Can Curved TVs Be Wall Mounted?

If you have recently purchased one of the last remaining curved TVs, you might wonder whether it’s possible to wall-mount it rather than using the pedestals. Of course, curved TVs take a lot of space compared to flat-screen ones, so there has to be a way to mount the TV to the wall, right?

Thankfully, you can wall-mount your new curved TV and repurpose your traditional television stand for other things. All you need is proper TV mounting hardware, a power drill, and a pair of steady hands. In case you still haven’t got your answer, continue reading this article until the end to learn more.

Can Curved TV be Wall Mounted?

You will find your answer once you take a proper look at the TV unit itself. Upon closer inspection, you should notice that only the display is curved, and the rear side of the TV is plain as usual.

Furthermore, the mounting holes should be aligned across the middle portion of the back panel. On most models, the layout of the holes is universally compatible with wall brackets and mounts.

You can either follow the instructions given in the user manual or contact the manufacturer to request a technician who will safely mount your curved TV to the wall. Most brands offer free TV installation and home demonstration service when you purchase a new unit.

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Do you have to buy a Special Mount for Curved TV?

Not necessarily. Most curved TV models use the same VESA standards for mounts and brackets, with the only difference being the hole pattern that varies based on the unit’s screen size and weight.

Having said that, there’s particular mounting hardware that works best with curved TVs, such as swivel arms and glide mounts. With such special mounts, you can freely adjust the positioning of your TV to get the best viewing experience.

In case your curved TV is shipped with brand-approved wall-mounting hardware, then you won’t have to buy extra things. However, you will need tools like a power drill, a cross-head screwdriver, and a pencil to get the mounting hardware installed on the wall.

To ensure that the curved TV isn’t slanted on one side, make sure to use the level included with the mount.

If you don’t have the right tools to wall mount your new curved TV, contact the manufacturer and book a service appointment. A verified technician will visit your house and install it for you. Those who plan to do it on their own should check out our recommended picks for curved TV mounts below.

Best Mounts for Curved TVs – Our Top 3 Picks

The following list contains recommended wall-mounting hardware for curved TVs. You will find detailed information on all the mounts listed here. If you are interested in purchasing one of them, click the Amazon UK link below the product to check the price.

1. VonHaus 23-55 Inch TV Wall Bracket

VonHaus 23-55 Inch TV Wall Bracket

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The VonHaus TV wall bracket is suitable for both curved and flat-screen TVs and monitors. It supports displays sized between 23 to 55 inches, with VESA dimensions ranging from a minimum of 75×75 mm and a maximum of 400×400 mm.

Some of its key features include ±15° tilt and up to 90° of extended swivel support. It has a heavy-duty load capacity of 45 kg, which is ideal for large curved TVs. The double arms can extend 35 cm further from the bracket. When retracted, the arms sit only 7 cm away from the wall.

The VonHaus TV wall bracket also comes with all fitting hardware in the box, including M5*30, M6*30, and M8*30 fasteners, self-tapping screws, plastic anchors, plastic spacers, and assorted flat washers. A spirit level is also included.

The installation process is relatively easy. All you have to do is screw the hooks at the back of the curved TV, which should sit firmly on the mounted wall plate. Once everything’s in place, you can use the latches to secure the TV in place. The VonHaus wall bracket does come with a user manual, which you should refer to for detailed installation steps.

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2. Invision Ultra Slim HDTV-E Wall Bracket Mount

Invision Ultra Slim Tilt Swivel TV Wall Bracket Mount

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If you are looking for something low-profile, the Invision Ultra Slim HDTV-E wall bracket mount is the one you should buy. It’s currently the best-seller in its product category Amazon, with over 80% 5-star reviews.

The compact design of the wall bracket mount allows the TV to sit flush against the wall when pushed back. You can extend it outwards to a central position to get your cables managed as well. It has a minimum reach of 5.5 cm and a maximum reach of 50 cm without bending. The integrated cable concealment panels also lead to less clutter behind your TV.

Additionally, it has 180° full-motion horizontal swiveling left to right. The mount also supports vertical tilt ranging from -5° to +8° angle. You can also rotate the TV to make granular level adjustments and achieve an optimal viewing experience. It’s designed to hold 24” to 55” displays in place, with a max weight capacity of 36.2 kg.

The Invision Ultra Slim HDTV-E is made of solid steel, with stress-tested compression hinges capable of bearing big TVs with curved and flat-screen panels and moving them without slacking. It has VESA mounting holes for units with 100×100 mm to 400x400m layouts.

It comes with a proper hardware kit, which consists of M4, M5, M6, and M8 fixing bolts. A magnetic level is also included in the box. The inclusion of a free, extra-long HDMI cable is a nice touch.

The Invision Ultra Slim HDTV-E offers an incredible value with its low-profile design and granular adjustment features. The manufacturer also throws in a 25-year warranty, which shows how confident they are in their product. If you plan to get a wall bracket mount for your minimal home entertainment setup, this is the one you should go for.

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3. Invision Ultra Strong HDTV-DXL Wall Bracket Mount

Can Curved TVs Be Wall Mounted

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Another wall bracket from Invision is the Ultra Strong HDTV-DXL, which is engineered to carry larger TVs between 37 to 70 inches. Its cold-rolled carbon steel build and reinforced wall panel can withstand a maximum weight of 50 kg.

It’s compatible with every curved and flat-screen TV with 200×200 mm to 600×400 mm VESA mounting standards. The overall thin profile of the mount allows the TV to be 6 cm closer to the wall. When extended, it goes as far as 50 cm without bending.

The double-armed mount with compression hinges offers easy tilting operation (-5° to +8° vertical tilt) and 160° horizontal swiveling left to right. Similar to the previous wall bracket, this one lets you adjust the TV to eliminate glaring and make binge-watches more enjoyable.

Inside the box of the Invision Ultra Strong HDTV-DXL, you will find a step-by-step installation guide, all the essential mounting screws, a spirit level, and a high-quality HDMI cable! For wall-mounting larger and heavier curved TVs, it’s an excellent choice.

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Getting Correct VESA Mount for your Curved TV

FDMI (Flat Display Mounting Interface) or the VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) mount is the universal standard for display mounting hardware. Whether it’s a flat-screen or curved TV/monitor, the VESA hole pattern is what matters the most when looking for a wall mount bracket or a TV stand in the market.

You will find the VESA hole pattern for your TV labeled at the back panel. If not, check the user manual or go to the online product page. You can also simply measure the length between the mounting holes (vertically and horizontally) with a ruler and convert it from centimeters to millimeters, which is your TV’s VESA hole pattern (e.g., 200×200 mm, 400×200 mm, 600×400 mm).

Remember, when buying a VESA mount for your curved TV, take the minimum/maximum VESA hole pattern compatibility and weight into consideration. The display size matters only when there’s limited surrounding space for the installation.

In Summary

Mounting a curved TV to a wall is indeed possible and without any special mounting hardware. You can buy one of the three recommended wall brackets mentioned above or refer to our VESA pattern measurement explanation to find a suitable mount for your curved TV.

Please refrain from buying cheaper mounting hardware, as they often have a flimsy build quality and misaligned screw holes. It might also put your expensive curved TV at risk of falling off the wall.

Can Curved TVs Be Wall Mounted?

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