Why Are My Airpods Not Connecting?


Normally, Airpods connect to your mobile devices, Mac, or computer easily but sometimes they do not connect. Airpods connection issues are caused by many factors like low battery, Bluetooth issues, physical issues, etc. In this article, we have compiled the easiest Methods you can use to fix these issues in a very short time. Read on to get more information on this problem and learn how to solve it. Let us know ‘Why Are My Airpods Not Connecting?’.

Why Are My Airpods Not Connecting?

Why Are My Airpods Not Connecting?

The possible reasons your AirPods are not connecting to your device are low battery, Bluetooth issues, outdated software, faulty hardware, dirt or debris in the AirPods and its case, connection bugs, and others. Do you experience problems connecting your AirPods with your device, read on to find out the solutions and connect your Airpods easily.

How To Fix Airpod Connection Issues?

Before you go for more complicated methods of solving this connection problem, try these simple solutions first;

Charge Your Airpod

 If your AirPods are not charged, they will either not connect at all or show lower performance. To charge your Airpods, place them inside the charging case, the status light indicates when it is fully charged. 

There are different ways to check the battery status of your Airpods.

First, Connect your Airpods to your iPhone then check the battery prompt or widget for the battery percentage. 

Charge Your Airpod Case

 If your AirPods case is not charged, it won’t charge your Airpods, connect your Airpods case to a lightning connector and Connect it to a wall charger or USB Port.

Clean the AirPods and Charging Case

Dirt or debris can get stuck in your Airpods or charging case causing issues like electrical damage and connecting problems.

To prevent or Remove this problem, you have to clean your Airpods properly. To do this, you need a lint-free cloth, a Toothpick, and an old toothbrush.

Use the cloth to carefully clean the Airpods and their case.

Remove dirt or debris from the edges of your Airpods and their case with a toothpick or brush.

Turn on Bluetooth on the Device

When Bluetooth is turned on on your device, you would be able to connect your Airpods.

You can do this in three ways, settings app, control center, or Siri.

Settings app. Open the settings app, tap Bluetooth and tap the switch

Control Center. Scroll up from the base of your screen to view the control center on iPhone 8 or earlier. On iPhone X or later, scroll down from the upper right corner of the screen.

Siri. Push and hold the home button to open Siri or say “hey Siri” and say turn on Bluetooth.

Reset your AirPod 

Open the settings app on your iPhone.

Click on Bluetooth.

Click on the more info icon beside your Airpods.

Click on forget this device and then tap Confirm

Place the AirPods inside the case, and wait for 30 seconds or more.

Open your Airpods case, and apply pressure on the setup button at the back of the case for some time, you would see an amber color and then a white color from the status light.

Your Airpods would now connect to your iPhone easily.

Update Your iPhone Software In Settings

New software updates are regularly introduced by Apple, if you have never connected these Airpods to your iPhone before, check if the iOS is compatible with your Airpods or requires an update.

Open the Settings app on your device.

Tap General.

Tap Software Update. On this page, check the version of iOS you are using if it needs to be updated.

If your device needs an update, click tap on Download then install it.

Restart your Device

Restarting your device stops the activities of background apps which might be obstructing the Bluetooth connection.

Apply pressure on the side button of your device Push until you see the power-off slider on the screen.

With your fingers, Drag the slider across the screen. This turns off your device. 

If your device does not respond, force restart it.

Apply pressure on the power button of your device until you see the Apple logo on your screen.

Connect your Airpods manually

If the automatic connection does not work, try connecting your Airpods manually.

Return your Airpods to the case, bring the case closer to your device, and open it again. 

Apply pressure on the base at the back of the case until you see the status light of the Airpods.

Check for your Airpod’s name on the list of devices in your Bluetooth.

Confirm and pair the Airpods with your device.

Restart Bluetooth connection

Restarting your Bluetooth connection clears the old data stored on your device and solves connectivity issues.

Launch the Settings app

Click on Bluetooth

Click on the button near your Airpod’s name.

Click on disconnect, this turns off the Bluetooth, and wait for some time.

Raise the lid of your Airpods case and reconnect it to your device.

Turn off ‘Low Power Mode’

This limits the activities of your device including Bluetooth connection. It begins to work when your phone is at 20%

Swipe down from above your screen to Launch the control center.

Click on the battery icon


Open the settings app

Tap the battery and switch to low power mode.

Reset network settings

Resetting your device’s network settings deletes all the data concerning WI-FI or Bluetooth which might have existed between the two devices from your iPhone/iPad. 

Open settings app

Tap General

Tap reset

Tap reset Network settings.

Type in your passcode when requested

Your Device would restart and reset.

DFU restores your iPhone

Device Firmware Update mode DFU solves software problems by completely erasing your files, and data and resetting viruses and wrong settings thereby giving your phone a fresh start. 

Before entering DFU mode, try backing up your device so you can restore all your data.

To set DFU mode on an iPhone 8 or more recent iPhones:

Link your iPhone/iPad and your computer with a USB cable.

Open the recent iTunes or Finder app on the two devices.

Apply pressure on the Volume Up button, and do the same for the Volume Down.

Apply pressure on the power button until your device turns off.

Push and hold the power button alongside the volume down button for at least five seconds.

Let go of the power button, and hold down the volume button until your iPhone is detected by iTunes or Finder.

Tap restore iPhone.

Check If Your AirPods Are Connected To Your Device

Your Airpodsay be connected to another person’s device and receive sounds from it. So they cannot connect to yours. To change this:

Open the control center on your home screen.

Tap the audio output icon, it is similar to a triangle with three circles inside.

Tap Airpods so your iPhone connects to your AirPods.

If your AirPod is not on the list, they are probably connected to another device.

Bring Your AirPods Close To Your Device

If the distance between your Airpods and your iPhone is too big, you would not be able to connect the devices. To check if your Airpods are close to your device:

On your Home screen, swipe down from the top right-hand corner or swipe up from the bottom edge to open the control center.

Tap the audio output icon, it is similar to a triangle with three circles inside.

Your Airpods should be on the list of audio output sources. If not, it is too far.

Contact Apple to Repair your AirPods

If your AirPods are damaged, you can repair them by visiting the Genius Bar at an Apple Store by opening Apple’s website and booking an appointment or through Apple’s mail-in repair service by visiting Apple’s online support website.

You can also contact Apple support searching for your country’s number and calling.


If you have tried the solutions given in this article, your AirPods should be working perfectly now. 

We have explained the solutions to several problems you can encounter while trying to connect your AirPods to your device.


Why are My AirPods Not Charging

If your AirPods are not charging, it might be because:

It is not properly connected. Check if the USB cable is firmly plugged into your charging case and the USB power adapter and power adapter is firmly plugged into a power outlet.

The Airpods need to be charged with the case. Return your AirPods to the case and charge the two together for 15 minutes.

There is dirt or debris In the AirPods and the case. Remove the dirt or debris from your Airpods and the case.

How Long Does it Take to Fully Charge AirPods Case?

AirPods 2  takes 15 minutes to charge and works for 3 hours. AirPods 3 takes 5 minutes to charge and works for 1 hour while AirPods Pro charges for a longer time.

Can I Replace My AirPods or My Charging Case

If you lost one of your AirPods or your charging case, you can replace them for a fee by Contacting Apple Support. You can also replace your battery.

Why Is My Airpod Warm

It is normal for your device to get warm while charging or if you use it for too long. However, it returns to its original temperature when fully charged or when you stop using it.

Why Are My Airpods Not Connecting?

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