Verizon Router Red Globe Issue | How To Fix This Error?

Are you facing the red globe issue with the Verizon router? If you want this issue to be fixed, then you are at the appropriate place. To make the most of your Fios, 5G Home, and High-Speed Internet connection, Verizon provides a wide range of cutting-edge tools and accessories. Who would not want to enjoy these things without any issues?

Verizon Router Red Globe Issue

A proper internet connection might be the most important thing in any household. When the router is working, there’s a globe signal signifying the internet or a power light. When the router is working normally, the globe is solid white. Due to some issues, this light can turn red. This indicates that there’s a problem with the internet connection. Here are the common reasons why there might be a red globe on your router. So, let’s get started:

Is the Internet Still Accessible When There is a Red Globe on the Verizon Router?

First of all, you might be wondering why is there a red light on your router, this red light on your router means that your globe is having trouble connecting to the internet, which can result in no internet connection, meaning there will be no access to the internet if there is a red globe on the Verizon router.

If the red light is solid, then it means that your router is not connecting to the internet at all. Unsecured wires, network maintenance, poor connection, and many other reasons can cause this issue.

If the red light is flashing slowly then there might be some gateway problems like hardware or software problems.

If the red light is flashing faster, then your router is overheated, and you must cool it down as soon as possible.

Now carefully follow the steps to fix the issue on your router

Service Outage of The Router

There can be a red globe on your Verizon router if there is an outage in your area. To find out whether there is a service outage in your neighbourhood, visit the Verizon outage website. The red globe problem will be rectified as soon as the outage is fixed if there is one.

Restart Your Verizon Router

If there isn’t any outage in your area or the red light is still on after the outage is fixed, then you can restart your router as it might be helpful. You can simply unplug the router and wait for 5 to 10 minutes and then plug in your router. This method is the most simple and one and you would not have to do much effort. 

 Keep in mind that do not turn on your router right away after it shut down as it might not work so you must wait a few minutes before turning the router on again and hopefully, the red light issue will be solved after restarting your router if not then follow the next steps.

Change the Location of the Router

If the red light on your router is blinking continuously then you should try to change the location as your router is overheating the cause of the problem might be the place where your router is as many people tend to put such types of devices under the TV or on shelves and these places are certainly not the best place to put your router at. 

So, you can try putting the router as high as possible, this will allow your router to cool down and that is not the only advantage you will even get strong WiFi signals meaning your internet connection will be quicker than ever.

Also, keep this in mind you do not just have to put your router as high as possible but keep it away from other devices too if you want your router to cool down as this is the best way to do so.

Changing your router’s location was to prevent the rapid blinking of the red light on your router but if the red light on your router is blinking slowly then follow the steps of the next solution.

Check the Connection of Your Wires

If the light is not blinking rapidly then your router is not overheated, it occurs due to the problem in connectivity. It doesn’t mean that your power cable is not operating, it is operating that is why your router is on, but the problem can be with Coaxial and Ethernet cables.

Check out if they are attached properly, if not then tighten up the connection and look out for any damage to your wires if there is any type of damage, we advise you to replace them as soon as possible so you can restore your internet connection.

Deactivate the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) 

When you replace your old Verizon router with a new one and your router has a solid red globe, we know exactly what the problem is. The problem is not deactivating the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP). O whenever you switch from an old router to a new one you must deactivate the DHCP on the old router if not it can cause a solid red globe on your router.

Many people make this mistake while replacing the old router with a new one. Deactivating the DHCP might sound like a hard thing to do but it is not, on the contrary, it is quite simple. To disable DHCP, all you need to do is locate the function in your router’s interface and choose it.

And once you are on the new interface all you need to do is renew the DHCP. By doing so the new IP address will be assigned to your device and the solid red-light issue will be solved.

Reset the Router

Even after all these solutions, if the red light isn’t disappearing then we recommend resetting your Router, resetting your router will mean resting it in the factory settings. You might not like this option as it will wipe all the data except the necessary one to establish a connection, meaning more work for you. But if the issue will be resolved will not it be worth it? 

To reset you can use a safety pin to push and the button, push it for as long as the router will take to completely reset. By resetting your router will lose all the passwords and you will then have to reconfigure it by the interface. Moreover, the red globe issue on the router will be solved.

Re-Install the Network Drivers

Double-checking your network would be a good option as sometimes it could cause the red light problem too and if there is any issue with the drivers you can reinstall the drivers as it can solve the issue.

To avoid this issue caused by the drivers we advise you to constantly check them and keep them up to date as the latest version will always perform better than the previous one.

Contacting the Service Provider

This is it for the guide we have discussed all the solutions and still, if the problem hasn’t been resolved then, unfortunately, we do not know what caused it so the best choice would be to contact your internet service provider. Verizon’s customer service is top-notch, and they are recognized as one of the most excellent service providers, so undoubtfully they will be able to guide you thoroughly in a perfect manner.

If there will a technical issue, then a technician will be sent to your place, and they will be able to troubleshoot the issue further and ultimately your issue will be resolved.


If you are having a red globe problem with your router then you can resolve it with several solutions such as checking the service outage, restarting your router, changing the location of your router, checking the connection of your wires, deactivating the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), resetting your router, and restart the router.

If none of these solutions worked, then do not worry, and contact a technical expert or contact your internet service provider as they will be able to further troubleshoot your problem and come up with the best solution possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)
  • What does the red globe error on the router mean?

The red globe error on your router means that there are some connectivity issues with the router, meaning there will not be any interconnection as long as the issue isn’t resolved. There can be three types of red light errors on your router. The number one is If the red light is solid, the number two is if the red light is blinking slowly, and the number three is if the red light is blinking slowly.

  • How can I reset my router?

You can reset your router by pressing the reset button on the router with a safety pin or any pin of the same kind until the reset of the router is completed.

  • How can I check whether there is a service outage in my area or not?

You can check if there is any outage in your or not by going to Verizon’s main website. Go to, click on support then click service outage information and you will know what you are looking for. Remember you must sign in to check for any outages, if there will any outage then they will give you a ticket number and estimated time of the completion of repair.


Verizon Router Red Globe Issue | How To Fix This Error?

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