Best Windows 10 Version For Gaming

In the last 1-2 decades, computer and online gaming have completely transformed their forms. There were many games, and all such games did not require much of a device, and those games used to run on regular computers as well. But, with the evolution of the gaming industry, these things have completely changed. Now, there are special computers that are made just for playing games. These computers require a high-performance CPU, large-capacity RAM, and many more components that are required for professional gaming. But what about people playing games on their PC? Windows has provided many options for such things. Let us know the price and which windows are ‘Best Windows 10 Version For Gaming’.

Best Windows 10 Version For Gaming

Best windows 10 version for gaming

Apart from Windows, there is some other software, but Windows is the most common. There are multiple options a user gets when they are operating on Windows. These options are in the form of versions. Windows offers various versions suitable for different types of work.

The best Windows 10 versions for gaming are its “Home version” and the “Professional Version.” There are other versions also, but these two are the best.

Versions of Windows 10 that are currently available

As Windows is the most used graphical user interface on the computer, So, it comes with various options for its users Some of the interfaces are specially designed for business purposes, some are designed for educational purposes, and some are designed for research purposes. And of all these, the most used is the home version.

The available versions of Windows 10 are:

  • Windows 10 Home Edition

This is widely used by all people, and all the devices come with this version only.

  1. Windows 10 Professional 
  2. S mode in Windows 10
  3. Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
  4. Windows 10 training and education 

These are the major available options There are 1 or 2 more options, but they are sub-parts of these versions only.

  • Windows Home edition

Home editions are the most used and preferred edition which is used by most users of windows, the reason being it is simple to use and comes with many additional features which can be unlocked depending upon the user.

The price of the windows home edition is around $90-$110.

  • Windows 10 professional edition 

This is mostly preferred by people who use windows devices for intensive work be it related to their job or research or it can be purposefully used for gaming also, it comes with intense working features and can handle multiple actions at a time.

The price of the pro version of windows usually costs around $160-$200:

  • Windows S

This is one of the experimental versions of windows in which users get a different experience while using because it supports only the applications that are installed on the device through their Microsoft store.

The cost to get this version on a new device can range between $80-$110.

  • Windows 10 Enterprise

This is one of the most secure versions of windows edition and it is mostly preferable by users who are working in IT organizations and who are at risk of data thefts, this is best to handle multiple data and extensive work.

The price of this version is less than $100:

  • Windows 10 training and education

This windows version is mostly used by people who are working the device for training or education purposes, it can be available on all devices and comes with multiple restrictions on performance and uses.

The installation charges are minimal, and is available at a new version is available at $50-$70.

Which windows version is best for gaming?

The two best available versions and most preferable versions for gaming are the home version of windows 10 and the pro version of windows 10.

  1. Home version because it is widely used in all the corners of the world and many upgrades can be done in this version to support high-end gaming.
  2. The pro version is made to handle extensive work and gaming is among one the extensive work that is done on personal computers this version can also be upgraded for better performance which makes it one of the most preferred.
  3. Other versions have many issues and restrictions which make it a bad preference for gaming.

The similarity and differences between the windows home and professional versions:

The best available versions for gaming in Windows are the home version and the pro version because the other versions are designed for other designated uses. In the home and pro versions, there are certain similarities, with some differences.

The similarity between both versions,

  1. Both versions support heavy gaming and can be customized to support different versions of games.
  2. Both versions support Xbox Live gaming and all their features can be used, such as separate messaging and other related outlooks.
  3. Both versions have their game mode, which has enabled support for intense gameplay.
  4. Both have CPUs that can be customized per the customers’ needs and usage.

There are many differences between these versions as well.

Both have some basic similarities which give them more similar versions, but both were made keeping in mind different uses.

The Remote desktop feature

This feature is only available in the Windows Pro version, and it allows users to access a single desktop or computer that may belong to the same customer or someone else. This feature allows using the device remotely.

This feature can be used in gaming also, and that is the reason it becomes an important aspect of the discussion.

Bit locker

When operating on computers, one of the major concerns is security, although there are many third-party applications and other websites that offer such security options. But users cannot depend completely on a third-party application. This issue is resolved by the Windows Pro version.

Windows Pro comes with an inbuilt Bit locker option, which is a security feature. The basic working of this is that it encrypts all the stored data on the disc and any unauthorized access will not be able to track down those stored data.

Windows Home Edition does not have that security level; it has the basic encryption facility, and that is, users must take the help of third-party applications for that.


Price plays an essential part in all purchases, and when looking at a larger group of people, the price has an extreme role.

As far as the specifications and features involved in both versions, there are some similarities and some differences. But when we look at the prices, the difference there creates a huge gap.

The home version of Windows is available with an investment of $120-140, whereas the pro version of Windows is available from $190-$220.

If any customer is already using the home version of Windows and is looking for an upgrade to their version and wants to have the pro version, then they will have to pay a sum of $80-100.

Memory size

When people look for personal computers and that too for gaming, then memory size plays an important role because the number of games and personal files increases day by day, and buying additional memory adds up the cost. So, the basic tendency is to look for devices that offer a decent memory size.

Although both versions are available with the same memory size, the home version sticks to its basic memory size, whereas the pro version of Windows has an open option for upgrading the memory size to double the basic, which plays an essential role. As gaming requires space and clear memory status,

Boot option

Windows is a powerful operating system and while working on it, there are multiple occasions when devices get attacked by viruses and malware. And to avoid such occurrences with the device, users get different security options. When rebooting the device, all such malware and viruses are tracked down and eliminated for better performance.

The home version of Windows has a basic boot option that eliminates normal malware, but some remains in the device. With the pro version, users get advanced boot options with this malware, and virus attacks are minimized to a larger extent.

Additional requirements which are needed for gaming on a PC apart from the Windows 10 version

  1. Apart from the base features that users get with the inbuilt version, some additional features are needed for better-performing gaming and security.
  2. A large ram is required in the PC for working on modern games because these days the gaming industry is under a revolution and every day there are new games with extreme graphics and much-needed space, so to run these, a proper ram is required.
  3. The next thing is the graphics card, which is much needed in gaming PCs for a good level of gaming as well as for professional editing and other related work.
  4. 64-bit RAM is also an essential component in a gaming console.


The Windows operating system is the most used operating system in the world, and seeing such a huge presence, it becomes essential to know which of its versions is best for gaming. For gaming, there are two most suitable versions, which are the pro version and the home version. The Pro version is most suitable for good and high-level gaming as it has some advanced features which make the experience smoother. The home version is ideal for those who are looking for a budget-oriented good PC.


Best Windows 10 Version For Gaming

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