What Channel Is GB News On Virgin Media?

The beauty of any streaming medium or service is its ability to present subscribers with multiple viewing options and channels. It is a dent in the image of any media outlet or streaming service if it is not able to provide subscribers with their desired channel, especially those that are popularly requested by viewers. There is no telling how far a viewing platform can go if it accommodates all or most of the desired channels of viewers. Furthermore, people select a streaming platform on account of the number of channels it has, the availability of their favorite channel, and the cost to view them. In light of this, if you’re looking to find out the channel number for GB News, then look no further. Let us know ‘What Channel Is GB News On Virgin Media?’.

What Channel Is GB News On Virgin Media?

What Channel Is GB News On Virgin Media?

Before the time of this publication, GB News could be found on channel 626 on Virgin Media but was later moved to channel 604 when the channel was launched in the UK. In a bid to outshine their competitors – BBC News which is found on channel 601, Sky News HD found on channel 602, Sky News 603, and News parliament on channel 600.

Other Tv media that host GB News

It will interest you to know that the GB news channel is free to air and can be accessed with little or no subscription at all and it is available on the following Tv;

  1. Virgin media 
  2. Freesat: it is found on channel 216
  3. sky: it is found on channel 515
  4. YouView: it is found on channel 236
  5. FreeView: it is found on channel 236

It is also available on the internet for easy streaming when not at home. You may also access it on DAB+radio.

Devices that can support Gb news 

Interestingly you can access your Gb news on your smart devices like; Echo Amazon smart device, google nest, Sonos, and Bose. 

It will also amaze you to know that people stream live Gb news from various countries across the world with strong internet connections using their desktops, laptops, iPad, apple phones, etc. 

all you need to do is to download the app on your google play store and follow the procedures when you’re outside their service-providing countries.

News channels available on virgin media 

Currently, virgin media  has a variety of news channels aside from GB news and they are;

  1. BBC News HD on channel 601
  2. BBC parliaments on Channel 605
  3. CBBC HD on channel 701
  4. BBC Red bottom HD found on channel 991 etc 

virgin media offer a variety of radio stations and channels too. They are;

  1. BBC Radio 1: channel 901
  2. BBC Radio 2: channel 902
  3. BBC Radio 3: channel 903
  4. BBC Radio 4: channel 904
  5. BBC Radio 5 live: channel 905
  6. BBC World Service: channel 906
  7. BBC Radio 1 Xtra : channel 907 etc 

About GB News 

GB news was launched on 13th June 2021 in London, England, United Kingdom, it was first announced on September 2020. It is a free to air Tv and television news channel. Its headquarters is located in the United Kingdom. The television channel spanned across UK and Ireland.

Limitations of GB News channels 

Regardless of the hyping its gets from people in UK and Ireland and some neighboring countries, it still has its shorts comings and they are:

  1. Poor video camera chemistry 
  2. Echoes from the audio output 
  3. technical glitches from dim light 

Aside from these few problems mentioned above, lots of criticism is set on display by people knowing that the channel just came into existence and it has every tendency to fumble at the beginning of its era. 

Nonetheless, GB news channel is focused on giving out the best quality News to the community when it comes to breaking news,  educative arguments, and debates which is one of their topmost priority. As a result, they are in constant alignment to try and meet up with the demands of the marketplace of disseminating information.

Furthermore, Gb news aimed at giving the public update politically, hosting mind-blowing debates to educate and intimate the public, and giving the mass public an accurate piece of news.


I’m almost sure that you need not ask around after reading this piece if you’re looking for a news channel that gives timely news updates on activities within and outside your geographical location. One would easily consider opting for the GB news channel for several reasons as we have stated above. While we have pointed out the limitations of this channel, the channel still enjoys wide viewership probably because viewers have realized that no media outlet, including the very popular ones, is devoid of limitations. We only pointed out the limitations to help you determine if the GB news channel is the most suitable among the other news channel options on your Virgin Media device.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Do I need to pay for a subscription to watch the Gb news channel?

No, you need not pay a dime to watch Gb news on your Tv.

2. Is Gb News available on other Tv media?

Yes, it is available on Freesat, Freeview, Youview, and Sky Tv, just as highlighted in the article.




What Channel Is GB News On Virgin Media?

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