Laptop Only Works When Plugged In

Why Laptop Only Works When Plugged In? A laptop is a device that you can use anywhere at any moment.  If your laptop does not work without the plugged charger, you can examine this problem and fix it in a while by following the guidelines. The thing that differentiates a laptop device from a PC is the battery. We have the battery in the laptop but a PC does not operate on a battery. It uses the direct current from the power cable. But a laptop has a rechargeable battery. So, a user can take the laptop anywhere at any point in time. Let us know “Laptop Only Works When Plugged In”

Laptop Only Works When Plugged In

Laptop Only Works When Plugged In

Let us dig into  why “Laptop Only Works When Plugged In”, A user can use a functional laptop anywhere without having power cables because it can operate only on a battery. If your laptop is not able to work without the charger, it may have serious issues. These issues can be related to the software system or the hardware integrated with a laptop. Following content addresses these issues and the proper fixes to perform.

Users have choices to deal with the same problem

reasons why Laptop Only Works When Plugged In? If your laptop only goes on when it is plugged in with the charger, you have to troubleshoot everything before taking the decisive step. Your laptop might have a damaged battery. Before purchasing a new battery, you must have to see the other aspects of this issue. There can be other causes of this problem that include some problems in the configurations, drivers, and software system. You need to carefully troubleshoot your laptop from all these aspects before replacing the battery. If we can fix our problem with free means, we should try it before performing a costly action. A laptop battery is much more costly and the other foxes are free of cost. You need to try the other solution before going to the costly one. We will discuss each of the other means one by one in detail.

Ensure the proper battery connection

A user must ensure that his laptop battery is properly connected to its position. He must have to identify the problem with the proper connectivity. The thing that the user has to do is to take his laptop battery out of the laptop and again fit it in its correct position. He must ensure that the batter is locked. A sound of click type is produced when the battery is properly placed in its place. If the user did not hear the sound of the battery placement, he must have to remove the battery again and readjust it until he hears the sound of the locks in the battery placement position.

Types of batteries in the laptop systems

A user must have to deal with the dust and dirt if it is imposed on the battery connection position with the laptop. It is highly recommended to clean the battery surface and the laptop battery position with a soft cloth to get the proper results.  A user should keep in his mind that laptop batteries are of two types. Some detachable batteries and batteries are non-removable. If you have a detachable battery, you can remove it easily and fix it again to solve your issue. But if you have a non-removable battery, you have to examine the other aspect. 

Non-Removable Batteries 

This aspect is the wire that connects the laptop battery to the motherboard. This wire can become lost as a result of a sudden incident with the laptop. This incident can be a drop by someone’s hands. You have to uncover the back of the laptop with a screw and examine its internal parts. You have to ensure the safety of the internal components because they are very rare and technical. After removing the lid cover from the back of the laptop, find the wire that connects the motherboard component with the battery component. Check if the wire is connected properly or not. If it is not connected at all, connect it properly. If it is connected, check whether it is lost or not. If it is lost, fix it. You can also disconnect this wire and again reconnect it to build the connection from the new start. Now, again put the lid cover and screw the cover properly. Check your laptop again whether it fixes your laptop’s power problem or not.

Metallic connection of the detachable battery

If your laptop has a detachable battery, you must have to clean this battery with a fiber cloth. You have to take your laptop battery out of the laptop by moving the two buttons in the opposite direction. The battery will pop up and can be removed. Take your battery out and check if its metallic connection is not covered with dirt or dust. It can also become oxidized after corrosion. Remove this dirt and corrosion metal connection with the soft cloth. Now, align the batter metallic connection with the laptop battery position. Make sure it is accurately fixed.

Malfunctioning in the device drivers and the other driver of the system

A user should keep in mind that the thing that acts as a translator between the hardware and the operating system is called a driver. As the name suggests, it is used to get the functionality of driving the system components by establishing a communication pattern between the hardware and the software operating system. We can say that every component inside a computer system or a laptop is associated with a driver. Each component is associated or connected with a driver to get its true functionality and operations. Similarly, the laptop battery is also associated with a software battery driver. It checks and maintains the proper functioning of the detachable and non-detachable batteries.

Pending driver updates in your laptop system

Your laptop may have pending driver updates. You should check it from the control panel. Go to the list of drivers installed on your system and try to see if the driver associated with the battery is updated or not. Sometimes, during the installation of the drivers, your PC or laptop goes down and the installation corrupts or stops immediately. This sudden shutdown of the laptop caused the installation of the driver to corrupt permanently. You need to fix this corrupted driver by uninstalling and reinstalling it for proper functioning.

Manually check the setting related to the battery power of the laptop system

A user should keep in mind that his laptop has settings related to the battery power. He must open the device setting and find the power settings option. If you have changed your power battery settings previously, you must recharge it in the original settings for proper functioning. If your laptop power settings are by default and still you have got this issue then you should find the option related to power settings and try to configure it properly. After doing so, you have to restart your laptop and see whether it works or not without the power adapter. You have to recognize the settings related to the power adapter and change them accordingly. All the settings should be changed and set according to the user’s needs.

There might be corrupted driver files after a windows update

It is possible that you got some corrupted patches to your system when installing a windows update. When you install an update to your system, some latest updates do not cover the whole functionality. There might be leftover bugs in the latest update that needs to be fixed by the software company. Your laptop when start updating the latest driver, which might corrupt some files, and these files can be your power adapter-related drivers. These drivers are related to battery functionality.

You can fix this issue by fixing the driver bug or reinstalling the previous version of your operating system unless a complete bug-free system is launched. Now, you can see your laptop on without the power adapter cable. If you want to maintain the current version of the operating system, you can reinstall or update the drivers related to battery performance and connection. You can fix the installed corrupted drivers by uninstalling them and reinstalling them. 

You might have the unnoticed low battery power

This might be the case that you leave your laptop on sleep or you leave it on for a long time. In this case, your laptop battery is completely used by the system and not even 1% of the battery is available for your laptop system to work and start. To solve this problem, you have to take your laptop and the power adapter. You need to plug in the adapter and connect it to the power source for a few hours. You need to completely close the lid of the laptop during charge.

 Now, you should unplug your charger and press the start button to check whether it starts without having a connection with the battery adapter or not. If it does not start, its battery is 0% and you have to decide to remove your battery. You have to bear the cost of a new battery because your battery is completely damaged and not able to store the electric charge in it.

Ensure you are using the correct port for the charger

You might be using the wrong port of your laptop. Some latest laptops have built-in features with many ports. These ports can be looked same but have different functionality. Human error is possible and you can make the mistake of not plugging the power adapter into the right cable. Plug out your charger and plug it into the right port to charge your battery. Your laptop will only start when its battery is holding electric charges.


Now we have learnt “Laptop Only Works When Plugged In”, You can fix your laptop’s “only word when plug-in” issue by checking the device’s settings related to battery power, updating the corrupted driver, reinstalling the power adapter drivers, and cleaning your detachable battery. You can properly connect the wire that connects the motherboard and operating system in case of a non-detachable battery. If none of the solution work, you can buy a new battery and replace it with the old one.

Frequently Asked Questions

What component needs to be fixed in case of a non-detachable battery?

After removing the lid cover from the back of the laptop, find the wire that connects the motherboard component with the battery component. Check if the wire is connected properly or not. 

How can we update the corrupted drivers?

You can update the corrupted drivers from the device manager settings. You have to update the drivers related to battery power.

Laptop Only Works When Plugged In

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