Why Are Rainbow Vacuums So Expensive?

Rainbow vacuums are one of the best machines which can provide excellent cleansing services to their customers. It is developed with an excellent mechanism for sterilizing and purification of the home and surroundings. These highly demanded machines are manufactured by Rexair. Because these cleaners not only clean but also extract dirt, germs, and bacteria from our atmosphere, that’s why these machines are usually high-priced. Let us know more detail about ‘Why Are Rainbow Vacuums So Expensive?’.

Why Are Rainbow Vacuums So Expensive?

Why Are Rainbow Vacuums So Expensive?

Rainbow vacuum’s costs are high compared to other vacuums available in the market because they use highly developed technology to create such a masterpiece. These machines use an effective purification system that cleans all types of surfaces and purifies the atmosphere of its customers. These machines are reliable, and if handled with care, this purification technology will stay with you for a long time.

What are vacuum cleaners?:

Before starting, first, understand the purpose of vacuum cleaners

These are the electronic machines used to purify and sterilize the dust, dirt, and grime from different types of exteriors.

Nowadays, there are a lot of companies that are developing purifying machines to help people sterilize their homes. Rainbow is known as one of the best because of its services.

Why Rainbow machines are high-priced?:

The things that make them so high-priced are the techniques used for tidying and purification.

The working method of Rainbow machines:

The working method of these machines makes them outstanding. The types of equipment attached to the machine, use two types of forces, to sterilize and purify the home. Its method of purifying the surfaces is divided into two steps:

  • Aerodynamics: A term of physics that means the way entities fly between airs. This force is used in the Rainbow machines. This force helps to uplift the dirt and grime from the surfaces and put them in the water basin of the machine.
  • Hydrodynamics: It is also the term of physics that means the movement of water and forces that move the entities in the water, with its movement. This force is used in Rainbow machines, the dirt and grime particles that were thrown in the water basin, are now caught by the water that continuously moves around in the machine. When the machine is turned on uses these two forces for purification, making it work so amazingly that as a result, the atmosphere we get after cleaning is highly purified.
  • Accessories provided by the company: Another reason which makes them so high-priced, is accessories that are part of machines. These are included in the pack to make sterilizing easier for us. These are
  • Power Nozzles: This is an excellent attachment provided by Rexair. By using this, you can clean all types of surfaces. It has a brush that spins fastly to remove dirt particles from the surfaces.
  • Aqua Mate: This is also an amazing accessory, which is used to clean carpets. The company also manufactures a special solution which is used in this machine, with water. This accessory works astonishingly when it is attached to the machine, it not only cleans the carpet but also deodorizes it and dries it within minutes.
  • Rain Jet: As its name shows, it contains a shower that sprays water on all types of floors. This accessory is used to clean surfaces of dirt using water.
  • Rainbow Mate: Rainbow Mate is used to clean spaces of your house that you cannot access easily like sofas, cabinets, stairs that are carpeted, and many more.
  • Mini Jet: This is also an amazing piece of machine that is used to clean stains from small places, which means if your child drops water paint on the carpet mini-jet will help you to clean it instantly. It also helps you in sterilizing your cars from the inside.
  • Jet Pat: It is a powerful accessory of a rainbow machine, which helps in cleaning wide areas with its wide area covering range.

Cost of Rainbow Vacuums:  

This company provides the best service by being present when a customer is about to purchase these machines. The customer is the priority of the company so they are served by a professional seller that not only guides them but also shows them how to use the machine. They also offer their customers excellent warranty packages.

These magnificent machines cost a customer 1500 to 3000 dollars.

Why rainbow vacuums are different from others?:

There are a lot of other machines competing with the Rainbow machines. Some of these are good but some features of rainbow machines make them different. These purifying machines persist a few features that differentiate them from other machines, available in the market.

1. Quality:

While purchasing a purifying machine, the first thing a customer looks for is its quality. Rexair does not compromise on the quality of its cleaning system, hence the company checks the quality of products with its modern tools to deliver excellence to customers. 

2. A Great Asset:

Instead, they are high-priced but they are great assets for customers. Because of their good quality and long life, these products will become a great asset for a customer.

3. Elegant design and looks:

These machines have an elegant design that looks impressive when customers see them. You cannot stop yourself from saying Wow! When you see them. They look modern, elegant, glorious as well as fashionable.

4. Easily operated:

Anyone can use these machines because they are easily operable machines. Just put necessary things like water, cleaning solution, and emollient and switch it on for usage.

5. Reliable:

Rexair has been making these products since 1936. They use modern tools to develop machines. These machines are trustworthy because they persist with modern techniques and outstanding quality.

6. Reduces air pollution:

This machine system is developed in such a way that it helps in reducing the polluting particles from the air and purifies it. This statement was verified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM).

7. Some downsides:

Although these machines have some features, they also have some downsides:

8. The high-priced machine:

The modernization of the machine makes it a high-priced product. This machine is not affordable for everyone. This range of price is only acceptable to well-off people.

9. It is a heavy machine:

This machine is overweight because of the heavy pieces of equipment attached to it. This machine is so heavy that everybody cannot lift it. 

What makes these machines so stable?:

These purification machines are stable and imperishable if they are looked after appropriately. Good maintenance will lead to stability.

Although a machine has to be changed after some time, these high-quality machines will stay stable if we look after them properly. This machine lives for 10-15 years if taken properly.

If a technical issue comes in the machine, it should be fixed instantly for the longer stability of the machine.

Few suggestions to maintain the stability of the machines:

We know that good maintenance will lead to the stability of the machine. There are a few suggestions to maintain its stability:

  • Regular checks: These machines should be examined and checked regularly. All parts should be cleaned and purified for the stability of the machine.
  • Instantly resolve technical issues: If the machine is not working due to any technical issue, take it to the expert technician to resolve the issue.
  • Keep it safe: Always keep the machine away from extremely high and low temperatures. 

How to purchase a Rainbow Vacuum?:

These machines can only be purchased, from the permissible retailers of Rainbow machines, or its website.

  • From the website: If a customer placed an order by using the company’s website, the company sends their professionals to the home of the customer for his satisfaction. 

These professional trainees will show them the features and functions of the machine along with its parts. These tours for the employees are free the company didn’t charge anything for this.

  • From retailer: A customer can also purchase these machines from the following retailers:
  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Home Depot 
  4. Overstock 


Rainbow vacuum is a name of good quality. These machines are a modern, delegate, and efficient in working, which makes them create a monopoly in the market. The accessories attached to it, make it possible to clean and sanitize all the corners of a house. Instead of the bad facts, that this is heavy and not affordable by all, this machine looks to make you buy it.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • What is the most reliable online source to buy rainbow machines?

The most reliable online source is Amazon for buying its products.

  • How many accessories does Rainbow vacuum provide with it?

Rainbow provides six different types of accessories with it:

  1. Power nozzles 
  2. Aqua mate
  3. RainJet
  4. MiniJet
  5. JetPat 
  6. Rainbow Mate
  • What is the minimum cost of a Rainbow vacuum in the US?

Rainbow products are high-priced products in the United States. The minimum cost of the machine ranges from 700 to 2000 dollars.

  • What is the maximum cost of a Rainbow vacuum in the US?

Rainbow products are high-priced products in the United States. The maximum cost of the machine ranges from 1500 to 2500 dollars.

Why Are Rainbow Vacuums So Expensive?

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