver. Therefore, to ensure safety at all times, you are required to:

  • Wear a seatbelt upon entering the car
  • Refrain from damaging the car or the property of the driver or other passengers
  • Refrain from distracting the driver

Not following the Uber terms of service and policy

All Uber users have to follow the Uber terms of service and policies. These policies are put in place to protect the passengers and also the drivers thus failure to follow the policy can result in your account being disabled. Here are some of the crucial aspects of the Uber policy that you should be aware of:

  • No weapons or firearms allowed when you ride
  • Passengers under the age of 18 need to have an adult with them when they are travelling

Having low ratings

Ratings on the Uber service platform allow drivers to see if they should accept your ride or not. Ratings give drivers an overview of your behavior which then determines if they will be taking you or not. You may think that only passengers can rate drivers, but you should know that drivers can also rate passengers. 

Sharing your account

To be eligible for using Uber services, you need to create your own account. You are not allowed to pretend to be someone else. However, Uber does allow you to request rides for your friends or family, as long as you select the option that shows that the ride is for “somebody else” and they are over the age of 18.

As a driver:

  • Having low acceptance rates
  • Having high cancellation rates
  • Fraudulent activities
  • Failing the background check
  • Providing inaccurate vehicle documentation and driving a different car
  • Not caring about the safety of passengers

Having low acceptance rates

As an Uber driver, you have an agreement with the Uber company to provide a reliable and convenient service to all customers. Therefore, you will need to work and accept rides even though you are free to choose your time to work. Drivers that are not working at all can have their accounts disabled.

Having high cancellation rates

Uber is a convenient and reliable service that all customers enjoy using. Once it begins to be unreliable due to drivers not accepting or canceling rides, then a problem arises. Canceling too many rides can put your account at risk of being disabled or even deactivated. Canceling a ride after you have accepted it can be very problematic for passengers and Uber itself. Thus, too many cancellations can lead your account into becoming disabled.

Fraudulent activities

Fraudulent activities such as not abiding by the rules and policies set by Uber can put your account at risk of being deactivated. If your account becomes deactivated due to fraudulent activities, it can be harder to get it reactivated again. Fraudulent activities can include but are not limited to unethical referrals and claiming fees that should not be yours.

Failing the background check

To become an Uber driver, you need to go for background checks. The background checks such as the checking of criminal records will determine if you can become an Uber driver or not. Being a driver means that you will be working with a lot of people therefore it is crucial for you to pass these background checks to convince people that you are reliable.

Providing inaccurate vehicle documentation and driving a different car

Just like how passengers cannot share accounts, as an Uber driver, you are also not allowed to pick up riders using a different car than the one visible on your profile. You are only allowed to drive and pick up passengers using the car that you have provided and is approved by Uber. Your car will also need to go for checks and screening to ensure that it is safe for the road and all passengers.

Not caring about the safety of passengers

The safety of all customers and passengers is a priority for Uber. All passengers need to be safe therefore drivers cannot be accepting rides when they are not in a condition to drive people around. If passengers report you due to unsafe driving and putting their lives at risk, your account is likely to be disabled. There are policies put into place that prevent drivers from using alcohol and drugs while on the job. 

How can I know if my Uber account has been disabled?

When your account is disabled, it will be easy to spot. Having a disabled account means that you cannot request rides if you are a passenger, and you also cannot continue working as a driver. Your Uber application will let you know if your account has been disabled. You may also receive an email from Uber informing you that your account is either temporarily disabled or permanently disabled.

When you try to login into the Uber platform, you will see a notification or message that states that your account has been disabled due to certain reasons. Reasons for a disabled account will be different for each user. The notification or message will also state that you can contact Uber support for more details and support for your disabled account.

How can I reactivate my Uber account?

Having your Uber account disabled can cause many frustrations for you as a passenger or a driver. There are certain steps that you can take to try to reactivate your Uber account. However, bear in mind that in some cases, you will not be able to have your account reactivated. Crucial cases such as causing the unsafety of passengers, or the driver can put you at risk of losing your Uber account.

Here are the steps that you can take to reactivate your account:

For passengers:

If your account has been disabled, you can contact Uber Support or Uber customer service as the first step. Use the email that you have used for creating your account to make all queries. You can ask for more details on why your account has been disabled and how they can help you reactivate it.

Here are the contact details that you can use to contact Uber:

  • Email- support@uber.com
  • Phone number- (800) 593 7069
  • Help Portal- help.uber.com

For drivers:

If your account has been disabled and you are unsure about the reasons, you can contact Uber to find out why. You can also try having your account reactivated by doing the following:

  • Contacting the help centre at help.uber.com
  • Visit their offices

How can I prevent my account from being disabled?

If you follow the rules and Uber policies, that should help protect you from having your account disabled. However, there are other things that you can do to prevent your account from being disabled whether you are a rider or a passenger.

Here are some tips on preventing your account from being disabled:


Try not to request rides for groups of people who will not fit in the type of ride chosen. There are different types of cars and rides available that can accommodate different groups of people. Be sure to check how many people are required to take a trip then choose the right ride and avoid canceling rides for no reason.


  • Refrain from driving when tired or intoxicated
  • Keep your vehicle clean at all times
  • Make sure that your vehicle is in good condition before accepting trips
  • Make the safety of your passengers a priority


Uber is a convenient service that can help you move from point A to point B. It can also help you make a little cash on the side if you are working as a driver. Having your account disabled can lead to many frustrations. Therefore, be sure to protect your account from being disabled. There are also some ways that you can get your account reactivated if it does become disabled.

Uber Account Disabled

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