What Channel Is Heart Radio On Virgin Media?


Virgin media is a British cable and telecommunications and mass media company that provides internet, telephone and television services. Its headquarters is in Reading, England, UK. The company owns and operates the fibre optic cable network in the UK. The heart radio network is popular and has a total 7.9 million listeners as of now as it is a local radio station operated by global. Let us see What channel is heart radio on virgin media.

What channel is heart radio on virgin media?

What channel is heart radio on virgin media?

The Virgin Media company provides packages through which the viewer can select their customised tv channels, these packages include lists of sports, entertainment, music, movies, and many more categorised channels which makes it easier to watch. To operate virgin television one must be a subscribed customer, the following steps are mentioned below as to how one can get access to heart radio. 

Step 1 :- Select the package which you want from the Virgin Television guide.

Step 2 :- To get access to the channel there must be a tick on that specific column.

Step 3 :- If the channel is available as a part of your personal pick collection.

Step 4 :- If supposedly one has chosen the HD package then the all the selected channels will appear to be televised in HD. 

Step 5 :- To get access to the heart radio channel on virgin media one must look for it in the radio list which is below the Local channels list and above the Adult channels list, the heart radio lands on the 16th number of the list. 

Virgin Media

  • As this mass media company provides television services alongside they also deliver deals on mobiles, broadband, phone and sim deals. Their speed allows the customer to get the most out of the connection not only this but also their average speed is 1130Mbps that is 16 times faster than other broadbands. The Virgin Media services are only available in the Virgin Media network. They provide a wide range of options for the customer to select the payment type for the set up fee. 
  • Virgin Media also has an app which supports both IOS and Android through which the setup gets completed through the help of My Virgin Media account details once the setup is completed the customer can get access to multiple channels from various locations. 
  • For the smooth flow of profits the company also lets the customer choose from multiple offers i.e Ultimate Volt, Biggest TV, Biggest TV volt, Netflix, Bigger volt + movies, Bigger bundle + movies, Bigger Volt bundle, Bigger bundle, M125 Broadband + TV, Broadband + TV Volt, M50 Fibre Broadband and Virgin Phone, M125 Fibre Broadband and Virgin Phone, Broadband + Phone + O2 SIM (Volt), M250 Fibre Broadband and Virgin Phone, Broadband + Phone + O2 SIM (Volt), M350 Fibre Broadband and Virgin Phone, Broadband + Phone + O2 SIM (Volt), M500 Fibre Broadband and Virgin Phone, Broadband + Phone + O2 SIM (Volt), Gig1 Fibre Broadband and Virgin Phone, Broadband + Phone + O2 SIM (Volt), M50 Fibre Broadband, M125 Fibre Broadband, Broadband M125 + O2 SIM (Volt), M250 Fibre Broadband, Broadband M250 + O2 SIM (Volt), M350 Fibre Broadband, Broadband M350 + O2 SIM (Volt). 

Heart Radio channel on Virgin Media

  • Heart Radio is a British radio channel where multiple stations get featured as it’s a mix of local and networked programming broadcast. Its headquarters is in Leicester square, London. The company is owned by Global media and entertainment and the national version of this network is available on Virgin Media, Global Player, Sky and Freecast. 
  • Heart radio ranks third amongst the BBC radio 4 and BBC radio 2 and has a reach of over 10.1 million. The first ever station of Heart radio was Heart West Midlands; its studio was located at Birmingham. 
  • Till date Heart Radio has 19 stations which are as follows; Heart East, Heart London, Heart Hertfordshire, Heart North East, Heart North and Mid Wales, Heart North West, Heart Scotland, Heart South, Heart South Wales, Heart West, Heart West Midlands, Heart Yorkshire, Heart 70s, Heart 80s, Heart 90s, Heart UK, Heart Dance, Heart 00s, and Heart Xmas. 

Where can the heart radio channel section be found on Virgin Media? 

It will appear in the homepage under the radio section of the virgin media. 

How can one listen to the heart radio channel on Virgin Media? 

The listener can simply install the new TV app of Virgin Media which is available on AppStore and Playstore from where you can listen to any radio be that heart, BBC or any local radio station and can even listen to any podcast. 


Both the Virgin Media company and Heart Radio are popular and well recognised companies and are connected together as Virgin Media is a television. mass media and telecommunications company Heart Radio is a local radio station based in the UK it is very simple to find the channel through the TV guide of the company for the customer. 

Frequently asked questions 
  • How many radio channels are included in the Virgin Media TV guide? 

              There are a total of 37 radio channels included in the Virgin Media TV guide. 

  • Is Netflix available with Virgin Media? 

              Yes, it is available if the customer buys a Virgin Media bundle with Netflix.

What Channel Is Heart Radio On Virgin Media?

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