Oblivion Keeps Crashing | Reason and how to fix?

The popular video game Oblivion is open on several systems, including Microsoft Windows, the PlayStation 3, and the Xbox 360. Several Windows PC gamers of Oblivion have complained about the game crashing at launch.  The software ceased to function properly due to a malfunction. If a fix is released, Windows will terminate the application and alert you. You can attempt the given solutions to resolve the problem if you have an error notice or an Oblivion crash on launch.

Oblivion Keeps Crashing

Oblivion keeps crashing

Most of the time, the problem is brought on by the in-game audio, which is a result of gamers’ PCs’ lack of codec packages. Additionally, if you make too many changes to the.ini files or in-game parameters, the game may begin to fail.

Because the game is a little too old for multi-monitor configurations, players who have many screens in their playing setup must also think about turning off some of them or changing some parameters in the game’s preferences.

Reasons for Oblivion crashing

Below are some of the most frequent causes of this problem after reading through different primary debugging manuals.

  • Corruption of Save Files: Your game may be created if Save files were tainted, and as such, Oblivion fails when it attempts to reload your history from those folders. Thus, regenerating these files using the steps below could be a viable fix for this.
  • Lacking Codec Package: If Oblivion crashes when you start it up, your system software is likely missing a codec pack that is needed for Oblivion to function correctly on your pc. Set up this package
  • Steam Overlay: Certain people found out that turning on the Steam overlay addresses the Oblivion crash on startup problem. This application is available on Steam and may be needed for some games. Consequently, it is suggested to turn on this overlay.
  • Background Programs: Starting up Oblivion could fail if certain background programs are running that aren’t entirely Steam compliant. Hence, it is recommended to check these background programs as explained in the following tutorial.
  • Downloaded Modules: If you have added several mods to your game, it’s likely that one of them isn’t working correctly or that one of them is misbehaving and causing the crash when the game first launches. 

Fixing the Oblivion crash problem

In MyGames folder, remove the Oblivion folder.

The Oblivion folder can be found in Documents >> My Games. Removing this directory should erase and restore any false configurations you may have created or those that were problematic ever before the game was installed, allowing you to play it correctly.

If you wish to pick up where you left off before the problem started happening, keep in mind that there is a Saves file inside the Oblivion directory, and you must surely leave that out while removing anything inside the Oblivion file.

Just enter a folder in Windows Explorer and select This PC or My Computer from the left navigation column to reach the desired address, or use the Start menu to look for this option.

However, double-click in This PC or My Computer to access your Local Disk, then go to Users >> Your Account Name >> Documents >> My Games >> Oblivion.

Be certain to open the Oblivion folder and pick everything but the Saves folder before performing a right-click and selecting the Delete button from the menu bar.

Check to see if Oblivion still fails at startup by rebooting Steam and double-clicking the program from the Steam Library menu.

Activate a codec pack

Whenever they install everything they need for their pc, a lot of people do not remember to download a good codec bundle. This is an error, though, and one of the issues that could result from not having a codec pack saved on your pc is having Oblivion crash upon startup every time you play it. 

You may view a selection of current K-Lite Codec packs to install on your pc on the internet. Simply select the Basic bundle and press the Download option next to its item to get it.

Select Mirror 1 or Mirror 2 on the succeeding screen, then wait while the application downloads. To install it, find it in the Downloads directory and double-click. To complete the setup process on your pc, adhere to the on-screen instructions that will display.

To make the modifications effective, reboot your system. Then, try starting Oblivion to verify if it fails at launch.

Corrections for People Using Multiple Monitors

You may wish to think about turning off the other displays and using only the main Computer monitor for showing the game if you have two or more displays in your setup because you might experience issues with games failing more frequently than other people. Utilizing the Windows Key + P key sequence, select the PC screen only alternative at the top to quickly do this.

Use Restoro Repair to check the libraries and fix damaged and lost data if the problem is with your computer, notebook, or tablet. When a system failure is the cause of the problem, this usually solves it. 

Assuming it doesn’t succeed, you may entirely deactivate the displays, although the process will vary based on the type of video card: AMD, Intel, or NVIDIA.

Cyberlink Power DVD 5 must be uninstalled

A gamer realized that the Cyberlink Power DVD 5 utility was to blame for the problem and was making them go through all the trouble when, in reality, the problem may have been resolved by removing the application after reviewing the log file that had happened on his system.

Try removing this program, then see if the startup problems still happen.

As you won’t be allowed to remove apps with any other login rights, first check that you are logged in with an admin panel.

Browse for Settings Menu in the Start menu and tap on it to launch it. 

Choose “View as:” Group in the upper right corner of the Control Panel, then click on Uninstall a Program in the Programs section.

Tapping on Apps in the Settings program should display a listing of all loaded applications on your Computer right away.

Select from the Cyberlink Power DVD 5 option after finding it on the menu. Select Yes in any pop-up dialog display that may come up as you click the Uninstall button atop the listing. After uninstalling Cyberlink Power DVD 5, reboot your pc by following the on-screen instructions.

Renaming the executables

In some scenarios, the fact that the game would play if its executable files were slightly changed was seen as an odd hack. Hence, you shall modify Oblivion’s executable identifiers in this phase. To accomplish that:

Go to the game’s primary setup folder.

Change the “OblivionLauncher.exe” by selecting it with the right mouse click.

Change the name of the object.

Right-click “Oblivion.exe” and rename it to “OblivionLauncher.exe” to complete.

Test whether the problem is still present.

Set up the K Lite Codec Pack

Installing a high-quality pack on your computer is a crucial step in avoiding Oblivion crashes when it launches.

After implementing this fix, restart your computer to have the modifications take effect. Then, play Elder Scrolls: Oblivion to see if the problem has been resolved.

Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, like many other well-known RPG games in the past, occasionally has problems running on Windows 10.

Turn off several monitors and/or screens.

The usage of many screens or displays could be a contributing measure to the problem. It is recommended to display the game on just one screen or monitor.

If your CPU has multiple screen support, you may deactivate them by pressing “Windows + P” during startup and choosing the “PC screen only” selection from the list to access the game’s UI. Furthermore, choose Native Resolution about the main display and configure the video options to Ultra High.

Remove and then reinstall Oblivion

By hitting “Windows key + I” to open the run box, type “appwiz.cpl” into the box.

Right-click “Oblivion” now, and then choose “Uninstall.” This will remove the program from your computer.

Once the process is complete, launch the Steam client, go to the “Store,” and install “Oblivion” once more on your computer.

Restart Oblivion right away to see if the problem has been fixed or if it still exists.

  • Advice for Vista users: Verify that you are operating Oblivion with Administrative rights if you are a Vista user and the game fails on your system when you attempt to launch it. Maintaining any unneeded background programs closed while playing the game is also recommended. To avoid any safety concerns with Vista, it is strongly recommended to install the game under “C:” rather than “C:Program Files.”


By using the tips stated above in this article, you should be able to resolve the Oblivion crashing on startup problem and keep playing the program. If none of the options mentioned above have been able to assist you to fix this problem, you should change the Oblivion installation directory on your pc. Some people claim that by putting the game in the specified directory, they were able to solve this problem.

Oblivion Keeps Crashing | Reason and how to fix?

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