Why Are Samsung Phones So Expensive?

Before diving into the costliness of Samsung phones, we will first talk about their whereabouts. If we talk about Samsung phones, then only the brand name is enough to explain their worth, as Samsung is one of the greatest smartphone brands on the globe. They have the highest global market value of approximately 21℅ in the mobile phone industry, which is much higher than popular international mobile phone brands like Apple, Huawei, etc. Samsung phones were originally founded by the world’s second-largest technology company, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., in the year 1969 in Suwon, South Korea. Their network is in almost 74 countries, and they are serving the world by making more advancements in their products. Let us know ‘Why Are Samsung Phones So Expensive?’.

Why Are Samsung Phones So Expensive?

Now, the question is, what are the reasons behind the expense of Samsung phones? So, Samsung is one of the most popular and successful mobile phone brands around the globe. They have very tough competition from other brands like Apple and Huawei. But their market revenue is much higher than these brands because of their good quality. Apart from the costliness of Samsung phones, people still prefer these mobile phones because they spend a huge amount of money on their research and development activities and the marketing of their phones. Their brand is so popular around the world because they are more focused on client-driven innovation. There are many reasons for the high price of Samsung mobile phones, which we are going to discuss below.

Why are Samsung phones so expensive?

The name of the brand, Samsung, is just enough to talk about. The key reason for the success of Samsung is its brand image. And they have earned that brand image by making quality products. And when we say quality products, it means the higher cost of that particular product. Of the many reasons for Samsung mobile phones’ popularity, brand image is one of them. Apart from this, there are many other key reasons for the costliness of Samsung mobile phones. Let’s dive into the main causes of the costliness of Samsung phones. 

Brand Image

Samsung was first established in 1969, and since then, they have been a manufacturer of electronic products. Gradually, they set up Samsung Electric Industries from the years 1969 to 1988, which is now Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd, and started producing Samsung mobile phones, Samsung televisions, Samsung home appliances, and many other products. Then, they started their Samsung Galaxy series by launching their first ever phone on June 29, 2009, named Samsung GT 17500. Starting with this particular smartphone, the long-running Galaxy series has become a game-changer in the smartphone industry.

In the Samsung GT 17500, the Samsung Galaxy series offers a variety of features in which Chrome and Google services are also included, which outshines every other smartphone behind. Samsung is not a company but the world’s largest smartphone brand with a revenue of 21%. Right now, Samsung sells more than 2 billion smartphones around the globe. They have earned their brand image by manufacturing quality smartphones and making lots and lots of advancements in their smartphones. Their name is now enough to get them higher prices for their Samsung smartphones from valuable customers.

Research and Development

The main reason for the costliness of Samsung smartphones is the budget that they spend on their research and technological advancements. They are more focused on the performance of their mobile phones. For better performance, they try to research the latest technological advancements, and then they try to develop the latest research on their smartphones. 

According to the statistics, the total spending on the research and development department of Samsung is approximately $22.6 trillion between the years 2013 and 2021. And in the year 2022, they are spending more money on this department as they want to improve the performance of either hardware or software with the help of the latest research. They are also working hard to build a user-friendly interface for their new releases.

Many Samsung smartphones are worth buying, but they are very costly. Out of them, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 are currently the best ones. There are several upcoming models of the Samsung Galaxy that are coming with the latest technological advancements. Although they are higher in price, you will not regret buying these models because they have many new features that are specially designed for their customers’ feasibility.

Marketing Strategy

One of the primary reasons for Samsung Smartphones’ high prices is the amount of money spent on their marketing strategy. If their phones are expensive, it’s because they are spending money on their products. Over the past two decades, Samsung has made a huge success using unique and versatile marketing strategies. They have spent a huge amount of money on their unique ad campaigns, which made them exclusive to every other smartphone brand.

According to statistics, Samsung Electronics deposited $2.1 billion in ad campaign activities, making Samsung the fourth greatest advertising company worldwide. Their market revenue is dependent on their marketing strategy, as they can easily pursue more people to get their desired smartphones. Through ads, they can show all the features and functionalities of smartphones to the users. The money spent on Samsung’s marketing is also one of the key reasons for the high price of Samsung smartphones.

The Advanced Features of Samsung

Samsung phones have a variety of features that allow customers to hook up with Samsung phones. Samsung is continuously adding more and the latest features to the latest smartphones with core features. One of the primary reasons why Samsung smartphones are more expensive is their advanced features. The advanced features are:


This feature is the most popular feature of the Samsung Galaxy that allows its users to perform multiple tasks on one screen. You just need to use an App pair, and you can easily work on two apps in one go. 

Samsung Dexterity

Samsung Dexterity is another advanced feature of the Samsung Galaxy that allows its users to work on a computer or laptop by simply attaching their Samsung phone to the device, and you can enjoy working on a larger screen.

Smart Home Control

Currently, we are living in an era where we have a whole lot of electronic devices in our homes and offices that need to power on and off at a specific time. And if you are working, it’s very difficult to go and do your work. So, by using Samsung Smart Things on your Samsung mobile phone, you can easily control all your smart electronic devices with one tap. 

Find My Mobile Service

It is another advanced feature of the Samsung Galaxy. Using this feature, you can easily find your lost mobile phone using the information that comes from a wireless network like Google. But you have to turn on the feature on your Samsung mobile phone to get your lost phone. 

Samsung Passport

This is a very useful and convenient feature for all Samsung users. Samsung Passport is a kind of password management service that allows Samsung users to use one password for all Samsung logins.

A wearable ecosystem

Samsung Electronics is a company that not only makes Samsung smartphones but many other electronic products that are sold under the name of Samsung. Of these electronic devices, Samsung Smartwatches and earbuds are the most popular wearable devices. So, using this feature, you can easily connect your smartwatch to your smartphone. Whenever you receive a call or message, you can easily pick it up with your smartwatch notifications.

Knox Security

It is the latest feature manufactured by Samsung Galaxy. Using this feature, Samsung devices can become more secure as this feature is specially designed for the security of both the hardware and software of Samsung smartphones. This feature is currently being used in many different countries by many different government organizations. 

Design and Development of Samsung Smartphones

Not only is the quality and functionality of Samsung phones great, but Samsung has made huge innovations in the physical appearance of their smartphones. Samsung also has a Design Innovation Center, which is in charge of creating exclusive and versatile designs for Samsung users. Samsung works hard to make the design and development of its smartphones distinctive. The unique design and development of Samsung smartphones are one of the main reasons for the high price of Samsung smartphones. 

The design and development team at Samsung is very creative and works well by making many unique designs. They used to collaborate with the Research and Development team of Samsung to come up with user-friendly ideas. And people who want to get slimmer and smarter phones usually wait for the new collection of Samsung smartphones as they have many exclusive smartphones for their customers.


As we have discussed the high prices of Samsung smartphones, we comprehend that if Samsung smartphones are expensive, then they are worth it because of their high performance, user-friendly interface, good quality, advanced features, and creative designs. Although Samsung phones are expensive, still people want Samsung smartphones because they trust the company, and they know that their phones are reliable. We have talked over the reasons for the costliness of Samsung phones. Now, you have to decide whether to purchase a smartphone on your own by considering the above-given facts.

Why Are Samsung Phones So Expensive?

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