Best Plusnet Wifi Channel For Better Internet

A very annoying scenario occurs when your Plusnet Wifi signal continuously drops while using your Plusnet wifi for your daily internet activities. It gets more infuriating when the bad internet from your Plusnet wifi is the sole reason for your missing out on your favorite sports events or the sole reason why you’re missing your favorite movie the night it drops. There are many plausible reasons for the snail speed of your wifi internet and one of them is your wifi channel-which would be talked about here. Let’s see “Best Plusnet Wifi Channel For Better Internet”.

Best Plusnet Wifi Channel For Better Internet

Best Plusnet Wifi channel for better internet

The Wifi channels you can change to for your Plusnet Wifi internet connection to improve our wifi channels in the 2.4gigahertz wifi internet frequency band ( a total of 11 Plusnet wifi channels in the 2.4 gigahertz wifi internet frequency ) and wifi channels that are in the 5gigahertz wifi internet frequency band (a total of about 45 channels in the 5gigahertz wifi internet frequency bands). The cause of your Plusnet wifi signal suddenly going off could be that you are using a wifi channel that is not right for you.

Importance of changing your wifi channel before you can get a better internet

Changing your Plusnet wifi channel is important to prevent interference while you are using your Plusnet wifi. Interference is the barrier to getting good Plusnet wifi internet speeds and stable Plusnet wifi internet connections. Picture your Plusnet wifi as a cable television where there are different cable television stations to choose from, on days when there is bad weather, there may be interference to your cable television signals and you would receive bad cable television signals and ultimately not enjoy whatever you were watching on your cable television. 

Possible causes of Plusnet wifi channel interference

The wifi channel interference on your Plusnet wifi channels might be caused by a change in weather conditions. Sudden weather changes can cause a 2gigahertz frequency Plusnet wifi channel to interfere with a 5gigahertz wifi channel, leading to a scrambling of your Plusnet wifi internet signal. Your Plusnet wifi signals might also get scrambled when several devices are connected to the same wifi channel.

The best Plusnet wifi channel to connect to the internet

To have a seamless connection to the internet with your Plusnet wifi, you would need to have zero wifi signal interference. The Plusnet wifi channel that has zero or very little wifi signal interference should be the best for you to use to connect to the internet, any other Plusnet wifi channel does not cut it.

Tips for changing your Plusnet wifi internet channel  

Changing your Plusnet wifi internet channel is quick to complete the process if you follow these steps:

-Open your Plusnet wifi management webpage.

– In the space dedicated for you to input your wifi internet protocol (IP) address input these figures: which would serve as your Plusnet wifi internet protocol address.

– Using information that is written on the packaging case of your Plusnet wifi router, enter your Plusnet wifi administrator details.

– Go down to the bottom of your Plusnet wifi management page and choose “advanced settings” to continue the process of changing your Plusnet wifi internet channel.

– Keep scrolling through Plusnet’s list of available wifi internet channels, to pick a Plusnet wifi internet channel that has zero or very little wifi internet signal interference.

Other ways to improve your Plusnet wifi internet connection if changing the wifi channel did not solve your Plusnet wifi’s snail internet speed problem 

If after you changed your Plusnet wifi internet channel, your Plusnet wifi still refused to connect to the internet at a faster speed, some other measures (apart from changing your Plusnet wifi internet channels) might be the antidote to your Plusnet wifi internet snail speed connection problem. These other antidotes to Plusnet having snail-speed internet are:

Use a Mesh Wifi

The cause of your slow Plusnet wifi internet might be wifi dead spots which can cause your Plusnet wifi internet-connected devices to not be able to share a Plusnet internet bandwidth and have a very slow wifi internet connection. Mesh wifi units help solve the problem of slow speed Plusnet wifi internet by:

  • Enhancing wifi internet signal coverage:

Mesh wifi networks, especially the ones in the category called “internet hub” use several different nodes which act as wifi repeaters/ extenders which helps to increase your Plusnet wifi broadband.

  • Helping you control your Plusnet wifi internet from your phone 

Mesh wifi networks usually come with applications that your familiarization with your Plusnet wifi mesh network easier.

Reset your Plusnet Wifi Internet Router

Resetting your Plusnet wifi internet router is another way for you to solve the problem of snail speed Plusnet wifi internet. Resetting your Plusnet Wifi internet router involves a complete reconfiguration of your Plusnet wifi. The most indicative scenario for a Plusnet wifi internet router reset is the total absence of a Plusnet wifi internet signal. 

Steps to reset your Plusnet Wifi internet router

To reset your Plusnet wifi internet router:
– You can reset your Plusnet wifi internet router by visiting plus nets net social website and filling in the password on your Plusnet wifi’s underbelly.

  • Enter your Plusnet router’s Internet protocol address to continue the process of resetting your Plusnet wifi router.

You can also perform a reset of your Plusnet router by using Plusnet’s app and logging in with your Plusnet wifi login details to complete the Plusnet wifi router reset procedure.

Restore your Plusnet wifi router to the factory setting

Another means by which you can solve your Plusnet wifi connectivity problem is to restore your Plusnet wifi router to its original factory setting. To restore your Plusnet wifi router to its default setting:
– At the back of your Plusnet wifi router, locate the small hole and insert a tiny pin or your pen mouth into it until you feel that you have depressed a power button.

  • Hold down the power button located at the back of your Plusnet router until the LED lights at the back of your Plusnet router blink
  • Enter Plusnet router login details to complete the process of restoring your Plusnet router general settings.

Ditch Plusnet Wireless internet connection by using a Power line adapter to connect to the internet

One way that you can solve your Plusnet Wireless internet connection is by ditching a wireless internet connection and turning to an Ethernet cable for a lifeline. The best way to pull off your migration from wireless internet to using an Ethernet cable is by using a powerline adapter. Using a Powerline adapter as your Ethernet cable is the best way to transit to wired internet because powerline adapters are very reliable and can guarantee you fast internet by converting the network of wires carrying electricity around your home or office to a conduit for carrying internet connection signals.

Examples of Powerline adapters to use when you are trying to ditch Plusnet wireless internet connection

Here are examples of powerline adapters that you can use in your transition from Plusnet wireless internet connection to using internet cables:

  • Zyxel wave 2 Adapter

Zyxel wave 2 adapter is a good powerline adapter that you can use as an Ethernet connection cable. Zynet wave 2 adapter is good for you because of its top-notch powerline adapter performance as well as its Ethernet port with its gigabit ability that transforms your internet connection from snail speed to cheetah strides with a setup that is simple and can be likened to plug and play.

  • TP-Link; 

TP-Link is another option for you if you want to ditch Plusnet wireless internet connection and move to use a powerline adapter as an Ethernet cable. TP-Link Ethernet powerline adapter gives you a crazily high internet speed of about 2000 megabytes per second, which is far more than what you can get from many wireless internet connections. You do not need any configuration for you to start enjoying the TP-Link powerline adapter as its installation is plug and play, meaning that you don’t need to have the technical expertise to set up and enjoy TP-Link’s superfast internet.

  • Trendnet 1300 AV2

The trendnet powerline adapter is yet another option if you are ditching Plusnet wireless internet for Ethernet cables. The trendnet powerline adapter consists of two Ethernet ports of the gigabits type. The trendnet powerline adapter also has an inbuilt outlet for connecting your electronics.


Your Plusnet wifi having a very terrible internet connection because your Plusnet wifi channels are interfering should not be the reason why your work is hampered or be the reason for the premature ending of your fun or game night. This write-up has demystified what causes your Plusnet wifi to have a deplorable internet connection and how to change your Plusnet wifi channels in cases where there is interference to your Plusnet wifi internet signals, and also what to do in situations where you cannot solve bad internet signals by simply changing your Plusnet wifi channels. 

Best Plusnet Wifi Channel For Better Internet

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