Best Mirror Dash Cams UK in The UK (2022)

Best Mirror Dash Cams

Getting into a crash is a car owner’s worst nightmare, not only because it can be a life-changing incident but also end up in a web of lawsuits. That’s where the best mirror dash cams come in handy, as recorded footage can help determine the real cause of the accident and speed up the settlements. Plus, depending on your motor insurer, installing one of these cameras can reduce your insurance premiums by a substantial margin.

Mirror dash cams have become quite popular in recent years, with over a quarter of the total number of motorists in the UK now having one fitted in their car. And with the ever-increasing road safety concerns and “crash-for-cash” scams, it’s easy to see why.

If you still haven’t installed a dashboard camera in your car, now is the time to get onto it. We will highlight the best mirror dash cams in the UK through this guide and help you make a reasonable purchase.

List Of the Best Mirror Dash Cams UK

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The Best Mirror Dash Cams Reviews

We looked at dozens of mirror dash cams on Amazon and narrowed them down to a handful of options. The below list covers only the best ones, with brief reviews to give you an idea of what you can expect from the mirror dash cams.

1. Wolfbox G840S

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The Wolfbox G840S mirror dash cam replaces your entire rearview mirror with a 12-inch IPS screen, minimising blind spots for safe driving and reversing. The front and the rear camera uses the Sony IMX335 image sensor to offer a crisp Full HD view, and the six-layer glass lens improves visibility in low-light conditions.

The G840S features a split-screen mode that lets you see both feeds simultaneously on the screen. The built-in G-sensor allows the cam to auto-detect a collision, record 30-second clips, and save them for further investigation. Additional features include a reversing aid and lane departure warning system, time-lapse recording, GPS tracking, and more.

The Wolfbox G840S comes with everything you need to set it up. It includes screws, 3M tapes, a 20-feet cable for the rear camera, an external GPS antenna, an 11-feet charging cable, and rubber straps for the front camera. Wolfbox even throws in a 32 GB microSD card in the box, though you can use your own with a higher capacity.

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2. Garmin Dash Cam Tandem

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The Garmin Tandem is a compact mirror dash cam that makes up for the lack of a display with two 180° ultrawide lenses. It provides complete video coverage around the driver, with the front and interior-facing lenses recording at crisp 1440p and 720p resolutions, respectively. Garmin’s night vision technology also allows for a clear view of all passenger activities at night time.

This dash cam automatically starts recording upon detecting an incident, with the built-in GPS providing additional evidence of where exactly it took place. In addition, its parking surveillance mode records motion in front of and inside the vehicle when it’s parked.

The Tandem dash cam has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth built-in. It syncs with a compatible smartphone and gives users the option to view and share recordings instantly via the Garmin Drive app. Since it supports hands-free voice controls, drivers can also start and stop video/audio recording while maintaining focus on the road.

While it’s on the expensive side, the Garmin Dash Cam Tandem does come with an ample amount of accessories. It includes a 16 GB microSD card, dual USB charging adapter, low-profile magnetic mount, and the necessary power cables.

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3. Chortau B-T006

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If the above two options are too expensive for you, check out the Chortau B-T006. It has a 1080p wide-angle front camera and a 480p rear camera, offering a better view of the driver’s surroundings. Furthermore, the array of four bright LEDs ensures visible recordings in dimly-lit environments.

This dual-lens dash cam also has a 4.8-inch touch display that provides a real-time view of the camera feeds and enables access to various recording controls, modes, and settings. The parking assistance system auto-activates when reverse gear is engaged so that you can park your vehicle safely.

The Chortau mirror dash cam has a G-sensor. It can start recording the moment it detects a collision. The feature works even when you have your car parked. Note that it also supports motion detection and loop recording.

Overall, the Chortau B-T006 features everything you’d expect from a mirror dash cam at a lower price. Installing it requires no effort, thanks to the included rubber straps that will allow you to fix the device on your existing rearview mirror.

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4. Orskey CameraCore S800

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The CameraCore S800 is another budget option that gets the job done. The 170° wide-angle lens in the dash cam and the secondary 140° rear camera module provides a panoramic view of you and your vehicle. The Sony sensor can record videos in up to 1080p30 FPS. Its six-element lens and the surrounding infrared fill lights ensure the best possible night-time recording.

The 3” LCD screen on the dash cam displays the live camera feeds and assists with reverse parking. It also has a built-in gravity sensor that enables auto-recording when a sudden impact or unexpected motion is detected. The S800 is compatible with up to 32 GB microSD cards and supports seamless loop recording. It even features a built-in battery for emergency video recording backups.

The Orskey CameraCore S800, despite its aggressive pricing, comes with all the accessories you need to fit it in your car. It includes a 1-year manufacturer warranty in case of an unlikely failure.

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5. Nextbase 322GW & Rear Cam Bundle

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The Nextbase 322GW mirror dash cam supports up to 1080p 60 FPS recording with a 140° viewing angle. It comes with a rear window camera that records in 720p HD, offering the same 140-degree coverage of the vehicle’s surroundings. You can also expect pristine night-time footage thanks to its “Enhanced Night Vision” technology.

The 322GW has a 2.5-inch IPS touch display that shows the live camera feeds. It also makes on-demand playback, menu selection, and reverse parking easier. Apart from its security and emergency SOS alert features, this Nextbase dash cam has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS connectivity. You can link it to the “MyNextbase Connect” mobile app to sync the recording to your smartphone.

The Nextbase 322GW + Rear Cam bundle includes a car mount, a USB data cable, and a 4-metre 12/24V power cable. You also get a cable-fitting spudger and a spare 3M adhesive pad for the mount. Note that you can use up to a 128 GB microSD card.

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That’s it for our recommendations for the best mirror dash cams in the UK. It’s worth noting that there are plenty of other dash cams currently available on Amazon, but the models we reviewed cover both the front and rear view of your car.

If you want to utilise your mirror dash cam’s parking surveillance capabilities, consider buying the Garmin constant power cable. It will make sure your dash cam stays powered on even when the car engine is off.

Best Mirror Dash Cams UK in The UK (2022)

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